Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thoughts in my head

So sex actually becomes or can become a chore/bore

At what point do you know this?

When before you’re like “yikes” not today!!!

When during you can’t wait for it to be over?

When afterwards all you have to discuss is Nepa and the state of the nation?

Thursday, 10 December 2009

How I nearly lost my gullet today….

So I suddenly feel thirsty…..

I stroll to the water dispenser

There’s some boy there “fetching” water

Now he’s not extraordinary looking or anything like that oh…

And I see him around anyway.

Anyway (again LOL) the ogbeni smiles at me

I no come know whether na confusion or devil just wan cause me problem

Na so I fetch water for myself too oh, from the pink tap side…

I also feel a need to drink the water right there…

Thank God say na sip I sip no be gulp

I saw/felt/heard my gullet/throat turn pink!!!!!!!!!!!


Na that boy smile wan cause me problem….

In this my old age

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Just sitting here.....

.... humming Christmas carols to myself!!!!

Tis indeed the season to be jolly.

I'm kinda happy today...

I've just ordered a Christmas tree and I’m gonna buy "Ina Olorun" LOL for my son and myself today....

It's some Christmas thing/accessory/toy/… that you light up which burns for a few seconds before it fizzles out.... I think most people who grew up in Naija will have an idea of what I’m talking about :)

I've never known what the real name is!!!! LOL

Thank God knock out/bangers have been banned in Lagos. They’ve always petrified me!!!!

I think I will also attempt to bake cookies/brownies this Christmas…. Wish me luck people!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Embarassing moment!!!

An aunt of mine just caused me some embarrassment….

She told another aunt of mine that “fluffy is in the family way you know”

I don’t know which embarrassed me more the fact that fluffy “is indeed in the family way” or the expression “in the family way”!!!

Na wa.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's not always rosy!!!

What a weekend i had...
I got to rest and at least i spent some time with my little boy...
Who by the way can how hiss :D
He was beating my neighbor the other day(they’re always fighting) and she hissed at him... He looked at her so sternly (particularly at her mouth) and made a clucking sound with his tongue...LOL
You need to have heard how we laughed at him…
The yeye boy: D
That’s the only thing that seems stable in my world right now…
There’s been a lot of talk on blogsville and by some strange coincidence about “what you’ll do if you husband’s cheating etc” I have been very opinionated about the matter. I keep going on and on about not tolerating nonsense from any man etc etc Funny that right now I find myself somewhat confronted with this and have not the foggiest idea what to do or how to deal with the situation!!!!!!!!!!!
Not like I’ve actually caught him in the act or something but definitely there’s something fishy and funny going down…
I just feel helpless!!!!!!!!!!
I ran into a friend of mine over the weekend, we did some catching up and she mentioned that she was seeing a married man.
All I said to her was “as long as you both are happy”
But deep in my heart I knew it was wrong and I shouldn’t have supported the whole idea….
But again I felt helpless!!!!!
My suspicions are causing me grief and talking them over really hasn’t helped!!! He just couldn’t be bothered to prove my suspicions unnecessary or otherwise…
Feel so frustrated and of course that just makes me turn to food…
It’s seems to be a vicious cycle...
Hope I get out of it soon!!!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Just ranting!!!

Got some cotton bud stuck in my ear yesterday…

Don’t know why I decided to clean or rather just stick the thing in, in the middle of the night!!!

I poured in water and oil trying to get it out and of course it went in deeper LOL

It was most uncomfortable I tell you…

Ended up in hospital sef…

But at least they got it out.

I surely won’t be cleaning my ears for a few days :D

Ayobami can now clap his hands, plus bite, plus eye people…

Yep eye people…

He just starts batting his eyes furiously like there’s something in it…

Took me a few days to realize that was what he was doing LOL

These are some of the "hazards" of starting school i guess LWKMD

As for the biting it’s deadly I can assure you. He pretends like he’s about to hug/kiss you and of course digs his teeth in and then if you shout…


Starts to cry LOL

Yeye man.

What a week this has been, got a congratulatory message from HR on spending 7years at my place of work….


And to think I wondered how my mum and her colleagues spent 35years working at the same organization…

Na so e kuku sey start...

