Friday, 22 February 2013

Bits and bobs ..... Part 2

So I've managed to take 30minutes walks like thrice per week for 2 weeks running now! Yay!!! I feel lighter and my body doesn't hurt as much as when I first started it. Next area to make further progress on is in my room, wardrobe has been de-cluttered but the rest of the house is still n bad shape *sighs* I don't even have an excuse. Meanwhile is it ok to put a tiny cactus plant in the toilet?on the WC or In a corner? Would colored pebbles be better? Though that's at the risk of my boys flushing the stones down the toilet LOL there's already a small a basket of pot pourri on the wc by the way. I think it's because I'm watching clean house that I'm having these thoughts today :D That was a few days ago,I'm continuing from where I paused..... I just left one very nice office gosh fine fine boys all over the place *sighs lustily* lol People do the strangest things! I took a cabucabu the other day from Ikeja to Alausa,it cost N70. I asked the driver to take me further for an extra N700, by coincidence a co-passenger was going that way. I said oh we can split he fare after negotiating and the only response she gave was its too expensive. But she didnt get off. When we reached her drop off point she handed me N300, even though it wasn't equally split I didn't mind. Then the cab man says how about the 70bucks for the previous ride. Her response left me and the driver in shock. She said oh that's why she gave me N300. This kain with a fare of N700 for the ride she planned to pay only N230. Mcheeeeewwwww I was so ashamed of her I paid the driver on her behalf. Didn't even catch a glimpse of her face. Yeye gal I feel it was more a case of her being dubious Than actually not having enough to pay. The weight loss matters are progressing nicely, I'm getting more comfortable with reduced portions and have started to fit one at a time into my old trousers. Na this my belle be major source of trauma now lol So dame P was dead and is now alive? Wonder why our First Ladies must sha be a source of drama around here. This Goldie matter na wa oh! I pity denrele so much, can't imagine losing any of my buddies and so so suddenly at that. I'm so sleepy here today but must be this heat wave all over Lagos, I miss the rains o jare. My landlord is on a high, he's just sold off one unused portion of the compound for over 10million naira. He's so high he's decided to build four flats with 2bedrooms behind the main building where I live. The challenge is there's barely any air, and now we have to contend with a building so close if we both have push out windows they'll keep hitting themselves. Infact if I become friendly with any of the new tenants I can stand at my window and have a conversation with them lol God help us, moving isn't an immediate option because of the financial implications, I hear 3bedroom flats in Lagos cost well over 1million naira now. *sighs* At work things are still just as crazy these days I look in pure amusement at the madness. Nope I still don't have a seat assigned to me for the third year running. All sorts Feel sleepy will be back *winks*


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!