Thursday, 15 April 2010

My son....

... is turning out a bit too African for me LOL

I just caught him crushing a chicken bone now and only aunty Afro do i know in the whole wide world that can do such an african thing LOL

The other day i gave him chips which he just kept spitting out so i quietly made eba and you need to see the quantity he consumed!!!!

What an african boy LOL

His vocabulary is getting better though.... at least when you ask "how're you?" he responds with "mine" and he says "memen" at the right time during prayers... he's learning alleluia now....

His favourite word though is NOOOOOOOOOOO which he says no matter the question asked... i just tire.

He also has a cockroach chasing hobby, i mean the other day we saw a roach and i took off while he scampered after the thing to catch it LOL i was quite ashamed of myself to say the least :D

so now what do we do about this his africannness ehn?

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Old fashioned but happy?

i'm staying at my brother's for a while....

And i find something quite amusing which he and his wife have practised for as long as i can remember. They're young both less than fourty but they address each other as Mummy A and Daddy B!!!

Now it's funny to me because i know no one else in this generation who does that. Infact when he calls her, she says sahhhhhh LMAO.

sillier i assume but i find one thing they have a peaceful marriage. Sure there must be other factors that contribute to the happiness and tranquility (even though i find it keeps me kinda edgy... it's too quiet and stiff LOL) in their home but could that be a major contributor????????

That men like to be so respected????????

I call my hubby by name and all my friends do too. None has been disrespectful to him but i have been rude to him several times and though i'm ashamed to say this even in their presence....

i was younger in the marriage then and didn't know better and obviously we were going through rough patches.

But recently a close friend's behaviour to him and some comments that she has made have got me brooding...

Respect really really does have to be given to the man.

But then must i call him daddy?????????


Everything just tire me sha!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!