Time to move oh!!!!


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm a big boy now!!!

The young koko(male for kokolette LOL) has become a … (what is the adult form of kokolette biko?)

Anyway the young man is now all so grown up!!!

Yesterday he discovered the “joys” of sipping juice from a straw… normally we’d use his sippy cup but I just gave it a try and what a sight it was…

My whole chivita was gulped down fast…

Woulda put up a picture but he was holding my hand so tight I couldn’t reach for a camera, and of course in his excitement he was rushing the juice till he started choking and then he threw up ALL the juice

Better luck next time eh?

We can also now climb down from the bed oh!!!
God is truly amazing. That Ayobami can process climbing down from the bed himself????

It’s a sight you need to experience.

First he starts off humming(this is the amusing part, what nonsense is he humming LOL) then he spins so his legs are facing the edge and he keeps sliding and sliding till he’s standing at the edge of the bed!!!!!!!

I mean who taught him these things??????

We’re trying to stand ourselves as well and occasionally he just takes his hand off whatever’s supporting him for a millisecond and he grabs it RIGHT back….

Kai my baby had grown oh!!!

Did I mention he’s started day care? Our nanny quit on us oh so we’re in school now!!!!

He’s the smallest in school and so far so good sha, there have been no mishaps. He’s settling on fine but seems to be the chatterbox in class…

He’s really taking after aunty Afro in that aspect ;)

Anyway I’m just an excited mummy today!!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Weekend matters...

Weekend matters…

E ma gba mi oh.

On Friday night Ayobami totally refused to sleep, actually I allowed him doze off by about 7pm and of course he woke up at midnight HUNGRY!!!

So he ate and of course was most energized LOL

There he was all over the room, bed he was just everywhere.

Anyway moi and Mr. one way or the other got tired and dozed off…

I remember waking up at some point and was shocked to see the young man Ayobami standing next to me…

That wasn’t even the problem

He was sticking his tongue out and believe it or not was happily licking the mosquito net!!!!!!!!!


If you see how I grabbed him and backed him till the bugger dozed off….

I don’t know whether in his father’s village dem dey chop mosquito net LOL

My son got some new sleep suits from aunty Afro…

She’s turning out to be quite a good godmother

Even though the sleep suits were PINK sha J.

But he looks cute in them all the same LOL

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

AIrplane seats

Believe it or not....

I walked into a hospital today and at the reception they had ...

wait for it

(i'm copying bumight) hehehehehe

Airplane seats like these ones as seats...

I nearly laugh die...

Were it not rude i'd have taked pictures sincerely!!!!!!!

All sorts in this Lagos sef...

I also saw an old school mate of mine...

She pretended not to see/recognise me

Me sef no bother

But i remember running into once many years ago

she rushed to say hello to me


Her cousin whom she came to see was not available

In short she had no transport money to return to whence she came from...

I assisted her that day....

Amazing how she never even said thanks/showed appreciation after that day

And then today,

She didn't even see me!!!!!!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Issues of life....

So my car arrived....
I'm having challenges keeping the exterior clean,
Lagos roads are a mess...
Muddy waters everywhere
How do people in Lag without drivers/mai guards keep their vehicles clean?
I get home kinda late so cannot visit car wash(es?)
My weight loss is progressing well..
I'm keeping a food diary and i've lost 2kg already :)
I try to exercise seriously now.... long walks and the likes...
Found myself panting after climibing stairs the other day and realised that was certainly not the way to go...
Smallie too is now a big boy.
He drinks from "sippy" (i love that word) cups now and we have even started sitting(but not necessarily using) our potty LOL
Na wa ...
They grow so fast!!!
Please note that i AM NOT PREGNANT at this time... depsite my earlier suspicions
Mr would have returned me to my parents should that have been the case LWKM
Looking forward to the weekend...
Going for a 10 year old party, and i'm excited imagine??????
I've become such a bore now....

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Master toilet

Don't know what my landlord was thinking but this is what our master toilet looks like

The bath area is behind the WC

So you have to "jump" across to take a shower ...

and God help you if you are pregnant

Emergency people

I think i'm pregs once again

I mean my poor son can't even walk yet!!!!!!!!!

