Monday, 31 December 2012


So thankful to be able to type this in good health and so on....

2012 was quite rocky, i pray 2013 is easier on me and my peeps, even you too ;)

The boys are fine, not sure they realise the year is being changed in a few hours :D

so many expectations and plans on mind.

Spiritual and physical fitness is one.

a career change is another!!!

I'm just here to wish everyone a happy new year really....

We'll be here by God's grace in the new year *hugs*

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tis the season to be jolly!!!

Ho ho ho!
That came out quite silly didn't it?
Thankful to be alive and well this period as well as my family members!
It's been a challenge of a year but I am still thankful nevertheless.
My mr showed up with and iPad 2 for me ;)  I was forced to forgive all his sins of the year LOL. Blogging should henceforth be easier and thus more frequent.
So far no other Christmas presents ;)
I'm looking forward to tHe new year and hoping for some freshness in many areas of my life especially the bits that have stagnated due to one reason or the other.
This post is apparently just a medley of my thoughts, I like the sound of that- medley of thoughts :D
Used one yeye mascara yesterday and the thing just want wrong I was in tears for most of the day. I imagine my colleagues thought I was a victim of domestic violence or something because
Even my dressing that yesterday get as e be. Had like 4 different colors on me plus my hair was standing and then the tears LOL thank God I can laugh at myself now. Was happened was my wallet had been nicked and I had lost ALL the cash I had both home and abroad. I'm still believing God for His provisions as regards the monies lost....
The boys are fine, even my former smallie is now a big boy and sometimes when I say "Tlash why are you not wearing your pant or shoe or whatever, he has the Nerve to tell me "because I don't want to" just imagine LOL
It's a good day today as well as the season to be jolly!
Merry Christmas y'all

Friday, 7 December 2012

Life and lemonades....

Been a rough week here.

A dear friend lost her little boy and i have been most shocked and heart broken since i heard the news.

This is one lemon from life that certainly cant be turned into lemonades.

It was most unexpected!!!

He was barely 2years old...

We just must accept it as the will of the Almighty. I pray God restores all that has been lost to my dear friend and her husband.

Wish this banging headache would just go away, must be the lack of sleep!!!!

Still in shock as i type here....

i also find the grieving process here in Naija quite an ardous one. Everyone has an idea/opinion/thought on how a bereaved person should grieve. Some say cry some say dont. It adds to the stress of the bereaved in my opinion and at such times people should be left to express their grief in any manner they so please.

May we never experience such a loss ever again(Amen)

I wish like a bad dream it'll all go away. I guess this is part of what being an adult is all about. one just isnt shielded from these type of things!!!!!

So sad here!!!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Re: 1st blog challenge

So in this week.....
I have successfuly made a food time table for everyone in the house as well as for the kids meals for school and after school care.
The prayer now is that i get to follow it religiously.LOL
I am also looking to make adjustments to it every quarter( for variety's sakes)
i'd have put it up but i'm not using the same computer i worked it on to type this post.
Maybe later
The challenge for the coming week is cleaning

Monday, 29 October 2012

My 1st blog challenge

So for the first time i'm participating in a blog challenge i have just stumbled on.....

Fingers crossed ;)


Feel free to join in people! The more the merrier!!!

N.B- i'm hoping for a new and improved fluffy after this challenge!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cry cry matters

Today was one of those days….

 I haven’t had one where the issues piled on so much and released themselves via water in a while.

 So I was on my way to work when a team member called, I knew something was wrong  even though he said the boss just wanted to know where I was.

Then the second team member called. Good fellow the 2nd guy is…

He told me what had happened.

Story is we have a really difficult customer/account which I unfortunately am saddled with managing. The lady is really brash in her behaviour and more appalling is the deference ‘everyone’ here makes to her because the account is somewhat valuable.

One or two of the randoms she’s extended to me include :

Dropping  calls on me

Talking in a condescending manner

Keeping me waiting (read: STANDING) while in her office to pick up/deliver documents.


Once or twice I have reacted, like I once called her back and asked her never to drop a call on me and I also once asked her to stop chattering at my expense and give me the documents I was to pick up so I could leave.

Management didn’t quite like that….

Infact my boss keeps  attesting to her shitty behaviour, however does absolutely nothing to stop the abuse.

I quite understand the tyranny of the customer which as a service oriented company we are expected to absorb. However this is extreme.

 So the other day I went to deliver documents. The receptionist and I called severally and she was ‘unreachable’. So I dropped them and left. I doubt I had moved 5km when my boss called yelling that she said I came to her office but didn’t ‘bother’ to come to her office etc. Kai the man yelled so much unfortunately it was one of those days that I was really pressured.


