Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sugar tins#

Dear people, this individual still didn't get any sugar oh *sighs* we are thus hopeful that this holiday will provide an opportunity for many tins# I just stopped by to wish everyone a merry Christmas !May 2014 bring us loads and loads of goodies in Jesus name. My resolution list don long  pass one full scap sheet oh.God will kuku hep* His people. We are planning a short road trip tomorrow, operation spend the holidays doing something creatively fun plus cheap too lol. So olumo rock here we come ;)
Ciao  people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog this year, please visit in the new year. We promise to blog more frequently *winks* 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Ray of hope

I've just been in an unexpected turn of events moved to a new job role. No increase in salary per se, but it's a senior role and i'm certainly looking forward to it. At least management will be compelled now to buy me a laptop!!! Today i saw a show of bigmanism..... not in a rude or arrogant way though! in fact i was rather impressed. what happened was some lady ran into a randomly parked car and as is typical there was the usual brouhaha with onlookers 'assessing' the situation and being the judge and jury all at the same time. Anyway some big man drove up. Happened to be the boss of the 'hitter'. calmly told the 'hitted' that he was sorry, handed him his card and said please let's have an estimate of the cost and we'll take it from there.... i was tripped. that's the simple logic that many people done follow in these scenarios. People prefer to shout and be abusive and many times leave the matter unresolved!!!!!! Nigeria and it's many brouhahas......... The boys are fine, i've lined up some activities for this thankfully short holiday. Hope we are able to somehow get them all done. My maid has gone. i havent been more glad to see a help leave my house in an 8 month period she managed to increase my BP on a daily basis. No improvement whatsoever except to be speaking silly english up and down the place. When she arrived even Yoruba she barely understood!!!!! Hope i get a good replacement next year. when i have more power i may share some of the trauma she put me through!!!! I'm in dire need of a you know what..... problem is by the time i'm home i'm too tired to even approach mr.... Travails of living and working in Lagos. Let's see what the weekend would be like.... hopefully i won't spend saturday cooking and cleaning mcheeeeewwwww Gotta go, 5'o' clock don reashhhhhh finish ;)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday tins#

My first born son has just turned five.... yep the big 5 :D i remember the day i had him just like yesterday. To God be all the glory. we didn't get to have the big bash i had initially hoped we would have but we gathered 10 or so random friends and neighbours and ate a lot of food, shared party packs and danced to good music. All in the parlor LOL Anyways i'm currently taking stock of this year and trying to see what areas need improvement in the new year. God help somebody jare, self development isn't easy. Planning also to get a masters degree in the new year, been long outstanding! I have also decided to do some re-modeling on the apartment. Even small changes im sure would help, i had completely allowed the place become run down. if anyone can refer me to sites for ideas i'd be most glad. Blogsphere seems to much more quieter these days. I miss* the fights.... it did keep the place agog with posts and comments and at least plenty of activity! wonder what the bloggers of old are up to now sef? I feel sad that the owner of the very first blog i ever stumbled on passed away in the dana crash- ayoola Somolu! God rest her soul and comfort her family and friends....... Some of my co-workers are facing disciplinary action for the most mundane issue I've ever heard in my short work life. One oga passed a comment(he was geninuely joking)to one of his team members. The recipient at first wasn't offended but after discussing with her team mates, was incised to get offended. Her colleagues more or less insisted that she should return to her oga and clearly insist that she didn't like the statement. she foolishly did so. The oga in a matured manner accepted that she didn't like it and expressed that he was only trying to lighten things up and moved on. On a car ride home, there were more thoughts as regards the subject matter. some parts felt she shouldn't have gone back to her boss, some felt she was right to do so. The next day, another co-worker who wasn't in the car but had been 'pro: go back and register your displeasure' summoned all the people involved. Think secondary school style with cardigan tied on the waist and body shaking etc :D Anyway the thing blew out of proportion and as it is, some parties are to be outrightly dismissed.... I'm irritated at the depth of foolishness and unprofessionalism some people exhibit at work.... Good luck to them!!! Looking forward to this weekend, i've got a hot hot party planned for sun ;) the girl likes to have a good time o jare. Maybe there will be some fine fine boys to scope and tins# :D i may just come back today and do another post, it's been long and today my juices seem to be flowing;)

