Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Some good news....

I weighed my self last week, i've actually dropped 6kg!!!! I'm so so excited.

All my food reduction and exercise are paying off after all. It feels so good and i'm getting compliments already. Though as is typical as soon as one person says " oh you've lost weight' another says "you're adding so much weight". As for me i'm believing only the scales ;)

I went a jogging(more like walking truthfully) on saturday. it was fun and i walked sorry jogged quite a distance. All the while thinking of how proud LondonBuki will be of me as i was wakaing with my doggie....

My bubble was bursted when two short mangy dogs crossed the road to meet us... Now ordinarily i wouldn't have minded after all my doggie is an exotic breed and supposedly more fierce(abi is fiercer correct??????). You won't believe the twat of a dog didn't even bark he was actually scared!!! and the other dogs were smaller than him i was so so embarassed.... Imagine how silly i felt. This is after i've spent all my hard earned money buying food for the doggie.... Investment gone down the drain abi? I no know who send me work of "mama dog" LOL

Anyway my aim of keeping fit was achieved and that was a big plus for me...

Meanwhile work don tire me oh!!!! How or where in blazes can i find motivation as i never find another work???????? This has been on for over a year and right now it's just getting to me... My Oga makes it worse but the day i feel up to it, i will vent about that my boss.

Maybe i need a vacation?

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

These Nigerian films sef

Watching Naija movies is a favourite past time of mine..... I've almost converted every member of my family to addicts of Naija films. They are so so silly and it's amazing how i sit through them really...

My siblings also join me and we spend the whole time rolling on the floor of my room in front of my 14" inch TV having a real ball.

I have seen so many that sometimes as soon as i slot in the tapes/VCD i realise i've seen it before... It is also not uncommon for me to forget the storyline as soon as they're showing "TO GOD BE THE GLORY" (lol)

Anyway Last night, i was watching "sweet sound" and the first clip showed a preview of the same "sweet sound" i was about to watch... I thought to myself "Hmmmmm this must be some new trend" i mean wat's d point of showing a preview of the movie we're about to watch....

As if that's not bad enough the next movie preview was 'eligible bachelors" and the theme song was ...... wait for it

"Robin Hood"(lol)

You know that Robin Hood series we used to watch on NTA as children? yep that's d one!!

And i just thought could they not have used Nigerian songs??????? I mean there are so many nice Naija songs these days!!!!

The next preview was even worse, it showed Nigerian police chasing criminals or fugitives(or something like that) on a speed boat!!!! and i'm like does this really happen in Naija??????? The next clip showed a police man holding a "dog", does the Nigerian police own dogs??????????? Where are they if the do exist?????

I settled in to watch "sweet sound" and as is typical of Naija movies all the characters had oyinbo names... i just find that so so silly... I mean why can't the characters ever have Nigerian names... I know some of our people name their children- Madonna, and the likes...

But a character in a movie supposedly selling Nigerian culture bearing "beyonce" or worse still "Atlanta" is just the height!!!!! What is wrong with good old Kunle, Bukola, Toyin, Ugo, Ngozi or even Halima????????? Why must they be Desmond,Billy or Jim.

Even in modern settings the aged mother is always called/referred to as "mama" am i the only one in my generation that calls my mother- MUMMY???????????

As for the story line of sweet sound i can't tell you now because as usual it has a part 2 which i will watch today, NEPA willing!!!!

Mind you the Yoruba ones are just as nasty....

The sub titles will kill you. I've even offered to do the sub titling for all Yoruba movies free of charge so that at least me and my co-watchers can watch without knocking our heads against furniture from laughter!!! But no they will not come and meet me!!!

Imagine these scenarios

Crowd beating up a thief and shouting "Ole Ole" E suuru bo"(meaning surround him/beat him up/thief thief) and the subtitles show " Overwhelm him"

The next example shows an old man having a nightmare and his son comes and says" Daddy Kilode? se en si iron ran" Meaning "what's wrong dad? are you having a nightmare/bad dream?"

And the subtitles show" Dad what's wrong are you having...... Delirium?" Delirum ke?

What's the correlation really?

TI could go on and on, tis annoying sometimes

But seriously Nigerian films............ I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Last week in retroscope!!!

I'm beginning to enjoy this blogging something you know:-)

Last week was quite interesting, what with all the love in the air and so on..

I spent Valentine's day imagining what next year's valentine will be like when i am (hopefully) in love with Mr. right.....

My neighbour cum toaster (of "has dog biting you" fame) mentioned to me ages ago that he has female slippers for sale, so last nite their help walks up to me with four of them in a bag saying " Uncle XXX says i should "give" you this...

The slippers were in a bag that had 'especially for you" inscribed all over

Now i'm in a dilema are the slippers "my belated valentine present"????? or am I supposed to pay for them??????

I'm really at cross roads you know.(lol)

Anyway i'm trying to settle into work (since morning oh) and it has been so difficult.... I want another job abeg.

I've started exercising and i feel so so good.... doggie has been ill(with malaria i suspect:-) so it's been only indoor exercise for now, can't be dragging a 'sick dog" on the dusty roads of my estate you know. I've also started getting compliments on my new figure sef;)

Anyway make i go work small.....

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

See me see trouble oh......

I had an amusing encounter yesterday. All in this bid to find Mr. right!! My mum has got some tenants in her house. One of the tenants has got loads of dependants in his crib. anyway one of them tried chatting me up recently and i generally was very upset cos i just tot how in blazes is anything supposed to work out between us? Am i supposed to hang out in a flat filled with guys or is he supposed to sit in my room or mum's parlour?

anyway my friend and my aunt said i was beeing too uptight and snubbish that i should at least her the man out!!!

One hot afternoon i had to give him a ride(he don't ave a car at d mo)
And we had this conversation in the car

Him: You seem to always keep to yourself?

Me : Yes

Him: You drive smartly....

Me: Thank you(where's this leading to now?)

Him: You drive/are like my sister, when she's driving "I always fear"

Me: Yeah...

At this point i'm like there's no way i wanna be around this guy who isn't even fluent in english.. My friend insists it was a slip of tongue and my aunt says he was joking...

So last nite... i'm feeding the doggie and he walks up to say he wants to talk!!!!!!!!!

So i sit down and he reels off 3 business propositions which we talk about briefly and i'm like eyah maybe it's even a business friendship the poor guy wants that i was thinking he wanted to "chike" me....

Anyway the doggie was really hanging around and i noticed he was uncomfortable so i asked if he wanted me to chain it up? and then he says

" No oh... Has dog "biting" you before?"

I couldn't believe my ears i was so stupefied.

I quietly said no hoping my ears were full of wax....

And he repeated " because dog has "biting" me before"

I was in pain at this time and i just tot to myself heck i do not need this.

The boy is really something sha.... because at this point he now said to me tell me about yourself... what kinda line is that for goodness sakes?????????????

Am i in secondary school or what???????

The things my eyes have seen in this search for mr right sha....

I tire!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!