So yours truly started crying.

When I finished crying the man asked me to forget about the matter. However I realised he hadn’t quite forgotten the matter when he referred to the incident at a general meeting and edited the story to suit the nasty picture of me, he wanted to paint.

Fast forward to yesterday, I stopped by their office to pick up payment from a staff of thiers but didn’t stop to see the almighty madam. I didn’t have any business to conduct in her office.

This morning she sends a mail and copies the entire office and management to ‘complain about the unsatisfactory services received from their account officer-me’

My offence that I didn’t stop by her office yesterday while I was there. She claimed she had documents for me.  she could have called or mailed me to tell me abi?

My boss in his typical manner called and dished all the dish he could, in front of junior colleagues oh, called one fellow who attested to an untrue representation of what happened (then changed story when I arrived), he then called one female colleague to calm me down, because of course my fury had taken over and I was in tears!!!!!

I wish this day would end soon….. still feeling teary as I type.

All in a day’s work.

Na wa

Friday, 19 October 2012

Life and living..... again

So a few Saturdays back i attended my first PTA meeting.

*claps and drum rolls* LOL Don't mind me. Though geninuely i was glad and felt very blessed that God honored me enough to make me amongst "those" that can attend PTA meetings. It's important to be grateful for every thing no matter how seemingly trivial it may be.

So sha i attended the meeting, i was infact the 1st to arrive. Nigerians will sha always be late *rolls eyes*. The meeting went well, good contributions from parents and some level of pleasantness in the air and so on. However there was this one parent who made me wanna walk across to her and shake her body plus tell her to stop being silly.

The yeye woman got up and started going on and on about loving the school etc. Then she said she encouraged the school to employ people who geninuely loved children(no probs with that on one hand but did she think any school sets out to employ people who dont love kids?) . The point that got me irritated was then she now said to address other parents. She said something about Gbemisayedara(or one of these new generation Yoruba names :D) who is her child being prone to infections and so therefore any of our children that has cold or catarrh we should ensure they are treated on time. Huh? i suspect she wanted to say we shouldn't bring any 'diseased' kid near her child LOL. I thought i was the only one wondering at the errant nonsense she was saying, then i heard some murmurs behind about "that being inevitable in any nursery school" .  SMH we mums sef!!!!

She must be new at these mummy matters :D

I cant but mention this ALUU4 murder. I hear the police has made several arrests and so on. I do hope justice is served to the guilty parties and may God comfort the grieving families. If i, who do not have any relationship with the young men and i feel so affected by the incident i wonder how those directly connected are faring.

So that's it on life and living for today. Happy weekend good people :D

Friday, 5 October 2012

Life and living

Long time no see bloggie

I should learn to blog on my BB it’ll be faster and easier to update and so on(I’m sure I’ve said this before LOL)

I’ve been ok, trudging along actually but I’m absolutely grateful for life and good health

Ayobami is currently next to me yelling/jumping up shouting “I want cartoons” my Mr TLash is hitting me with the remote control and saying sorry to his crying older brother. Maybe I should just ask him to face the wall and have some peace and quiet?

Its been an interesting past 2 days for me. Ive had three consecutive run ins with the law. The 1st was at CMS, I was so lost in thought, everyone else had stopped for the red light and yours truly kept driving on. Some official in cream and brown uniform appeared waving his arms up and down. I sha stopped and said in my best fone “oh sorry sir I didn’t realise bla bla bla”. Story the man jumped into the car and started threatening me with a N45,000 fine. I didn’t even know what arm of Fashola’s govt he was working for. I sha parked and told him anything he likes he should do but me I am sha sorry sha it was a geninue error. I ended up parting with a whole N500. As if that wasn’t enough later on in the day, I slowed down to ask an okada man for directions, moved a few metres forward and some man in a white T-shirt said “you shouldn’t have stopped there” I nodded because I was talking on the phone. Next thing I heard “park,park”. Ah ah whatta gwan, the man sha jumped into my car. I didn’t even move off the road I just started shouting “you cant just jump into my car, you cant” I suspect the guy’s juju told him I was about to shout “ole Ole” and as suddenly as he hopped in he hopped out.

You’d think it would end there abi?

