Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My girl -Suliat

So i recently(few months back to be specific) hired a house manager :D aka  help.

She's been quite helpful. My issues with her are minimal which is rare in these parts. She's 22 and saving to  "do her freedom" in photography.

Like i said she seems quite ok when i consider the other extremes, however the other day this happened.....

I'll be relaying it in pidgin and Queen's  English.

I asked her  to clean fish make we cook stew, after a few mins by which time i felt fish should have been cleaned and salted i strolled into the kitchen and alas there was my titus fish being BOILED!!!

Boiled people BOILED!!!!

Fish wen i wan put inside stew oh....

She says my mummy taught her to do that!

I just dey look d gal with shock, I asked her if she's even seen me do such? She say she think say we wan fry d fish...
I say even then has she seen me boil then fry?
These girls dey foolish wen dem wan foolish sha!Ah ah

Another day while i was at work she decided to help my son with homework... i no send am oh, but she tries to be proactive.

My cousin said she heard her repeatedly say "curve and dash". On peeping now she saw them writing no 7 so she says Sulia, wetin be "curve and dash" and the silly gal says oh that's what mummy says when doing Ayobami's homework....

Obviously the bugger had heard me while i was helping Ayobami write no 2 and assumed 'curve and dash' is applicable to all nos.... ****eyes roll***

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Hazards of living in a face me i face you!!!

So i live in a face me i face you :D

Maybe i should even start a series on all my co-tenants!!!!

We've got 5 tenants in all....

Some co-tenant of mine whom i have a relationship with i.e we greet when passing each other in the yard ;)

She calls me aunty and considering she's married and probably 25ish i feel embarassed as in her calling me aunty probably means she thinks i'm veeeerrrrrryyyy old or something.

Anyway she sometimes brings her food over for storage in my freezer during long power outtages. She's got a small gen that obviously cant power her generator....

So that's about how much we relate- barely!!!

She's got a niece  who's about Ayobami's age, so when the girl comes around they play together. I usually dont mind. Anyway i recently realised that my neigbour and her sister(the mother of the little girl) obviously have no respect for boundaries or just choose to behave badly.

I find that the occasional visits from the little girl usually stretches into hours and hours. I feel it isnt proper to fob your child on people you barely know. To further buttress my point this  was what  happened a few weeks back

My neighbour comes and says " oh Aunty i need to quickly dash off to XYZ please can "little girl" stay here till her mum arrives at 10 or was it 11 am(cant remember well now) . This was probably around 9am ish. anyway i say no problem...

1pm and the girl mama never show. so i'm like wetin be this one now? meanwhile i don dey tire to do babysitter. I didnt even have the aunty or the mother's telephone no sef...

sha at about 2pm ish i send the kids down to ride bicycles and generally just get a breather, then i see little girl's mother about to go out!!! And then she says" ah i knocked on your door and no one answered" i want to go and make my hair. SHE MAKES NO MOVE WHATSOEVER TO TAKE HER CHILD ALONG.

i no talk.....

At about 7pm i was still saddled with this girl, aunty i no see, mama i no see. By this time i was furious and my voice don change... d gal sef don see as i change she begin cry. So i felt bad and calmed down a bit. I started getting the boys ready for bed and just left the girl in the living room, then her mum came and she refused to follow her or something like that and the mama turn back....

Ah ah  see me see something. Of course i charged and asked my maid to take her home only for that one too to come back and say nobody dey there...

I went straight to another neighbour to ask if she had their no just as i was still getting that information, the mother returned and i told her, the little girl was crying and i didnt know what to do....

You'd think they wouldnt show up at my door again abi?

One fine evening the boys were playing downstairs and little girl and her mother were passing by, next thing she leaves the girl and wakas off. By 7pm when i asked the boys to come in, her mama still never return. I ask my maid to stay downstairs with her. Like half an hour after i start thinking mosquitoes will be biting the poor child lemme ask them to come in....

Rain starts threatening to fall and her mother appears.... the girl once again refuses to follow her mother and the woman strolls off. This is past 8pm oh!!!!

I no just talk na look i dey look them. Thankfully she starts to cry again so i march straight down to call her mother oh, luckily she was there!!!

The next time we ran into the little girl, i sent her right back before she will have to spend the night in my house mccchhhheeeewwww

My hubby was there and he felt i shouldnt have sent her back. I did it tactfully mind you. This kain "oh little girl we are going home now, see you later"

He is of the opinion that it was the girl's refusal to go home that caused her mum to leave her with us endlessly. I am of the opinion that you should draw limits and boundaries for children especially when they're so little.

Moreso i barely know these people!!! I dont know their surnames sef so its not like we are friends in the first place.

what say ye?

N.B- Didnt realise the story would turn out this lenghthy!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!