I threw up earlier today which is most unusual, my tummy's been hurting too like the first time i got pregs!!!!!!!!!!

Chai what the frig am i gonna do!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

"no rice" day 5

Well not technically "no rice" day 5 sha
i managed to only get to Day 4 L

I do feel less bulky sha

and i must say even though my weight hasn't dropped (according to the scales) i have lost weight :D
This is like a mind over matter thing biko
My colleague just yabbed me sef that all i seem to eat is rice...
But really what else can one really eat around here????????
i cannot kuku bring eba to work. abi?
This weekend i'm gonna detoxify myself with honey and efirin(do not know the English name but it's called scented leaf i believe)
Maybe i'll just drink it tonight sef...
with bitter leaf juice :D ... chai the things we do to stay healthy
my baby has catarrh
I was "forced" to suck it from his nose!!!!!
The joys of being a mum abi? i hear there's some instrument for doing that but seeing as i don't have this apparatus i had to improvise or do as my mum did....
Looking forward to this weekend like anything...
Spending the whole time at an aunt's. I'll be pampered for a change ;)
Kai what a long week this has been!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

No rice... Day 2

span style="color:#00cccc;">So it's day 2 and i've managed to say no to eating rice.

i woke up feeling lighter and in fact squeezed into an old top of mine but alas i strolled into the office and everyone went agog and kept calling me FAT!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL they should not worry very soon they'll eat their words...

I ate moin moin today it was quite nice and even though i've been thinking of food all day i've managed not to throw anything into my mouth...

I think i like my doctor...;)

i saw him earlier today and was just grinning from ear to ear. Infact my greetings were stuttered.

what in blazes is wrong with me... LOL

May Mr not catch me!!!!!

Today's been mostly dry... nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The car dealer called though, he says i might be getting a black car.

Woulda preferred another colour though, but hey it'll just have to do ;)

Monday, 8 June 2009

No rice .... Day 1

It's the first day of my "no rice" week...
So far so good
I feel all the fat coming off already ;)
Though i gobbled up loads of rice last night, just to sustain myself sha ;)
Kai the weight must go after all this suffering oh.
i think in my former life i musta been a rice weevil because that's my staple diet!!!!!!!!
Rice, rice and more rice:)
and in addition to losing weight i wanna discover the other Nigerian or even foreign foods that exist...
I need suggestions/ ideas people ;)
I tried today oh, i went to Ghana high and i didn't buy rice. I actually bought beans and dodo
though the beans tasted yucky sha but i ate it all the same.
Hope i won't lose all the weight and husband will nack me another belle immediately oh
anyway no comments...
The young man Ayobami is finally moving in his walker now, though only backwards but he's sha moving sha..
Before he'd sit in it and just cry and cry... LOL
My week has started off quite nicely
I did some "home improvement" over the weekend. I even bought a cactus plant for my balcony.
what i really wanted was a puppy but my landlord won't allow... so the cactus is my pet for now ;0
My only prayer is that it won't die before next weekend when i'll have time to water to it...LOL
I'm off to finish off my beans and dodo....

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Randoms(as usual LOL)

Don't know what's wrong with this yeye blogger i've been trying to no avail to post a post since all these days and it's been misbehaving...

Hope this one goes through sef..

Smallie started crawling oh, i almost burst into tears when he did.

Husband of course ruined the moment by shouting that can't i see the boy heading for wire that i'm standing there doing/saying "he's crawling, he's crawling"

Oh well....

men and their ***issues***

Is it just me or how come i'm suddenly more tolerant and loving towards my hussie?

Just happens that at this time he has just deposited for my motor :D

Women are materialistic huh?

or maybe it's just wives??????? LOL

I find that since there has been talk about this car i have of my own volition decided to step up my wifely skills just to make Mr continously happy *** ahem***


Anyway life has been good, we got a new boss.

He's a fine young Arab!!! Dresses sharp but English? no comments my good people.

I'm trying to revamp my home...

Barely did up the place since i married and had the baby etc etc

I need ideas please!!!!

For one, i have been sifting through my wedding presents and trying to get rid of junk in my kitchen. Is it compulsory to have matching mugs and plates?