The very next morning, I was on the phone (as usual), when this RRS bike parked in front of me… “Sorry officer sorry officer” the man sha opened the door and jumped in*covers face*

This one said we were heading to Alausa and he actually handed me a copy of the new Lagos laws so I could know exactly how much trouble I was in LOL

Yours truly parked oh and told the man that he just had to have mercy on me oh because I was jobless and going to look for money LOL

When the man sat in my car for a few minutes and I asked him to please “find meN1000” the man got down from my motor oh LMAO

Note to self: Buy half a dozen ear pieces this week to avoid all these hassles. *sighs*

By the way I’ve asked the crying child to go and get some choco milo…..


My maid leaves in a few weeks, I must admit I will miss the bugger. The good thing is pending when I get a replacement i'd have to do all the housework myself. I’m hoping like last year when I had no help at home id get to shed a few pounds!!!

Friendship can indeed be so burdensome sometimes. That said I have enjoyed a few selfless and absolutely interesting friendships in my short span of life. I didn’t even realise I had people who would stick out their necks for me to such extents. Here’s to you my dear friend, plus her hubby who have shown me love these past few days. Too bad I can’t mention your name here ;) *hugs*

 In the words of my absolutely adorable niece "Tata for now aka TTFN"


Monday, 9 July 2012

Answer the question…..

LOL Na wa…

 I have mentioned before that I live in a "yard" and some guy just recently moved in. I won't ordinarily have paid him any attention except that I find this absolutely amazing….

 Nothing wrong abi? Please help me work out how he would open the burglar proof bar(s) when he's inside his apartment!!!

So I was in the bank the other day and I happened to peep at a feedback form someone had filled and left on the counter…I found it funny… See the form below

If you cant see it clearly…

The 1st question says "what is your opinion of the bank?"
Response "it's a good bank and it's faster"

Next question is "how can we serve you better?"
Response "just that for you to be MORE faster"
Don't know why I found it so funny….
Today is a good day nice and cool(coldish actually) weather even though I spent close to three hours getting to work!!! This 3rd mainland repairs will cause something I tell you!!

Going for a meeting….Lerra

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Random meme

Dont know why my nails are in such a nasty state... short and cuticles sticking out everywhere ***covers face in embarassment***. i wonder how ladies manage to constantly look together/on point ALL THE TIME. From head to toe. My state of chaos has somewhat increased since i married and had children in quick succession....

But then i have seen some mums of toddlers look on point!

I saw this lady the other day at the hospital in Lagos wearing snow boots abi isnt that what these things are called?
Product Details

I suspect she was just coming in from alaska...... mcheew

On another random note, i still dont have a seat in the office. I cant wait for the three months to elapse and see the kind of seating it takes 3 whole months to provide *rolls eyes*

Yesterday was my 4th year wedding anniversary... i wish i could say its been bliss all through.... Hopefully with time it'll get better.

The boys are doing fine.  We are at the Q&A stage with my dear Ayobami and the questions are indeed endless... why did you go to work?, why did you drive like that?, who is that man/woman? Ah ah.... To make matters worse smallie is at the copy copy stage, so he repeats the very question i have just answered and i just have to answer. It's a wonder i still have any flesh on with all the talking i do on a daily basis :D

Which kain yeye post be this sef?

I ran into my teacher from primary 4 the other day.... Amazingly she recognised me and still remembered my name!!! she also remembered a few other people from my class. Such good memories she struck up in me i tell you. I particularly remember one boy Ahmed being asked a question and he responded " no idea" . At the time,Junior challenge(i think that was the name) a game show was being aired on NTA and that as what contestants would say when they didnt know the answer to the question being asked. LOL she almost whacked his head....
i also remembered helping one boy Bisi to do his sums(or maybe it was comprehension sef, who knows) and he gave me money.... I remember refusing!!!! Now i wish i had collected the money LOL

Good old memories people...

Anyway y'all wanted a post so there you have it!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Instead of reading everyone else's UPDATED blog.... shouldn't i be updating mine :D

Friday, 18 May 2012

Life sha…..

What a week its been in fluffy's life…
I lost a "close" relation and have thus been further reminded that indeed death is the end of all things.
The circumstances were unfortunate and there are so many "ifs" and what nots on how the loss could have been avoided…. Sometimes I also think and feel it could've been prevented, but since the Lord says "not a leaf falls to the ground without His knowledge" then I know surely Jehovah has the final say.
My dearly beloved relation didn't have children in the marriage; I have been informed that apparently there are three children outside wedlock. I feel bad and wonder how the surviving spouse is going to react when all this is revealed if found true!
Were I in such a situation I'm not sure I'd attend the funeral or receive any condolence visitors after being betrayed in such a manner….. but then "luckily" I am not in such a situation at this time….
I was once told of a man who passed away after being unfaithful to his wife(right after the act). The wife was pretty devastated by the death and didn't seem to assimilate the fact that he was cheating at the time of this occurrence, I thought to myself that I'd be so furious I'd probably not attend the funeral as well!

