Monday, 31 December 2012


So thankful to be able to type this in good health and so on....

2012 was quite rocky, i pray 2013 is easier on me and my peeps, even you too ;)

The boys are fine, not sure they realise the year is being changed in a few hours :D

so many expectations and plans on mind.

Spiritual and physical fitness is one.

a career change is another!!!

I'm just here to wish everyone a happy new year really....

We'll be here by God's grace in the new year *hugs*

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tis the season to be jolly!!!

Ho ho ho!
That came out quite silly didn't it?
Thankful to be alive and well this period as well as my family members!
It's been a challenge of a year but I am still thankful nevertheless.
My mr showed up with and iPad 2 for me ;)  I was forced to forgive all his sins of the year LOL. Blogging should henceforth be easier and thus more frequent.
So far no other Christmas presents ;)
I'm looking forward to tHe new year and hoping for some freshness in many areas of my life especially the bits that have stagnated due to one reason or the other.
This post is apparently just a medley of my thoughts, I like the sound of that- medley of thoughts :D
Used one yeye mascara yesterday and the thing just want wrong I was in tears for most of the day. I imagine my colleagues thought I was a victim of domestic violence or something because
Even my dressing that yesterday get as e be. Had like 4 different colors on me plus my hair was standing and then the tears LOL thank God I can laugh at myself now. Was happened was my wallet had been nicked and I had lost ALL the cash I had both home and abroad. I'm still believing God for His provisions as regards the monies lost....
The boys are fine, even my former smallie is now a big boy and sometimes when I say "Tlash why are you not wearing your pant or shoe or whatever, he has the Nerve to tell me "because I don't want to" just imagine LOL
It's a good day today as well as the season to be jolly!
Merry Christmas y'all

Friday, 7 December 2012

Life and lemonades....

Been a rough week here.

A dear friend lost her little boy and i have been most shocked and heart broken since i heard the news.

This is one lemon from life that certainly cant be turned into lemonades.

It was most unexpected!!!

He was barely 2years old...

We just must accept it as the will of the Almighty. I pray God restores all that has been lost to my dear friend and her husband.

Wish this banging headache would just go away, must be the lack of sleep!!!!

Still in shock as i type here....

i also find the grieving process here in Naija quite an ardous one. Everyone has an idea/opinion/thought on how a bereaved person should grieve. Some say cry some say dont. It adds to the stress of the bereaved in my opinion and at such times people should be left to express their grief in any manner they so please.

May we never experience such a loss ever again(Amen)

I wish like a bad dream it'll all go away. I guess this is part of what being an adult is all about. one just isnt shielded from these type of things!!!!!

So sad here!!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!