Monday, 16 March 2009

Kidnap attempt

What a weekend i had!!!

Planned to exercise on Saturday morning but that was saboteured sorry sabotaged by an emergency i had!!!
My dog was kidnapped.
I kid you not, he actually went missing for days and had apparently been nabbbed by some fellow for the purpose of crossing his female doggie.
Anyway, we- my friend, brother and I went to see the guy to collect our dog back. He gave us some cock and bull story and sha refused to give us back our thing. we sha spoke plenty Turanci and he clearly saw how the dog was hovering around us and licking us etc before he says ok, he'll take us to where he got the dog from.
meanwhile my brother marched the traitor of a dog to his real home!!!!
The bugger like a typical guy was drooling after pussy LOL
We arrived at the supposed owner of dog's shack and he takes us to another fellow called Murphy who we met jogging!!!
Summary of the talk with Murphy is below...
Murphy says he's been taking care of the dog for the past three months and that in fact the dog doesnt eat "anyhow" foods i.e he has invested in the dog.
I'm like story the dog has only been missing for a few days but we thank you for caring for him anyway...
So he says to tell the 1st supposed owner what we wanna do that he is busy...
Of course i told the guy i'll send him a recharge card at my convenience and give him my no. He said he had no phone (or something of the sort)
Big mistake....
he calls me later in the day to say Murphy's threatening him etc
So i say no shakes....
Ask Murphy to meet me in front of "Area F" police station
Of course the bugger hasn't called me since then.
Believe it or not ....
The bugger of a dog has managed to find his way back to where the female dog lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The joys of owning a MALE DOG!!!!!
Bloody prick LOL

Friday, 13 March 2009

Impressive huh?

Well i must say i did miss you :*

My blog that is ;)

My enemies were at it...

Internet access was taken off at work , luckily some oga "intervened" and here we are again today!!!

Nevertheless my weight loss battle has continued

Not as rigid as it shoulda been but i tried sha and i squeezed into my old size 12 trouser and top yesterday and today....

I'm still nervous about stepping onto a scale, i cannot bear the discouragement that comes with not having lost 5 kg over the past 2 weeks!!! LOL

I've been quite good though, haven't even had a soft drink for 2 weeks or more and late night eating is ALMOST eradicated.

This weekend i'm going to really really try to break my addiction to rice!!!!!!!!!

I "behaved" quite well during that party weekend oh. Didn't eat so much even though there was lots to eat!!

Been drinking more fluids though and haven't eaten sausage rolls for some time (i'm not saying more than that please) LOL

Squeezed my smallie into buba and sokoto this morning, he looked quite a sight, unfortunately he didn't stay still for a picture...

we'll try another photo session when we wear buba and sokoto next Friday ;)

Poor boy he'll be wondering why his mum is wearing him all these big big clothes LOL

what a week, spent most of it just sleeping and sleeping i tell you...

Need to go and see what's been happening be back soon

Friday, 6 March 2009

Can't say i wasn't warned actually!!!!

I remember when i first had my baby

One of my well wishers who called had said i was "welcome' into the world of trying to bring out offering from your bag and instead pulling out a rattle or bib and i had quite a good laugh thinking "such errant nonsense"


I arrived work today and opened my bag only to find a BIB staring at me!!!!!!!!

Thank God i didn't even pull out the thing sef....

God knows how the thing even waka reach there sef LOL

Ah the "travails" of motherhood

Diet is going on rather SLOWLY

Yesterday i had 2 cups of tea and salad for breakfast
2 pepper soup bowls(qty wise) of vegetables and rice for lunch
and 2 small slices of yam and eggs for dinner

So far so good...

I'm always hungry now though!!!!!!!!!

This morning i've had one cup of milo for breakfast

and now i'm having bread and butter for lunch!!!!!!

It's a party weekend this weekend and i'm really hopeful that i'll be strong enough to WATCH and even AVOID eating unhealthy grubs etc. And stick to my smaller portions etc etc

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Day 3

It's the third day and i'm actually beginning to "enjoy" this whole weight loss meme

My lunch yesterday was Fruit n Fibre cereal

and dinner (though i still had to eat late due to the amount of chores i had to complete) was small rice( ok yes i broke my committment) and plenty vegetables +fish. Had one piece of meat too sha

I guess next time i'll have the starchy food for lunch ;)

Today i have reduced the sausages from four to three :D and i had a scotch egg

For lunch ( to make everyone happy) i am having beans and plantain

For dinner i propose to have custard.

But then man proposes and God disposes LOL

Yesterday for exercise i walked uphill to my office car park which is like a few buildings away and ON TOP of a three/four storey building.

i was gasping by the time i reached my motor sef :D

Today i hope to be home early so i can at least skip!!!!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed sha.

Did i mention that my start off weight is 84kg and i'm headed to 70kg.

which i suppose should give me an ideal BMI of below 25?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Gosh!!! You are fat!!!!!!

So so tired of hearing that i tell you...

Sincerely i have grown "bigger"

And so i'm dieting and infact i'm doing a 21 days challenge of "healthy" eating and "rigourous" exercise

i started on Monday

So far i have been most UNSUCCESSFUL

Yesterday my meals were as follows

Breafast : 5 Bread rolls + akara

Lunch : Small rice + fish/ 2 puff puff(s)

Dinner: Rice and beef

Today so far,

Breakfast : 4 sausage rolls and 2 doughnuts

And i really wanna lose weight huh?

I have identified a major challenge to be my daily consumption of rice!!!

I eat it EVERYDAY.

So i have decided that i will not eat rice for the next THREE (3) days and see if some fat will be burned off

Another saboteur of my weight matter is that i eat late at night...

So now i have to look for grubs that will be healthy and i can eat for dinner

As for exercise ....



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!