Tuesday, 27 March 2007

This wahala is just plenty!!!!

So on Monday i shed 10kg(i strongly believe that anyway)....

Story is we had a road show at work and i went along... It was fun but at some point i got so exhausted i sat quietly in the bus and was sipping an energy drink :).... But we walked quite a distance sha and i got my weekly exercise!!! Since i wasn't able to go jogging last Saturday because of the early morning rain!!!

My ex almost drove me mad 2 nights ago. I really don't know why i still speak to him. He can be so so exasperating!! I'm just tired of talking to/about him. He drove me so mad i told him i was about to pop pills and kill myself so he'd be happy and just leave me alone... Then i remembered that Naija girls don't do such and i turned over and slept!!!!

I haven't spoken to him since and that's quite a huge step for me because we talk 50 times in one day even after break up oh....

I just hope i can keep that up because the boy wan drive me mad...

My week has been so dry, maybe because i'm kinda depressed. I think i'm lonely.

Yesterday after work i got stuck in traffic. I mean i was in my motor car for almost an hour and i was still on the street of my office, so quietly i drove into one nail salon i used to patronise to pass the time until traffic reduced...

After sitting down for a few minutes, i remembered why i stopped manicuring my nails, she had barely started when i felt a searing pain rip through my brain!!! She had lacerated my small finger and there was blood everywhere. First consolation was that the cuticle trimmer was mine so there was minimal risk of infection.Next was the yelp that came from my mouth.... The woman nearly made me shed tears, i just thought to myself if not for this stupid Lagos traffic wat would i be doing in a nail salon???????????

You can imagine the agony i was and i'm still in sef, because my finger is still aching!!!!!

My frustration was increased, i mean u have a hard day at work, then get into traffic and to escape that you branch salon only for you to nearly lose your finger in the process....

Annoying thing is that i only wanted to change my polish and not manicure/pedicure!!!!

Hope the week gets better!!!!

Why am i not working?

I just figured i may as well make the "best" use of the time and thus here i am.....

For some reason over the past few days, weeks and months i have not done any serious work. I can't explain why i've lost all motivation to work and it seems to be getting to the point of stagnancy and despondency so i've decided to address the issues.

I know it started with some small office politics that sidelined me from getting a raise but heck it has been over a year and i'm still not getting a grip!!!

Now i've tried to inject fire back into my work but the work just "bores" me to death.....

These days all i do is read people's blogs!!!! Even first thing on a Monday i'm reading blogs and chatting and then i end up doing that all week long!!!

For some reason my conscience is now catching up and i'm feeling bad but i just DO NOT know how to get back into the work mode!!!

I've become so so lazy and lackadasical(hope that's the spelling sef)

And it's bad.....

I want a vacation as well, maybe it'd help!!!!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

This love of a matter!!!

I have been wanting to write about my lovely weekend but all week i've been tormented by something and i really am just at a loss as to what to do.

God help me....

All of a sudden "he's" been sending me text messages, now that in itself isn't bad but the content of the texts are so powerful... Here are the ones i got yesterday

In the morning it was :

"Unable to sleep for so long thinking about us and how we should be. I love you with all of my heart. I see you and still my heart skips. There is so much i wish for but most of all i wish that where ever life takes me it will always bring me back to u. Cuz u have always been all i ever wanted. I love u Fluffy cute thing".

Then at night he said

"Baby i miss you so much. I just wanted to say you mean the whole world to me and spending the rest of my life with you is all i pray for.Always Ur No. 1 fan"

Now this morning he says:

"Hi girl hope u had a good night?getting set for work and cant get u out of my head. Totally in love wit u. Always Ur No 1 fan"

There's nothing wrong with the texts actually it's just that they're coming from some old toaster/ex bobo(yeah i know.... there have been one too many these past few weeks) and i'm wondering what all this is about?????????????

The thing is the young man in question works in my office and we started off as friends. i had a bobo at the time and he had someone. unknown to me though, he had nursed "these feelings" for me all the while!!!

