Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Wonder if it's still ok to say "happy new year?"

Happy new year anyway *rolls eyes*

It's only been 24 days and aaaaaalllllll sooooorrrrttts have already happened to me.

I better start it off light.

So the other day, Ayobami opened my drawers (chest of drawers if you may). He pulled out my pink g-strings. As colour was spreading all over my face, he said "Mummy what's this?"

For a few seconds i pondered what to answer, seeing i was tongue tied, he offered an answer "oh its for covering your breast?" i didnt know what else to say so i said yes...

Then he says 'ok lemme wear it then' and he proceeded to place it on his head in an attempt to wear it.

I couldnt take it anymore i grabbed my thing and rushed out of the room

I really need to get my own accomodation in that house.....

On a totally unrelated level, men will always be men sha...

Yesterday i went to buy jollof rice at some place- buka type setting.

Some pretty chick was standing nearby with her friend. Some man was eating at a nearby table...

He says to the pretty gal, oh you look nice or something of the sort. Didnt hear too well i was busy remembering my single days when i used to get all those kinda comments *sighs*

Anyway her friend who wasnt being talked to answered something and the pretty girl too sha answered...

Then she's leaving and says "oh bye we are late for work" (or something of the sort)

Then her friend who once again wasnt being talked to edges her to go back, then she struts back and says "or do you have a card?"

Gosh "okurin sha" (translates men!!!)

The man kuku got up, left his meal unattended and strolls to his motor to give her a card.

I wonder how the transaction has since progressed.....



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!