Thursday, 21 October 2010

i really wonder....

i heard the other day that a former colleague of mine is separated from her husband....

I was shocked. While the whole thing may not have been perfect they did look like they were getting on fine(from the outside)

The husband lost his job and naturally this put a strain on them emotionally and perhaps otherwise...

Now while i dont have all the details or first hand info i heard the marriage crashed for the following reason( and possibly some others too)!!!

Wife is a british citizen and husband asked/requested/pleaded(whatever he sha did) asked her to file for him so he could share this benefit too. Maybe it was the way he asked i dont know but babe sha insinuated that , it may have been for this reason he married her!!!!

Like i said i dont have first hand info, but surely there's no smoke without fire. the story may be true.....

My concern is this, assuming the story is true:

  • Was husband wrong to ask his wife to file for him?
  • Is he thus a gold digger?
  • should the matter have degenerated this much?
  • Is wife right on her assumptions?
  • In an ideal situation should the wife have filed for him as her dearly wedded husband?
Truly i wonder.........

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I will not smack Ayobami...

....this week!!!!


I was recently reviewing my disciplinary measures and felt that perhaps i was using the rod(my hands) too much on the individual.

So i decided to try an "i will not smack Ayobami" week. It's now Day four and i've been mostly successful even this morning when he tried to pluck out his brother's eye with an umbrella i only asked him to face the wall!!!!

I've hit his hand/butt only twice all week!!!!

I must admit he seems better behaved and hasnt been beating people like he normally would have, it makes me wonder or rather question our Nigerian upbringing(i assume the average nigerian has experience smacking/flogging/beating by parents and adults generally) is it a good idea?

perhaps because he gets smacked ever so often is the reason he seems to constantly be hitting people both his peers and adults alike!!! I understand that toddlers generally have "hitting/fighting" tendencies but could i have unknowingly endorsed it to my little boy?

How else can they be disciplined though? the naughty corner and face the wall punishments are working well for now sha

I dont intend to completely stop smacking the young man though but maybe now it'll be few and far between....

Friday, 1 October 2010

Mummy drama

Ayobami just went for his first sleep over. i miss him already. Crap!!! they just left 10 minutes ago...

Maybe i should just go and bring him back!!!!

You'd think i'd be happy for the peace and quiet...

Will probably lay here all night wondering if his blanket was placed over him properly...


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!