Next week in a bid to lose some more weight( i dropped off the bandwagon people, now i'm serious about it LOL)

anyway in a bid to shed this now famous weight, next week i'm not going to eat any RICE!!!!!!!!!! or drink any COKE!!!!!!!

So help me GOD~!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just typed a long post and this STUUUUPPPIIIDDDDD blogger of course didn't save or publish it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


This is the fourth time I’m typing this post...

This yeye blogger something is just refusing to publish it!!!!!

It doesn't even save so i have to keep typing over and over again...

Loud hiss!!!!!!!!


That's us loving ourselves :D

I caught Ayobami playing with his peepee the other day


Told him to "come on stop that" and he started giggling

The bugger

Hope he doesn't turn it into a habit oh LOL

What a week last week was, we spent the whole time in hospital... Smallie had malaria and a viral infection...

I learnt that sleeping on a "student mattress" with an infant is not fun i can assure you...

I also learnt how silly footbal can turn men into!!!!

Our room mate's daddy was watching a match...

Chelsea and Barcelona i believe

I even took his son off him so he won't kick the boy from all the excitement

all i know is one minute he was VEEERRRY happy

Next thing the room went silent


I saw tears as in water well up in Daddy's eyes

I thought it was a joke....

Water in the eyes ke??????????

Because of football????????

O ma ga oh...

Apparently Chelsea lost at the last minute hence the tears....


And they say WE are the emotional ones!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Random wonderings

Thought of something i really wanted to blog about today

Alas i've forgotten what it is LOL

However i was wondering why folks (around here especially)start sentences with "sorry oh" do you bla bla bla or "sorry oh" please can you bla bla bla

Must be the same reason people ask you to "dress" when they want you to scooch(move) over.

I just wonder sha

I'm missing my son, been gazing at his pictures all day...

we haven't been spending so much time together his grandma is around so i try to share him and not cling to him too much when i'm home.**Can't wait for their visit to be over*** so we can resume our love ;)...

Heard the boy whining in his sleep last night, he must've been hungry and of course i was FAST ASLEEP

Managed to feed him with my eyes and his of course still closed...

Must every mum with an infant ALWAYS be sleep deprived??????????

It's been quite a week(already abi)

I'm ... deprived as well.

i feel like i'm malfunctioning....

Kai what the heck have i just typed LOL

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What is your occupation??????

I know when we were small the answer to this question was really simple




For some people it was even




LOL etc etc

But you see these days when i'm filling a form and i have to fill in occupation i just quietly write "Telecomms" but really really that is not an occupation now.


So you now what is your occupation???????

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Escalators and other matters!!!!!

Yesterday i was at MM2

The place is quite fine, quite a far far cry from the former local airport.

Infact see the name sef "local airport"

Anyway this MM2 is really really cool not totally like Heathrow or JFK but well on the way to being there..

Even the toilets


Anyway i hopped on the escalator in my heels and immediately

Remembered ....

The first time after a long time i hopped on an esclalator!!!!

In this Lagos for that matter...

I have vague memories of getting on them at the kingsway or Bhojsons stores downtown Lagos

But those stores had long closed down so of course no escalator rides for me until this particular day...

I went to see some toaster of mine, in fact in my mind we were dating but apparently he defined the association as something else(story for another day)

anyway i wore my bestest suit and bestest heels to go and see this fellow

Tis not easy to be seeing a banker now. Abi?

we sha reached the office some place in VI and he came out to meet me... we chat small and he says "ok come on in "

He hops on the escalator and for the life of me i'm clueless as to whether i'm supposed to get on immediately or wait for the "thing" to drop him and come back and pick me...

He is chatting on assuming i'm behind him!!!

As soon as i see him trying to turn and ask me a question(i think) i quickly hop on ...

Of course in my haste to avoid being "disgraced" yours truly drops her ID card and almost sliced my fingers in the process...

Then i'm holding the railings till the bugger says " Fluffy can you see that driver holding the railings??????? Bush woman"

So i let go and i'm praying in my heart that this 2 minute ride will soon come to an end.... at the top of the thing, i hop off and miss my step etc etc

God sha saved me, i no break teeth....

