Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sweating it out for your beloved.....

My post is inspired by the fact that i had to sweat over a pot of amala for my beloved on Sunday


I have begun to ponder on whether a man's assertiveness on his Africanism* is directly or indirectly related to his socio-economic power or otherwise.

I will explain further!

Sometimes i see glamorous pictures of  weddings with pretty brides and equally handsome grooms on and the likes.Many of these weddings are also of people i like to describe as rich some noveau rich(whatever that means lol)... Anyway sometimes when i see how pepperless* these brides look i sometimes wonder and ask myself if their husbands expect them to turn amala or semo or wheat or pound yam for them.

After all it is widely believed and said that African men including their  Nigerian counterparts  like their spouses to sweat it out in the kitchen for them!

I was chatting with a rich* male friend of mine and somewhere in the gist, he mentioned having a cook. He didn't seem to mind that someone else was making his meals. whereas on forums like facebook and nairaland you hear the men* going on and on about how their wives must make and serve their meals and the women too go on and on about how no maid(cook) can cook or serve their husbands etc etc .... Could this be because they cannot currently afford a cook?

I find wealthier men generally more tolerant of modern ways of living in marriage e.g some can fix their meals themselves, perhaps care*(change diapers, feed with bottles etc ) for their little ones should the need arise and there is no domestic help around to do it than their counterparts with not as much economic power....

And now i'm wondering is it the level of wealth of a Nigerian/African man that makes them more accepting of all the modern ways of doing stuff?

Or is it not???????

Some food for thought!



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!