I don't mean to be judgemental of these people after all even I have my own sins that will follow me to my grave!!!

This is the closest I've come to losing a family member and largely I'm just in shock.
Of course the house has been inundated with so many visitors. Ordinarily you couldn't even come near the gate due to the nature of my relation's job!!!
Life is just so ……
I stepped into the deceased's office and wondered how many plans had been stopped midway because a life had just been lost.
It's made me think so much of my future !!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Dear 9ja foodie….

Just in case you haven't notice I am not speaking to you….

Yep im vexing for you!!!

Why you may ask?

My people please help me judge this matter…

Jejely was I browsing 9ja foodie's website when I saw this link Oven Baked Scotch Egg | 9jafoodie | Modern African Cuisine

That's how I decided to try the thing oh….. after much trauma- translate unsuccessful attempt I ended up with "Squashed eggs" see for yourself

I was visibly traumatised LOL

To make matters worse I sent the picture to my friend who put it up with my name boldly written and tagged it Scotch eggs on her BB dp....

Then she sent me feedback from her contacts one person said the eggs were stubborn and another said she could see the scotch in the eggs LMAO

Not sure I will be "scotching" anything in the near future LMAO

N.B- 9ja foodie, you've figured out what to send me as peace offering or rather appeasement sacrifice haven't you? ;)

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Randoms once again


What a day! One of our major accounts that we lost due to some silly errors just called us back, God really does give second chances to ALL!!! I'm happy it has certainly made me smile today.
I have been wondering all day why people in Lagos are still greeting each other Happy Easter, Se Easter has come and gone? Abi?
For the past few days I have had to take public buses and even in the few hours my experiences have been enough to blog about :D. This morning,for some reason, when the driver who was also doubling as conductor said I hadn't paid the correct fare I cleared my throat and in my best fone I said "I beg your pardon" **covers face in shame** then I remembered where I was…… silly me! The bus I entered this afternoon had a DVD for our viewing pleasure. He was playing a Pasuma type CD though I was traumatised not only by the music but because the driver kept wanting to watch as well. Thankfully a few mins after the thing stopped showing and the driver spent the rest of the journey changing CDS trying to find one that will show… thank God he didn't crash the car.

The whole experience reminded me of a friend of mine who I ran into a few weeks back, we hadn't seen in many years though I had kept up with her via the media. She's an absolutely brilliant woman that friend of mine. She was even my bunkmate at a time. She's got 1st class degrees(note the plural people) from Havard and the likes…. What I found really funny was the fact that despite all she has at her disposal the "cares" of this world don't seem to interest her. She didn't even drive a car!!! She preferred bussing she says. In this Lagos? I mean no brazillian or Peruvian weave, no Louis Vuitton bag or sandals…. She wasn't even dating anyone!!! She said she didn't seem interested in the regular girl's dream of get married to Leke the bank manager and live happily ever after with your children and pets with loads of domestic servants in Chevron Estate Ikoyi/Lekki or Maitama, Abuja….
It seemed bizarre to me I tell you… she could easily have any job she wanted and earn as much as Goodluck Jonathan sef…..

Na wa.

On the home front things are fine, my son Ayobami too is becoming a Tinsel addict like his mama, the other day he called me "mrs Okoh" and when I exclaimed in shock he said "Amaka Okoh" LOL smallie too dey there. Still refusing to use his potty, he only agrees to pee in the thing when one lifts it right up to his peepee. Naija men sha like to be FULLY served. Mcheeewwwww
I feel like some cake, not good for my weight loss meme I'm told.
I've been quite good by the way, been jogging and doing aerobics. I must win this battle of the bulge :D

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

i was going to blog about my inlaws today but its my husband's birthday so i decided otherwise....

I wish i could blog down all my thoughts immediately they come to me, it'll save me trying to remember what it was i wanted to blog about LOL

I wonder why we Yoruba people  say 'come and join me' when eating??!!! I've somehow started doing it too even though i don't understand why and don't really want whoever to join me in my meal anyway...

