Wednesday, 30 January 2008

This abroad life sha....

As i'm wont to do most times, i observe my surroundings with astute intrigue and a bit of mischief....

I see all sorts and i never cease to be amazed

It's the reason why today as i stepped onto a Zebra crossing i marvelled at oyinbo people once again...

I mean they didn't even need a police man to tell them to stop for me to cross when they did

In my dear Naija, many a pedestrian would have been confined to a wheel chair or maybe even dead when "wicked" and sometimes even stupid Naija motorists would refuse to pause so people can cross!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as i tried to get off the ferry later on, i saw that even oyinbo get some stupid peculiarities too!!! i cannot understand why they all scramble for the door of the ship before the thing comes to a halt.

Today na only me siddon oh, so tey i come begin wonder whether we don reach our destination. of course in my bid to "join the crowd" na so i nearly nack teeth for ground :D LOL

I have shed so much weight since i got here, na so so to dey waka we just dey for this place. I mean no okadas or cabs to call. And times without number my silly friend (who happily is in Naija now ;) makes me run after buses and trains....

All that compulsory exercise it's amazing how anyone in this town has fat on their body i tell you....

Getting lost is another favourite of mine.

Every trip i make to "the abroad" comprises of at least five incidents of getting lost.

The last time it happened, i entered lift from one place to another, rigmarouled for over 2 hours, couldn't reach my friend on phone!!!!

Thankfully gbomogbomo no dey here, i for don be their victim (God forbid)

My random musings for the day

"Cheers mate "

Monday, 28 January 2008

Those who have heads....

..... do not have caps and those who have caps do not have heads!!!!
......Yoruba Proverb

So my very good friend rings me a few days ago to report his wife for the upteenth time...

Story is this, they've been married almost a year and he's totally smitten by her. She seems in love too or so it seemed.

Anyway she gets an opportunity to go off to Czechoslovakia to study and work, some HSMP type arrangement and he encourages her to go. The deal they had is if in a year things aren't as planned she returns and they live happily ever after.

Simple enough yeah?

Now after months and months of paying school fees over and over he finally gets her to explain this "Masters" degree she's acquiring from the abroad. Turns out she's only in " Pre-degree" apparently our Bscs and B.As from Africa don't amount to much in Europe and she has to not only start under grad again but she even has to do Pre-degree(equivalent of remedial in Naija). This is a degree holder oh.

Anyway boy says he's not doing again, make she dey come back even though the one year agreement never reach.

Na so babe vex oh, say she no fit come back to Nigeria and that stupid Nepa!!!

At this point, he reported to me (i'm a marriage counsellor of sorts- Afro common close ya mouth LOL).... So i say the normal be patient etc that is expected of me....

She reports to her folks who have the impudence to tell the boy that he shouldn't have allowed the chick go if he was going to change his mind etc and that it's only a few years he should let her finish.

At this point no one is thinking of the fact that one Lagos desperado chick can move in with the guy and enjoy the 'darkness' caused by nepa with him oh....

or worse still they can fall out of love with each other

which is happening right now anyway

They hardly talk and when they do it's just the obligatory "how're u?" etc

So i decide to wade in

and make an international call to the Czech republic....

Conversation was quite as i expected, girl says " ehn she will come home now, sebi the boy has said she should come...
Sha i'm trying to make her see reason as per isn't the marriage important to her bla bla bla

Then she says the most important thing to her is the future of her kids and she wants to give them the best...

So i say " but that's possible in Naija now"

and she kills me by saying that " Naija with bad roads and no light"

At this point i'm almost dropping phone!!!

can you imagine...

She has forgotten that she cannot give any children good future in Czechoslovakia if she no get husband.

I mean what kind of thinking is that???????????

You no wan come meet your husband because of bad roads and Nepa

Orisirisi i tell you

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Here we go again.....

I like this one....

Seems weird

Not even sure why

Just following my heart....

And just happy going with the flow

No apparent flaws for now, it's been six weeks and i'm still on a high

Keeping my fingers strongly crossed on this one

Wish me luck peeps ;)

Friday, 18 January 2008

Still fuming here

This yeye blog sef....

I'm on vacation and i've been away from my blog and finally i got the opportunity to come back on and sat down and typed and typed and typed only for the stupid thing to all just disappear....

I'm so ticked off!!!

And to think i had missed the yeye blog....

Loud hiss....

Let me sha go and try and remember all i had written before....


...... typed a really long and nice post,

then hit publish and the whole thing disappears???????????????????

Loud hiss

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

One of my many random thoughts

Should we close our eyes when kissing?

And why?

Does it make it more romantic or that's how they do in the movies and thus the way it should be?

Just wondering.....

I keep my eyes wide open while kissing by the way ;)

(This is the height of joblessness and so early in the year too, when everyone is busy being philosophical about the new year and stuff huh!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sights and sounds from.....

...... Benue

where they have "AUTOPEDIC" clinics and their salons offer "MEDICURE and PEDICURE"

I had a good vacation, went touring Nigeria;)


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!