When i got single i attempted to date him,more of which to make him happy really. But that didn't quite work, i felt his attraction for me was mostly sexual....

We had a rough patch after the relationship ended where we were barely even speaking to each other and stuff. And then i told him that i didn't think we had to be childish and stuff. At least we could be civil to each other especially in public!!!!

My challenges with this guy are many. He likes to "form ajebota/asso" which i cannot manage and he's so insensitive sometimes. I mean i was attacked by armed robbers, which he knew about but he just didn't show any sympathy!!! I didn't expect him to replace my lost bag and jewellery but at least he could have mentioned it or said sorry!!!!! Then i had a car crash and he didn't even ask how i was faring and stuff!!! I mean how else do you show you care for someone????????? Is it not by being there during "times of need?"

Lately he'd been sending me texts about how he wanted to "do" this to my body or "that" to my "PP".... it was quite embarassing and i had to tell him i felt he was only attracted to my body and i didn't appreciate it. Hence the series of texts above....

Frankly i'm tired and i need to communicate this to the young man, but i don't know how to do it gently....

I mean i'm looking for a HUSBAND not a boyfriend/bed mate!!!!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Fluffy Fire!!!!!

This weekend was quite some thing....

My "socialiteness" took quite an interesting turn.

On Friday, i spent the whole evening at the salon getting my hair done, luckily it turned out nice so i didn't mind the long hours i spent there.

Saturday i attended a 70th birthday party which was fun,lots to eat and drink and loads of nice people to gaze at and stuff....

Anyway about midday another old toaster calls me up to ask if i'm free in the evening... Because he's kinda cute i quickly dissolve my prior plans and agree to meet him up.

Watched "the Last King of Scotland" at the cinema with another "ex- flame"(can't think of what else to call him) :-)

Then i head off to Lekki to meet up with "cute n sexy". So we're at his cousin's crib, and then they say we're heading out. So it's moi, cutie, his cousins n a chic about to hit the streets.

We head off to some place in Lekki and to my suprise tis a strip club...

Now i'm so so suprised cause i didn't think we had such in Naija.

Anyway i was amused the whole time we were there, the chicks were mostly yellow. And one who seemed to "be all over me" even said she was in school,told me how much she was paid

These chicks will actually go NAKED.....

I couldn't believe my eyes.....

Sad thing though is that they were not "tight" chicks per se and after an hour i was bored. They said their star perfomers were not around...


We left and moved onto another joint which was packed full of Unilag boys and gals, i was quite embarrassed to be there after a while... Jumping with people my "small' brother's age (lol)

Anyway it was quite an interesting nite and i had a good time.....

Friday, 9 March 2007

This revamp of a matter

This my "bedroom matter" is still on and has been bugging me for a while...

I just hope spilling it here(again) will help me(lol).

I can't understand why when i visit other girls, their rooms look so fantastic.The furniture matches and every where's so neat.

This my room has just refused to take shape at all!!! despite all my efforts(as half hearted as they are ;).

Anyway quite unusually all year, the room has been grating on my nerves!!!! and i'm about to reach my limit

One of my friends recently said the paint reminds her of a hospital, the other one said it's like a "face me i face you" room.... that the only thing missing is a curtain across the room... just imagine oh

Anyway i have been yapped to the extent that i'm actually "decluttering" the room. I still have quite a bit of stuff that i do not know what to do with!!!! I am so embarrassed at myself.

I mean my room has become like my granny/mummy's room filled with so much junk that i am not even using.I decluttered so much even my baffs have been reduced to less than half.

I even went and moved an old ward robe into the place just to "make it look nicer"However right now i'm just so frustrated because the room is still not looking "revamped"I mean what am I not doing????????????

I guess i will repaint it and buy a new carpet. So is yellow and lilac a nice idea? or should i just stick with blue? and blue or brown carpet/rug? or green and yellow on the walls? that means i have to do new curtains too oh!!! and put up nice pictures... but where will i keep all my "wosi wosi"(this and that/junk)????????Maybe i should take out some more furniture?????