We talk for a bit and i need to take my leave (he's at work after all)

The ride downstairs was excrutiating.

Yours trulyt missed my step while getting on and was balancing precariously at the edge of the thing for most of the "journey"

I know at some point i felt something hook my shoe but fear no even gree me look down...

As we "disembarked" i thanked God for seeing me through and as i took a step forward i realised i had a


Chai the heel of my shoe na im break that time....

If the ground could have opened i for happily dive enter am.... LOL

By this time i don dey sweat...

"Darling" was still talking ,of course i heard nothing he said... I promptly limped to a wall (made sure he didn't notice) and stood like an idiot with my shoe(the broken one) touching the wall and kept making small talk and hoping darling would go away oh.

Darling no gree comot oh LOL

Then some chick i knew strolled by. ordinarily I would've walked to her to say hello, people i pammed against the wall till SHE came from her somewhat far distance to greet me oh!!!

Eventually sha, darling said he had to go and went away...

I watched him disappear on the evil esca.... wetin call before i turned and left ohh...

Kai the walk down the street was long, with those stupid okada laughing at me and saying all sorts of nonsense...


Worse still of course i had no money for cab and still had to take bus home with my LIMP


Monday, 16 March 2009

Kidnap attempt

What a weekend i had!!!

Planned to exercise on Saturday morning but that was saboteured sorry sabotaged by an emergency i had!!!
My dog was kidnapped.
I kid you not, he actually went missing for days and had apparently been nabbbed by some fellow for the purpose of crossing his female doggie.
Anyway, we- my friend, brother and I went to see the guy to collect our dog back. He gave us some cock and bull story and sha refused to give us back our thing. we sha spoke plenty Turanci and he clearly saw how the dog was hovering around us and licking us etc before he says ok, he'll take us to where he got the dog from.
meanwhile my brother marched the traitor of a dog to his real home!!!!
The bugger like a typical guy was drooling after pussy LOL
We arrived at the supposed owner of dog's shack and he takes us to another fellow called Murphy who we met jogging!!!
Summary of the talk with Murphy is below...
Murphy says he's been taking care of the dog for the past three months and that in fact the dog doesnt eat "anyhow" foods i.e he has invested in the dog.
I'm like story the dog has only been missing for a few days but we thank you for caring for him anyway...
So he says to tell the 1st supposed owner what we wanna do that he is busy...
Of course i told the guy i'll send him a recharge card at my convenience and give him my no. He said he had no phone (or something of the sort)
Big mistake....
he calls me later in the day to say Murphy's threatening him etc
So i say no shakes....
Ask Murphy to meet me in front of "Area F" police station
Of course the bugger hasn't called me since then.
Believe it or not ....
The bugger of a dog has managed to find his way back to where the female dog lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The joys of owning a MALE DOG!!!!!
Bloody prick LOL

Friday, 13 March 2009

Impressive huh?

Well i must say i did miss you :*

My blog that is ;)

My enemies were at it...

Internet access was taken off at work , luckily some oga "intervened" and here we are again today!!!

Nevertheless my weight loss battle has continued

Not as rigid as it shoulda been but i tried sha and i squeezed into my old size 12 trouser and top yesterday and today....

I'm still nervous about stepping onto a scale, i cannot bear the discouragement that comes with not having lost 5 kg over the past 2 weeks!!! LOL

I've been quite good though, haven't even had a soft drink for 2 weeks or more and late night eating is ALMOST eradicated.

This weekend i'm going to really really try to break my addiction to rice!!!!!!!!!

I "behaved" quite well during that party weekend oh. Didn't eat so much even though there was lots to eat!!

Been drinking more fluids though and haven't eaten sausage rolls for some time (i'm not saying more than that please) LOL

Squeezed my smallie into buba and sokoto this morning, he looked quite a sight, unfortunately he didn't stay still for a picture...

we'll try another photo session when we wear buba and sokoto next Friday ;)

Poor boy he'll be wondering why his mum is wearing him all these big big clothes LOL

what a week, spent most of it just sleeping and sleeping i tell you...

Need to go and see what's been happening be back soon

Friday, 6 March 2009

Can't say i wasn't warned actually!!!!