Friday, 27 September 2013

Market tins#

*sighs* I wrote my list for the market a few hours ago and i've been filled with trepidation at the thought of going. All that talk talk just drives me nuts. 'how mush* is tomatoes my customer?' last last abeg? ah haba but i bought last week and it was XYZ.... then the trader will rattle on and on about there being no tomatoes in Bauchi and thus the hike.... Then to buy the yams nko? talk less of meat.... those ones are just a dramatic lot, with them lifting the meat with both hands like its a cow and them going on and on and on.....n It's easier to shop at asda or tesco jare. don't know why the cant set up in Nigeria sef and be cheap too LOL Let me go abeg the earlier i start the haggling the berra!!!! Person go still reach house and scrape saki plus pluck ewedu *bigger sighs*

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

This goodheartedness sef!!!!!!

so yesterday I was fulfilling my one good deed for the day when I offered someone a ride. I knew her from way back she was my senior in secondary school. Ordinarily i'd have driven off and pretended* not to see her but our eyes met and I felt obligated. She got in and said, I cant remember you though your face looks familiar. I said you were my senior in secondary school and we met when you moved into this neighbourhood years back and even showed me your house at the time. she said oooohhhh.... Not sure she still remembered me. she then said 'hey all my mates have bought cars and i'm keeping all my money in the stock exchange' so I smiled and responded with nothing. Then she next asked the usual where do you work etc to which I responded vaguely and next thing she says is do you earn a lot? is your salary 1million naira? I kuku said yes but the way she exclaimed I quickly retorted saying not every month oh I meant per annum. at this point I wished she would get down from the car. she mentioned how fat I am now and asked if I had kids. I said yes. she come say how much do I spend on maintaining my car weekly? ah ah!!!!! I said I didn't know then she said because she's trying to work out costs for if/when she buys a car, that she will also want a driver. wetin concern me with that? she then told me she was saving to relocate..... ........ in the next five years!!!! That she wants to buy property abroad. then she made excuses for her somewhat rough appearance and said oh I look 'neat(cant remember her exact word)' only because I had weaveon fixed that she doesn't fix weave on because it gives her headache.... Mo ma ri ogo oh then she asked why I was living in the local part of our neighbourhood as opposed to in the estate- think ojodu berger versus omole estate. so I said well affordability and she says we can live in a 2 bedroom in the estate as opposed to a bigger place outside. so I explained that I have a help and we have guests frequently, she then said oh I must be "doing well" to have a help. she insisted I gave her my no, I gave her the less frequently used one of course she rang me to ensure i'd have her no.... it'll be saved as do not pick!!!! I hurried her out of my car and drove off without saying bye.... Gooooossssshhhhhh people sef!!!!!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Seniority matters.......

So I find that my dearest 1st born child who's just 5 years old has suddenly started to send his brother on errands *covers face*. The 'poor submissive' younger brother is only three and doesn't seem to mind running these errands. The errands include getting him water, fetching toys, etc and he says please (sometimes). Now I'm wondering do I wade into this matter or just leave them both? After all I send my younger siblings around even till now LOL. I wont want to undermine my no 1's authority as senior is the reason why I haven't exactly told him to please stop harassing my baby.... Advice needed abeg LOL I'm on a 9 day detox diet... it's only half of day one and im already feeling you know....... hungry. I just must keep up with this weight loss abeg, this constant spilling out of clothes don do.... I had my nails done over the weekend, painted them electric blue ;)yours truly is on fire, next week na green I go paint :D random thoughts as usual. make I go work small brb

Monday, 22 July 2013

Crisis at work

So on Friday I turned to my left and there was my manager bent over a table signing a document. As if it wasn't bad enough that I had his buttocks right in my face. There was a small rip/tear/hole in his trossis. In the anus region to be precise. I buzzed my best friend she usually has good advice for me. I shared the dilemma with her, she then advised that to aid my promotion and boost my appraisal scores I should tell him. And so........

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Issues of life?

Working in a small organization exposes you to such a high level of politicking that its almost sickening on some days. It's concerns me even more when people are at the apex of thier careers and still demonstrate a complete lack of integrity, as well as divide and rule technique amongst staff. It's disgusting to me and unfortunately I have found myself in this system for a bit too long! So unhappy at my situation today!
All is well
It's part of the learning curve 
My mind abi na heart has strayed in the past few weeks, I truly salute every one who has stayed faithful in thier relationships even when things are tough. This does not mean I have strayed oh! 
I had an interesting discourse with some family members the other day. We were talking about an uncle of ours who's currently the chairman of a multinational. My maternal grandpa sent him to school. The co-discussants were of the opinion that the man should be more helpful towards family members especially folks like my mum. Their point being that it is afterall thanks to my grandad that the man was educated in the 1st place. But I'm like should anyone be indebted forever? I certainly agree that he should give back to my mum in anyway he can buts the extent is now completely left to him in my humble opinion. In the same vein someone who my mum helped to educate is now been proposed to be her caregiver at this time that she needs one. I feel the girl has her life to live and shouldn't be pressured into giving back in this form. If she freely suggests such then fine if not then we explore other options. We cannot go through life completely indebted to all our helpers as far as I'm concerned. I know in the case of the uncle/multinational company chairman he's so wealthy that even giving my mum 10k pounds monthly isn't far fetched, but that he's not doing so doesn't make him the bad guy. 
I ended that Conversation that day reminding everyone that these expectations they have of that man for eg are the same expectations people are likely to have of them and how many really are they able to meet up? Even in thier own little way!
It's also disappointing to note that the very acts one condemns in other people calling them uncivilized and greedy are apparently present in one's own backyard. I lost an uncle and was most disappointed to hear that even in my own elite family there has been a scramble for the wealth he left behind!!! 
This life sef 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mind over matter???

