Friday, 21 August 2009

Just ranting!!!

Got some cotton bud stuck in my ear yesterday…

Don’t know why I decided to clean or rather just stick the thing in, in the middle of the night!!!

I poured in water and oil trying to get it out and of course it went in deeper LOL

It was most uncomfortable I tell you…

Ended up in hospital sef…

But at least they got it out.

I surely won’t be cleaning my ears for a few days :D

Ayobami can now clap his hands, plus bite, plus eye people…

Yep eye people…

He just starts batting his eyes furiously like there’s something in it…

Took me a few days to realize that was what he was doing LOL

These are some of the "hazards" of starting school i guess LWKMD

As for the biting it’s deadly I can assure you. He pretends like he’s about to hug/kiss you and of course digs his teeth in and then if you shout…


Starts to cry LOL

Yeye man.

What a week this has been, got a congratulatory message from HR on spending 7years at my place of work….


And to think I wondered how my mum and her colleagues spent 35years working at the same organization…

Na so e kuku sey start...

Time to move oh!!!!


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm a big boy now!!!

The young koko(male for kokolette LOL) has become a … (what is the adult form of kokolette biko?)

Anyway the young man is now all so grown up!!!

Yesterday he discovered the “joys” of sipping juice from a straw… normally we’d use his sippy cup but I just gave it a try and what a sight it was…

My whole chivita was gulped down fast…

Woulda put up a picture but he was holding my hand so tight I couldn’t reach for a camera, and of course in his excitement he was rushing the juice till he started choking and then he threw up ALL the juice

Better luck next time eh?

We can also now climb down from the bed oh!!!
God is truly amazing. That Ayobami can process climbing down from the bed himself????

It’s a sight you need to experience.

First he starts off humming(this is the amusing part, what nonsense is he humming LOL) then he spins so his legs are facing the edge and he keeps sliding and sliding till he’s standing at the edge of the bed!!!!!!!

I mean who taught him these things??????

We’re trying to stand ourselves as well and occasionally he just takes his hand off whatever’s supporting him for a millisecond and he grabs it RIGHT back….

Kai my baby had grown oh!!!

Did I mention he’s started day care? Our nanny quit on us oh so we’re in school now!!!!

He’s the smallest in school and so far so good sha, there have been no mishaps. He’s settling on fine but seems to be the chatterbox in class…

He’s really taking after aunty Afro in that aspect ;)

Anyway I’m just an excited mummy today!!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!