Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Random wonderings

Thought of something i really wanted to blog about today

Alas i've forgotten what it is LOL

However i was wondering why folks (around here especially)start sentences with "sorry oh" do you bla bla bla or "sorry oh" please can you bla bla bla

Must be the same reason people ask you to "dress" when they want you to scooch(move) over.

I just wonder sha

I'm missing my son, been gazing at his pictures all day...

we haven't been spending so much time together his grandma is around so i try to share him and not cling to him too much when i'm home.**Can't wait for their visit to be over*** so we can resume our love ;)...

Heard the boy whining in his sleep last night, he must've been hungry and of course i was FAST ASLEEP

Managed to feed him with my eyes and his of course still closed...

Must every mum with an infant ALWAYS be sleep deprived??????????

It's been quite a week(already abi)

I'm ... deprived as well.

i feel like i'm malfunctioning....

Kai what the heck have i just typed LOL

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

What is your occupation??????

I know when we were small the answer to this question was really simple




For some people it was even




LOL etc etc

But you see these days when i'm filling a form and i have to fill in occupation i just quietly write "Telecomms" but really really that is not an occupation now.


So you now what is your occupation???????

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Escalators and other matters!!!!!

Yesterday i was at MM2

The place is quite fine, quite a far far cry from the former local airport.

Infact see the name sef "local airport"

Anyway this MM2 is really really cool not totally like Heathrow or JFK but well on the way to being there..

Even the toilets


Anyway i hopped on the escalator in my heels and immediately

Remembered ....

The first time after a long time i hopped on an esclalator!!!!

In this Lagos for that matter...

I have vague memories of getting on them at the kingsway or Bhojsons stores downtown Lagos

But those stores had long closed down so of course no escalator rides for me until this particular day...

I went to see some toaster of mine, in fact in my mind we were dating but apparently he defined the association as something else(story for another day)

anyway i wore my bestest suit and bestest heels to go and see this fellow

Tis not easy to be seeing a banker now. Abi?

we sha reached the office some place in VI and he came out to meet me... we chat small and he says "ok come on in "

He hops on the escalator and for the life of me i'm clueless as to whether i'm supposed to get on immediately or wait for the "thing" to drop him and come back and pick me...

He is chatting on assuming i'm behind him!!!

As soon as i see him trying to turn and ask me a question(i think) i quickly hop on ...

Of course in my haste to avoid being "disgraced" yours truly drops her ID card and almost sliced my fingers in the process...

Then i'm holding the railings till the bugger says " Fluffy can you see that driver holding the railings??????? Bush woman"

So i let go and i'm praying in my heart that this 2 minute ride will soon come to an end.... at the top of the thing, i hop off and miss my step etc etc

God sha saved me, i no break teeth....

We talk for a bit and i need to take my leave (he's at work after all)

The ride downstairs was excrutiating.

Yours trulyt missed my step while getting on and was balancing precariously at the edge of the thing for most of the "journey"

I know at some point i felt something hook my shoe but fear no even gree me look down...

As we "disembarked" i thanked God for seeing me through and as i took a step forward i realised i had a


Chai the heel of my shoe na im break that time....

If the ground could have opened i for happily dive enter am.... LOL

By this time i don dey sweat...

"Darling" was still talking ,of course i heard nothing he said... I promptly limped to a wall (made sure he didn't notice) and stood like an idiot with my shoe(the broken one) touching the wall and kept making small talk and hoping darling would go away oh.

Darling no gree comot oh LOL

Then some chick i knew strolled by. ordinarily I would've walked to her to say hello, people i pammed against the wall till SHE came from her somewhat far distance to greet me oh!!!

Eventually sha, darling said he had to go and went away...

I watched him disappear on the evil esca.... wetin call before i turned and left ohh...

Kai the walk down the street was long, with those stupid okada laughing at me and saying all sorts of nonsense...


Worse still of course i had no money for cab and still had to take bus home with my LIMP



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!