The boys are fine, driving me nuts as usual :D. Now they demand for songs as soon as we get in the car and because they don't know the titles the way they describe it is absolutely ridiculous... Like Ayobami would say 'mummy play "aha" for me and i know he means MI's "beef" or something like that... or he says play "hohohohoho" and it's the no 6 song on MI's CD LOL

In a bid to really shed weight  i am currently sipping some green tea.... i am not enjoying the process but the thought of becoming and remaining a size 18 is even less appealing. My main challenge is reducing portions and cutting out dinner for now.... God help me abeg

My place of work is still full of perplexing moments and i really pray my circumstances change soonest... I went to speak with the Operations manager about getting a seat( i currently share my table with 3 other personnel) and he says really getting a seat for me is a 3 month project.... Ah ah

I'll stop here for now, dont want my green tea getting cold ;)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Travails of a Lagos 'ride hitcher'

This morning i remembered some experiences i had in the days i didnt have a car and had to hitch rides... People dey take person eye see sha.

one lady used to give me a  ride and park at her office while i walk to mine which was just a stonethrow away. I didnt mind at all.

However on this day we got to Falomo bridge or so and suddenly there was rainfall!!!! it was really sudden and in a matter of minutes people were wading through water up to their knees...

we arrived VI and the lady parked at her usual spot. I didnt want to be forward but i wondered how i will get to my office in the downpour na only one umbrella dey and of course she's the priority! she said if she took me to my office less than 2mins away someone else would take her parking spot. so i said maybe i should stay in the car till the rain stops and then lock up and she says 'her keys nko?'

my people i had no choice na so i enter the rain that day oh!!!!!!

I got into my office absolutely drenched..... twas a day i certainly wont forget.

My benefactor no 2 was a neighbour whose girlfriend lived with him. she moved in after myself and another female neighbour started to hitch rides. They were Ibo and we were not. In the days 'before her' conversations were centralised and at least one could breathe in the car. when she started to go with us, you'd say hello and she wont respond. sometimes she would pretend to be fiddling with something like shes distracted and cant respond. then she would speak to the guy in Ibo so of course it was apparent she wasnt interested in us joining the conversation. LOL i found it amusing, the most silly part is at the point of disembarking she would make a real big show of kissing him.... this kain 'pissing on her territory' LMAO people sha

Benefactor 3 was a family friend cum neighbour's nephew. He was nice too and had at the start of his career hitched rides in my brother's car. Some other lady whom i assumed was a friend of his. She was civil to me at first and i stayed out of her way because i preferred my peace and quiet at that time of the day. I think they started shagging somewhere along the line.(his girlfriend was abroad)....
He would say i should move to the back seat so she could drive and he would be in the passenger seat. Wetin concern me? Na make i sha reach office in one piece. One day however as we wanted to pick her up, me i don open door to change seats sef and he said oh no need, make i siddon. The girl eye change...

The guy now stretched his hand to pick something from the back seat and the gal began to shout- leave me, leave my bag LOl ah ah we were both shocked. The guy come say wetin, say na pillow him wan take. So she said oh sorry i thought you wanted to take my bag, the guy come say ehen and so what if i wanted the bag? Kai me don nearly burst from laughing....

Eventually the real owner of the guy arrived from abroad and was kuku as badly behaved as the 'abelejayan'. You go greet am she no go answer etc...

After a while me sef buy motor and that ended my travails..... i think these were my most memorable stories of the lot..

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Wonder if it's still ok to say "happy new year?"

Happy new year anyway *rolls eyes*

It's only been 24 days and aaaaaalllllll sooooorrrrttts have already happened to me.

I better start it off light.

So the other day, Ayobami opened my drawers (chest of drawers if you may). He pulled out my pink g-strings. As colour was spreading all over my face, he said "Mummy what's this?"

For a few seconds i pondered what to answer, seeing i was tongue tied, he offered an answer "oh its for covering your breast?" i didnt know what else to say so i said yes...

Then he says 'ok lemme wear it then' and he proceeded to place it on his head in an attempt to wear it.

I couldnt take it anymore i grabbed my thing and rushed out of the room

I really need to get my own accomodation in that house.....

On a totally unrelated level, men will always be men sha...

Yesterday i went to buy jollof rice at some place- buka type setting.

Some pretty chick was standing nearby with her friend. Some man was eating at a nearby table...

He says to the pretty gal, oh you look nice or something of the sort. Didnt hear too well i was busy remembering my single days when i used to get all those kinda comments *sighs*

Anyway her friend who wasnt being talked to answered something and the pretty girl too sha answered...

Then she's leaving and says "oh bye we are late for work" (or something of the sort)

Then her friend who once again wasnt being talked to edges her to go back, then she struts back and says "or do you have a card?"

Gosh "okurin sha" (translates men!!!)

The man kuku got up, left his meal unattended and strolls to his motor to give her a card.

I wonder how the transaction has since progressed.....



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!