Monday, 22 September 2008

And so the third one finally happened oh!!!

Sometime ago my dear friend afro made sorry propounded a philosopical theory that stated that disasters happen in threes....

You can catch up on that gist here

Because I am her friend i also experienced some of this my friend's theory here ....

Afro says...

As at that time i prayed and like Solomonsydelle even advised i rebuked Afro three times LOL....

So this last weekend i finally managed to get Mr in the sack.

Mr has refused to do since he nacked me belle(that just sounds crass don't it he he he?)

Anyway it's been more or less a tug of war to get him to even sleep any where near my side of the bed :D talk less of to do!!!

So we had a small quarrel and "that" seemed to be the best way to make up!!!

Now, we had some family friend's kids spending the night at ours!!!

I had personally+ by myself seen to it that they were fast asleep before getting into bed etc etc

I was trying to make them more comfortable and thus i didn't lock the door to my room(the room no kuku get lock anyway)

And so....

There was Mr and I finally "about to" get our groove on

When i heard/saw the door spring open and hear some mouse screeching "i cannot sleep or you said that you will sleep with me" or some crap that can only come out of the mouth of a five year old LMAO

I was dazed i couldn't believe it oh!!!! and kai that time it was not funny, i assure you.

Mr, of course jumped up, sprung some clothes on or more like tied the bed cloth on himself and escorted the monkey right back to bed....

we had quite a laugh after but i tell you i was quite red from embarrassment.

Thank God the lights were off!!!!

I was just reminded... LG's post on madness of some very amusing scene i witnessed a few years back :D
So there i was a new corporate executive ;)

Standing on Karimu Kotun street, waiting to buy food from some woman who had nice, hot and cheap rice+meat, dodo, beans (the works;)...

We were quite a mix- drivers, cleaners, office assistants and a few executives like myself (this was before we stepped up to munchies and the likes for breakfast oh LOL)

This guy is hovering around, and i just thought he wanted to buy his breakfast too and just carried on my banter with my colleague who was with me at the time!!!

The seller says to us all "oh please excuse me, let me sort this fellow out and get on with my business"

So she packs rice, fish, maybe plantain sef into a nylon bag and hands it to the fellow....

Apparently he's mad(i'm not sure what politically correct word to use biko). Must be some effect of hard drugs or something, because he's not as dirty looking as they usually are but you'll know he has a problem sha!!!

Then he moves off and walks right back to her shoulder and says " Aunty what of pure water?"

She was so infuriated she grabbed a broom and flung at him raining abuses on him!!!

At this point i start to laugh because if not that he's truly mad how will someone dash you free food and all you have to say is "Aunty what of pure water"

No thank you, nothing, only aunty what of pure water???????



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!