Monday, 29 August 2016

Accepting just as it is?

My sister sent me a random message today! The message was disjointed and just fueled my annoyance a bit.

It was a supposedly congratulatory message even though the word congratulations didn't feature in it! Three weeks after my little one arrived. Am i such a bad sibling?

The relationship has been strained for years i admit. I have my shortcomings but the gap has largely stemmed from her not accepting her wrong doing and insisting she didn't behave so badly. Unfortunately my other siblings haven't been so vocal on the subject. I have and i have even attempted several reconciliatory meetings. I gave up after the last one where she kept her nose in the air and still kept justifying her actions!!!!

I feel disappointed particularly in the light of the many sacrifices i made for her over the years. Again i'm sure along the way i probably had a few slip ups to. And i have apologised for as many as i have remembered.

Her husband said to me once that she feels aggrieved on some matters and i asked him how i was to make ammends if she doesn't bring it to the fore!

my older brother says that we must operate with people on thier level and be accepting of people as they are! So for eg if she insists that on the matter that caused the strain and some of her subsequent actions she is right then we should let it be and operate with her on that level.

So i ask myself, am i supposed to respond to her message and pretend it doesn't upset me????????

Really i feel soooo sooo annoyed here right now!

Again i'm likely to be told to suck it up after all her greeting me or not greeting me doesn't change the price of fish in the market!

But should this be so?????

Phew..... it's all out! Feel better somewhat

Monday, 22 August 2016

My husband!

This economy can just disgrace someone sha! Found myself picking some nail polish in a cheap store and my bill was 5 dollars, my brain somehow converted to naira and i was like "huh three nail polish for N1500*, i'm not buying biko" ... Mcheeewww

May God see us through this period oh! We didn't have a Joseph to dream and warn us of tough times ahead! It is well.

Lemme go onto my husband matters *eyes flutter*

Recently met someone, very nice lady. She's got a great family as well. They've been married for a bit and seem like a regular happy family. What i find intriguing and amusing is the way the wife punctuates her sentences with *my sweerat*! As in we are having a convo and she wants to randomly refer to her mr and where i would say hubby's name she says (for eg) * i was telling my sweerat that we are going to the mall*.Sometimes i find it quite amusing but then i wonder why?. is she trying to affirm to me that she loves her lover???? :D

Another dear friend used to punctuate sentences with my husband when she first got married of course by the time they settled into the marriage and issues of life caught up with them, she changed his name to his name :D

I would call my partner/spouse/boyfriend a pet name only when we are alone or if i'm conversing with him or better still during nooky!!!!

Be like say something dey do me today oh LOL Hmmmmm

I keep wondering what it's like to date a man like Usain Bolt.. you know ;) such strength!!!!!!!

Meanwhile why are female athletes literally naked in their outfits? The same sports their male counterparts are able to cover their privates now. Abi? All their buttocks will just be out there, quite distasteful abeg..

Recently stumbled on one BBC feature/video called Lagos to London, it was published some months back  and though i heard of it, i never got to watch it. Nigerians are trying oh! Almost had headache after watching the thing! Imagine Toke Makinwa spending 5000pounds in one shopping spree! chai. Then some boys talking about thousands of pounds on party!!!!! Where were they when i was single and searching for a man? Couldn't they toast me? Mcheeeewwwww

We are moving homes! really happy at that, quite tired of my present flat especially since i was told that a co-tenant is a *commercial diabolical spiritualist* i.e he offers fetish services to people! I heard he even slaughters birds in his flat... Hian

I'm just happy to be moving abeg, i have small small children who play around the compound. May God protect us all.

Going to finish off my breakfast of oatmeal.... yep trying to be healthy these days :D

Monday, 15 August 2016

Baby news!

Baby's finally here :D

I give God all the glory.

It's a boy, the third boy LOL.

I'm sleep deprived and trying to get the hang of it all again. The past two weeks have been exhilarating. I'm not in my home environment so not as settled as i'd like but still i'm thankful and happy for everything God has blessed me with right now.

I'm giving exclusive breast feeding a trial. Gave it a shot with no 2 but not as seriously as i should have. So help me God this time. I had to give a few ml of formula on day 1 and 2 though because my supply was still low and so on.

I'm calmer this time too and the crying doesn't bother me or i don't feel frustrated. I'm not praying as much as i should but again God will help me, i can only get better. I guess at the time bobo refuses to sleep in the night i better just buckle up on prayers.....

I have also decided to take it easy and not pressure myself unnecessarily so for eg we bathe when we bathe ;) no pressure of baby must be washed day and night.....

Lemme go and check on the small mr!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!