Monday, 23 February 2015

These Monday meetings sef !

Sometimes i feel like i work in a government agency kai....

When i first joined this organisation, i watched with amusement as one particular HOD would call for meetings with his team daily to discuss the most random subjects. Eventually the fellow was sacked because it was discovered his output wasn't that much after all. While i'm not gloating i have always felt it was a waste of time to have physical gatherings on every official subject.

I mean this guy once called a meeting with his staff to discuss the fact that he had asked one of his team members to review a document i was working on. I didn't have the luxury of time for his extensive and unnecessarily long/bogus review of the document and sent it off to the customer who was expecting it. It was a generic document i just had to edit it and make minor changes. As such he called a meeting to discuss that.....

Imagine the sheer waste of time that could have been better used, even if just viewing Bella Naija LOL

Anyway since the fellow left the meetings have kinda reduced or rather sometimes take a less formal outlook. My MD would set up a committee to decide whether or not to buy laptops for staff. We would have several discussions just on a random subject which can be resolved via mail in my opinion....

Today like most Mondays we are in management meeting which could span the whole day!!!!! I get tired honestly.

The part that wears me out is when my boss starts asking one committee or the other to address certain issues this is a Management team of less than 15. Half the said committees constitute the same human beings who are in this Management team oh.

Now we want to make a decision and someone here is asking a committee to meet and revert with thier findings. Of course that delays the decision by another few days...

I wonder if anyone else is enjoying these meetings in thier own office?!

A friend of mine who also has many meetings like this at least gets doughnuts with the coffee and/or tea being served


Friday, 13 February 2015


I didn't realise i had stayed away for so long...

Life and it's many ups and downs...

The year has been a myriad of many events so far. I finally started on the "starting over" meme.  I've stopped worrying over why some of my friends have moved on for eg. Even i have now moved on :D

I have also got the house re-painted. Didn't quite get the colours i had initially hoped to do, but the place is sha painted and its much nicer to the eyes. It's such a relief, cant believe i allowed my living conditions to deteriorate so badly... This weekend i'd start up on accessories and just generally making it neater.

Some pictures should be available soon *winks*

I'm also beginning to consider following better routines/schedules/structures for the children. I have left living life properly for too long. Better late than never i suppose.

Some sad news popped up earlier this week, a dear friend of mine was widowed. Quite shocking and unexpected. Poor girl has had quite her fair share of tragedy in this life. God have mercy on us. I guess these are some of the issues that come with being adults. Her toddler is quite oblivious to what's going on and it makes me even more sorry for her.

Didn't sleep well, this nepa people are really taking the piss..... africa is a hot place abeg!

Just rambling.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;)


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!