I remember when i first had my baby

One of my well wishers who called had said i was "welcome' into the world of trying to bring out offering from your bag and instead pulling out a rattle or bib and i had quite a good laugh thinking "such errant nonsense"


I arrived work today and opened my bag only to find a BIB staring at me!!!!!!!!

Thank God i didn't even pull out the thing sef....

God knows how the thing even waka reach there sef LOL

Ah the "travails" of motherhood

Diet is going on rather SLOWLY

Yesterday i had 2 cups of tea and salad for breakfast
2 pepper soup bowls(qty wise) of vegetables and rice for lunch
and 2 small slices of yam and eggs for dinner

So far so good...

I'm always hungry now though!!!!!!!!!

This morning i've had one cup of milo for breakfast

and now i'm having bread and butter for lunch!!!!!!

It's a party weekend this weekend and i'm really hopeful that i'll be strong enough to WATCH and even AVOID eating unhealthy grubs etc. And stick to my smaller portions etc etc

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day 3

It's the third day and i'm actually beginning to "enjoy" this whole weight loss meme

My lunch yesterday was Fruit n Fibre cereal

and dinner (though i still had to eat late due to the amount of chores i had to complete) was small rice( ok yes i broke my committment) and plenty vegetables +fish. Had one piece of meat too sha

I guess next time i'll have the starchy food for lunch ;)

Today i have reduced the sausages from four to three :D and i had a scotch egg

For lunch ( to make everyone happy) i am having beans and plantain

For dinner i propose to have custard.

But then man proposes and God disposes LOL

Yesterday for exercise i walked uphill to my office car park which is like a few buildings away and ON TOP of a three/four storey building.

i was gasping by the time i reached my motor sef :D

Today i hope to be home early so i can at least skip!!!!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed sha.

Did i mention that my start off weight is 84kg and i'm headed to 70kg.

which i suppose should give me an ideal BMI of below 25?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Gosh!!! You are fat!!!!!!

So so tired of hearing that i tell you...

Sincerely i have grown "bigger"

And so i'm dieting and infact i'm doing a 21 days challenge of "healthy" eating and "rigourous" exercise

i started on Monday

So far i have been most UNSUCCESSFUL

Yesterday my meals were as follows

Breafast : 5 Bread rolls + akara

Lunch : Small rice + fish/ 2 puff puff(s)

Dinner: Rice and beef

Today so far,

Breakfast : 4 sausage rolls and 2 doughnuts

And i really wanna lose weight huh?

I have identified a major challenge to be my daily consumption of rice!!!

I eat it EVERYDAY.

So i have decided that i will not eat rice for the next THREE (3) days and see if some fat will be burned off

Another saboteur of my weight matter is that i eat late at night...

So now i have to look for grubs that will be healthy and i can eat for dinner

As for exercise ....


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Na wa

Been wondering how my smallie is supposed to add any weight at all considering that his mummy has drank/slurped/licked/eaten (Vera see what you've caused now) most of his Cerelac...

Kai the thing sweet oh!!!

I've spent most of today nursing a running stomach....

Must be my punishment for stealing out of my baby's grub LOL

He gave me another scare over the weekend

Saw some blood like stains in his diaper....

Rushed to doctor who calmly told me the boy just needs to drink more water.

Apparently his urine had become so concentrated it had crystalizz/ssed. Hence the stains in his "pampers" LOL

I have bought ribena to help US BOTH on this "increase fluid intake" challenge.

my weight seems to have come off a bit, i managed to squeeze into an old dress of mine for a wedding on Saturday. Fine my boobs were all still squeezed and all but alas, i was in the dress!!!!

What a day, i look quite hawt in my new white skirt today ;0

This is plus all the nodding off i've been doing on my desk all week.

My smallie now has a new habit of not sleeping from about 3am till dawn. Last night he was actually kicking me so i couldn't even ignore the bugger LOL

I'm striving towards achieving a complete home/work balance.

I haven't got a maid at the moment so i'm juggling being a maid/driver for myself plus worker.

I also function as cook and wife plus mom too.