Life does change when you're a mum.
We went for a birthday party today and I actually got up to try and get party packs for my boys. infant when Tlash didn't get a particular gift he wanted I actually went to ask the hostess if she had a spare. I'd never have imagined that I would do such. Mcheeewwww
The title of my post is called mind over matter and its been long over due if you ask me.i once read an article in Genevieve magazine with that title. The lady writer was the girlfriend ie mistress of a married man and she says one of the secrets of her successful relationship with him was this mind over matter principle. The morality of her/the relationship will be discussed in another forum or post. The said principle is the bone of contention here.
The way it works is "as the female in the/any relationship" one must chose which issues to battle out. So for example where her man doesn't come visiting as scheduled she usually pretends it doesn't matter and she won't make a fuss or quarrel when he shows up. She says this earned her loads of respect, peace and perhaps some level of bliss in her relationship.
Now anyone knows that being in a serious relationship/marriage can be extremely harrowing where and when expectations aren't constantly being met. So I'm wondering to which matters exactly does one decide to apply mind over matter to?
Living with a man has shown and taught me that any and everything could be potential crisis triggers and indeed there are MANY matters to constantly deal with.
I for example detest lingering repairs. Especially when affordability isn't the issue. My spouse on the other hand stayed in a room without a bulb for close to a year because he couldn't be bothered to change the burnt/dead bulb. I chose mind over matter that period and didn't say a word about it and at his chosen time which was a year plus (or thereabouts) he changed the bulb. He feels certain things are more important to him than changing bulbs or ensuring the house is in some order of sorts. When I take charge of those kind of matters he is of course quick to enjoy the benefits. In my head, repairs for eg belong to the menfolk. But for the sake of peace do I "'mind over matter?"
For a wife who's spouse comes home late More often than not, all in the guise of work, should she for eg imbibe this mind over matter principle? Even when she's genuinely concerned about his safety or worried that God forbid he's spending time with a unilag gal or his colleague who's younger,perhaps prettier and supposedly generally hawter than she is?
money matters nko? If your hubby is a stingikoko do you just adjust your life accordingly or do you hassle his ass until he comes to term with the current economic realities of our country?
of course the less vocal and more accepting wives are usually praised as good stock and virtuous women. These are perhaps the real mind over matter women who leave it all in the hands of fate.
What am I writing sef, wonder if it makes any sense, make I sha dey type dey go.
The lady in the original article encouraged wives to imbibe this modus operandi but you see it was easier for her to perhaps stomach the man's nonsense because they're together for "short" periods anyway. And all men have varying degrees of nonsense and I'm sure i'll have a few supporters in saying that in the face of constant issues in any relationship especially marriage mind over matter while a good tool isn't one so easy to adopt.
My two cents!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

A seat finally!

I finally have been assigned one at work! I'm off to pop some champagne LOL. Now I wonder how long it'll take before I get a computer assigned :D I understand history has been taken off the curriculum for secondary schools. I suspect it's been a while but I wish it hadn't. Somehow I just feel the children are being short hanged and believe it or not, not all of our history in these parts have made it to the Internet! I hope the government revises the policy in the near future. I will have to come back and finish p this post

