Friday, 29 July 2016

Lots and lots to say!

Kai this my old age belle na wa oh!

i'm literally at my wits ends just waiting for baby to pop!. I'm so so bored and my phone plus ipad have decided to stop functioning. this is me who isn't working at the moment. Over and above the lecture i got from mr on how wasteful i am *rolls eyes*

The economy is bringing out all sorts of sides from everyone. Don't completely blame him his plate and hands truly are full right now!

We are moving homes soon, i'm looking forward to starting life afresh. the neighbourhood is sort of rural though but i will do all i can to make me and the boys comfy. we will have to look for creative ways to entertain ourselves....

A couple of my friends spent hundreds of thousands fixing curtains for their homes just the living room oh! I was sure at the time they were just being extravagant. This shall not be my portion..... Mine had better cost far less oh!

I'm torn between looking for employment once i have the baby or staying home for at least a year to care properly for the children. Don't even want a maid for now, all that talking i did with my last maid has worn me out. So help me God, the bright side of having a baby and doing all the chores and cooking alone is the attendant weight loss. I'm just going to have to plan, prioritise and be organised.

Two of my former colleagues were found to be involved in a huge fraud/scam. The amounts involved are millions of naira. I had always known they were shady characters but my boss isn't one to approach with such suspicions and besides one of the people was literally his heartthrob. He would practically have an orgasm just calling the fellow's name :D! one of my concerns on the subject is how these fellows would relay the incident and subsequent loss of jobs to their wives. One has even fled abroad!  i imagine them saying things like "honey i did it for the family" or "i'm sorry"? Really i wonder sha. then the wife is she supposed/expected to quit the marriage? Or support as in for better for worse. Then again the wives involved did enjoy the proceeds of the fraud. i'm sure they both knew their husbands were spending and living far above their means. Abi could they have not known?

One of the highlights* of this fraud case for me is the overall boss and the finance people. You should see them scrutinizing one thousand naira expenses and generally monitoring the usage of morning fresh/handwash/toilet roll in the office. Meanwhile millions of cash were being stolen over a period of a year and they had no damn clue!!!!!!

Let me split this my gist into two.... Will be back soon;)


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!