Ko easy rara

Not sure what i'm typing anymore my eyes have started to close again

Good bye biko

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Peek- a -boo



That's Ayobami, playing peek- a boo- on his Daddy's back!!!!!!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Do not plan bad bad things for your spouse!!!

My hussie upset me like 2 days back.....

He shouted at me. LOL

Throughout yesterday i refused to speak to him even though he made a miniscule effort at apologising...

(Don't know why men can't just say they are sorry!!!)

Anyway i thought of the perfect revenge and decided that...

I will make yam pottage for dinner

Knowing fully well that he DISLIKES yam

Especially when it is served for dinner(he believes it should only be eaten(worst case scenario) at/for breakfast.

I stopped off after work, to buy ugwu just for garnishing the pottage and to pretend i was making a special meal for him ;)

I got home quite exhausted, parked and carried baba kekere upstairs plus like four bags and our laundry etc etc only to realise the keys weren't in my bag.

Came back downstairs and searched the car frantically for another like half hour, still no key.

Finally was forced to call husband(whom i had refused to speak to all day) to see if he was on his way home etc etc

Meanwhile i sat in the car,praying mosquitoes wouldn't destroy my poor son's American skin ;)

My neighbour came back from work and moi plus baba kekere went to chill in her crib. We were there till like 10pm when hussie finally came.

He had been stuck in traffic.

Of course by this time, it was too late to start making any nonsense pottage and i was so "happy" to see Mr, that my revenge plans were immediately thwarted!!! :D

I made him eba and he cleaned his plate"happily"!!!

You won't believe i got to work this morning and looked in that cubicle(not the glove compartment) the one underneath the radio space and there was THE SAID MISSING KEY STARING AT ME!!!!!!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I'm in a real dilema!!!!!

Saw my vet, sorry my dog's vet :D the other day, and he told me my doggie looks bereaved...

I mean of all the words in the dictionary "bereaved" loun loun LOL

Anyway it then dawned on me that perhaps i really cannot keep the doggie anymore!!!

Story is that the doggie was given to me by my ex for christmas a few years back..

Alas i did not marry that ex(story of my life abi? ;) and the dilema is

1. My hussie does not really really like pets i.e dogs

2. We live in a house with other tenants who may or may not appreciate living with an animal

3. Were i to even insist on moving the doggie in, i would have to accomodate him on the balcony which just won't do

4. Our landlord has stated expressly and categorically that he does not like pets!!!!

5. My mum and other occupants of her house are not really really able to show the dog as much affection as i showed it, thus he is being neglected :(

6. I have a baby now and thus less free time

Not like i don't like sorry love the doggie anymore but there's just so little time to partake in "extra curricular activities" ;) these days.

So now i am thinking of SELLING the dog, i should make about 20-25000 bucks if i do.

That's quite some money if you ask me sha LOL

But i feel so wracked with guilt i just don't know what to do!!!!

Monday, 2 February 2009


... wanting to blog about so MANY things

But i just can't seem to find the words right now.

For a start i've resumed work and right now i'm really wishing i could resign and be a housewife!!!

Mehn i'm sleepy, and missing my long long hours in bed with my smallie so much!!!

Everyone's commnenting on my weight!! Trust people to rub in your sore points!!!

Na dem know jare :D

Lemme try and settle in be back soon :-*

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This new year....

Help me oh!!!
I’m back to my pregnancy weight!!!
Caught a glimpse of myself naked in the mirror and thought “ chei wetin be this”
My hips are A-line like all those market women and I have arms that actually vibrate when I stretch them out, Christian mother arms I think that’s what they’re called lol
My tummy at nine months didn’t even jut out like it’s looking now L
Got on the scale a few days later and alas I’m back to my weight as at the day I had my baby!!!!!!!
I really need help, I don’t even know where to start from to shed all this weight.
I have resumed aerobics class but that’s only on Saturday mornings, then I’ve kinda stopped having proper dinner I just try to stick with custard or pap.
The only exercise I get to do around the house is cleaning, cleaning, washing clothes, plates, scraping shaki, waiting on baby, serving daddy in the kitchen and the room ;) etc etc
I resume work in like 2 weeks and I need to resume looking like a chica ;)
God help me oh…


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!