Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday tins#

My first born son has just turned five.... yep the big 5 :D i remember the day i had him just like yesterday. To God be all the glory. we didn't get to have the big bash i had initially hoped we would have but we gathered 10 or so random friends and neighbours and ate a lot of food, shared party packs and danced to good music. All in the parlor LOL Anyways i'm currently taking stock of this year and trying to see what areas need improvement in the new year. God help somebody jare, self development isn't easy. Planning also to get a masters degree in the new year, been long outstanding! I have also decided to do some re-modeling on the apartment. Even small changes im sure would help, i had completely allowed the place become run down. if anyone can refer me to sites for ideas i'd be most glad. Blogsphere seems to much more quieter these days. I miss* the fights.... it did keep the place agog with posts and comments and at least plenty of activity! wonder what the bloggers of old are up to now sef? I feel sad that the owner of the very first blog i ever stumbled on passed away in the dana crash- ayoola Somolu! God rest her soul and comfort her family and friends....... Some of my co-workers are facing disciplinary action for the most mundane issue I've ever heard in my short work life. One oga passed a comment(he was geninuely joking)to one of his team members. The recipient at first wasn't offended but after discussing with her team mates, was incised to get offended. Her colleagues more or less insisted that she should return to her oga and clearly insist that she didn't like the statement. she foolishly did so. The oga in a matured manner accepted that she didn't like it and expressed that he was only trying to lighten things up and moved on. On a car ride home, there were more thoughts as regards the subject matter. some parts felt she shouldn't have gone back to her boss, some felt she was right to do so. The next day, another co-worker who wasn't in the car but had been 'pro: go back and register your displeasure' summoned all the people involved. Think secondary school style with cardigan tied on the waist and body shaking etc :D Anyway the thing blew out of proportion and as it is, some parties are to be outrightly dismissed.... I'm irritated at the depth of foolishness and unprofessionalism some people exhibit at work.... Good luck to them!!! Looking forward to this weekend, i've got a hot hot party planned for sun ;) the girl likes to have a good time o jare. Maybe there will be some fine fine boys to scope and tins# :D i may just come back today and do another post, it's been long and today my juices seem to be flowing;)


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!