Right now i have a bed, shoe rack,ward robe, chest of drawers and dressing table. Oh i left out my book shelf and some of my portmanteaux(suitcases)!!!!So which one do i throw out?

Maybe i should just find a man, marry him asap and decorate "that room" instead??????lol

Hmmmmm I feel lighter just downloading all this because i get so depressed just thinking about that room....well some people will never just have exotic looking rooms!!!

Maybe I'm just not o.......

Today is a good day!!!!!!

So today is world women's day and my company has arranged some "seminar type thing" for we women which starts soon!!!

So in essence i get the day off work!!!

I'm quite happy, so i will run some errands, get my hair and nails done(i've got an outing packed weekend) and generally enjoy "women's day";)

An old toaster of mine has suddenly started calling me... i wonder what the brother is up to?

we'll see how things turn out!!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

I feel so so bad!!!

Last night half way between drifting in and out of sleep, i got a text message from my friend "X" asking why i called her bobo without telling her...

Now she and the bobo are experiencing a strain in their relationship and i wanted to talk to the young man and just see if i could ease all the plenty tension or at least speak up for my friend. Because i know that even though it's not showing on her face, the pressure from this strain is getting to her!!!

Anyway he didn't pick and i forgot about it and even forgot to mention it to her( i was really tired yesterday and i honestly forgot).

Now he calls her, obviously having figured out what i wanted to talk to him about and maybe he was pretty upset. And then of course she got upset too!!

Anyway after several calls to her this morning which she didn't pick at first. She finally picks and says "oh she was quite upset that's why she didn't pick".

I apologised for meddling in her affairs and reiterated that i honestly meant well for her that's why i called him in the first place.

Now i feel so so silly because truly i meant well.

Then i'm sitting here and wallowing in my "low" and just wondering why i think i can solve everyone's challenges and i'm constantly advising people and wanting to do stuff for them and so on.

My other girlfriend says i should learn not to feel responsible for other adults' issues!!!

Maybe i really need to learn that my friends are not children or my children at that and let them be!!!!

Tis just that when people whine to me i "assume" it's because they want my advise or at least want me to deal with the situation!!!! Kind of anyway :)

Anyway i feel so so silly and bad right now :-(

Friday, 2 March 2007

My Room.....

I love my room or at least sometimes i do....

It actually is an interesting room filled with all sorts of stuff.

This room also serves as the living room for my family because for some reason the whole family(excluding doggie) congregate in it!!!!

The room went through a period of always being spick and span, i suspect i had obsessive compulsive disorder that time because i was always folding and refolding my clothes. Then i'd arrange and rearrange my dresser day in and day out.

My mum even used to refer to me when scolding my siblings about the state of their rooms!!!!

My boyfriend(now ex) suffered many times just watching me arrange stuff over and over when he came visiting ;)

For some reason things have become quite the opposite right now and i'm becoming somewhat alarmed.

My friend who spent christmas with me said the paint reminded her of a hospital and that in fact she didn't know what to think of my green rug... she went on and on. I just couldn't be bothered because i thought she was exaggerating...

My other friend said the room was like a "Face me I face You" room!!! Just imagine, that the only thing missing was a curtain in the middle of the room. I almost told my doggie to eat her mouth(lol)

My sister said i just needed a sink so that i can carve out a proper kitchen. I actually had a "crockery section" just to avoid walking to the kitchen.She even said i had an altar for cards and gifts.....

Anyway i decided to take their advice and "declutter" (the word just drives me nuts!!!) my room.

I started with the dresser, apparently half of the containers i was carrying back and forth were mostly empty!!!! And i'm like am i becoming like my granny or what??????? Abi no be old people dey pack old containers up and down?????

Next i moved in a wardrobe and packed out all my suitcases( i loves portmanteaux, u see and i buy every time i travel :) so i have quite a few!!!)

Now the challenge is this the room is still looking clustered and i'm getting frustrated...

I've given out tons of clothes, shoes and stuff but there are just still things everywhere!!!

What am i supposed to do now ehn???????????

We'll see how it goes sha.....


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!