Friday, 22 February 2013

Bits and bobs ..... Part 2

So I've managed to take 30minutes walks like thrice per week for 2 weeks running now! Yay!!! I feel lighter and my body doesn't hurt as much as when I first started it. Next area to make further progress on is in my room, wardrobe has been de-cluttered but the rest of the house is still n bad shape *sighs* I don't even have an excuse. Meanwhile is it ok to put a tiny cactus plant in the toilet?on the WC or In a corner? Would colored pebbles be better? Though that's at the risk of my boys flushing the stones down the toilet LOL there's already a small a basket of pot pourri on the wc by the way. I think it's because I'm watching clean house that I'm having these thoughts today :D That was a few days ago,I'm continuing from where I paused..... I just left one very nice office gosh fine fine boys all over the place *sighs lustily* lol People do the strangest things! I took a cabucabu the other day from Ikeja to Alausa,it cost N70. I asked the driver to take me further for an extra N700, by coincidence a co-passenger was going that way. I said oh we can split he fare after negotiating and the only response she gave was its too expensive. But she didnt get off. When we reached her drop off point she handed me N300, even though it wasn't equally split I didn't mind. Then the cab man says how about the 70bucks for the previous ride. Her response left me and the driver in shock. She said oh that's why she gave me N300. This kain with a fare of N700 for the ride she planned to pay only N230. Mcheeeeewwwww I was so ashamed of her I paid the driver on her behalf. Didn't even catch a glimpse of her face. Yeye gal I feel it was more a case of her being dubious Than actually not having enough to pay. The weight loss matters are progressing nicely, I'm getting more comfortable with reduced portions and have started to fit one at a time into my old trousers. Na this my belle be major source of trauma now lol So dame P was dead and is now alive? Wonder why our First Ladies must sha be a source of drama around here. This Goldie matter na wa oh! I pity denrele so much, can't imagine losing any of my buddies and so so suddenly at that. I'm so sleepy here today but must be this heat wave all over Lagos, I miss the rains o jare. My landlord is on a high, he's just sold off one unused portion of the compound for over 10million naira. He's so high he's decided to build four flats with 2bedrooms behind the main building where I live. The challenge is there's barely any air, and now we have to contend with a building so close if we both have push out windows they'll keep hitting themselves. Infact if I become friendly with any of the new tenants I can stand at my window and have a conversation with them lol God help us, moving isn't an immediate option because of the financial implications, I hear 3bedroom flats in Lagos cost well over 1million naira now. *sighs* At work things are still just as crazy these days I look in pure amusement at the madness. Nope I still don't have a seat assigned to me for the third year running. All sorts Feel sleepy will be back *winks*

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bits n bob

What a week last week was!
No baddies thankfully.
It was plagued with some really bad grammatical issues though. I tend to agree with the DG of NYSC who says most graduates can't read or write. I mean my colleague asked me to read the "mail tray below" . Can't blame anyone though the conditions for learning in many places are extremely bad. I also stumbled on some pictures of police in training college. *sighs* they really can't behave any better than they do if one considers the crappy training they receive. Saturday I spent cleaning,cleaning and still cleaning! I still didn't get my outstanding chores completed though, at a point I abandoned the project and went to lie down, i am still lying down. Brokeness too isn't helping my cause *sighs*
Ok that was two weeks ago! Thankfully all is still well here it's a bit slow drama wise *winks*
My boss has assured me I will be getting a a seat soon, fingers crossed people LOL
I emptied my wardrobe and de-cluttered my kitchen store, it's part of my resolutions to move closer to becoming a diva! The weight loss is coming on fine too, 5kg off so far. Since November 2012!!!!!! Slow and steady is winning this race oh

No gist per se lemme run off

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fluffycutething -solicitors and barristers

I just finished doing lawyer on the bus. A accident occurred between a lady's car and man's car. I had been watching and feeling bad because I knew that if she didn't get back up soon she would ended up being cheated because she is a woman One yeye man on the bus now said it's the woman's fault and that the men were just being soft/nice I was so irritated I started yelling you're just talking like that because its a woman involved The men were at fault can't you see their car was on the line and not on a proper lane. I was livid Didn't even realize I was yelling so much then I saw everyone was staring and so i quickly turned to "face my front" Now I'm embarrassed and feel like getting off at the next bus stop LOL

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Loving to excesses?

These are just some of my random thoughts on a matter of love I recently stumbled on!

So mrs X is your regular joe! Dated her mr for a couple of years before settling with him and so on. Happy at least to an extent. Only snag is that mr isn't doing too well financially. So she's more or less breadwinner! Not an unusual story abi?

They decide to relocate for greener pastures and mr's finances pick up though she's still doing the heavy lifting. Then maybe because he has some "change" to spare he begins to womanize.mrs X is very worried, she is frantic infact. She's never seen her mr this way before. They start to quarrel over his late nights and odd phone calls.

One night it gets really bad and he hits her and hurts her in the process.she wants to leave him. I say well you can't leave  if  you aren't empowered ie you'll have to rent a place, n care for yourself at least until things are sorted. So be patient maybe things will even eventually be sorted.

Imagine my shock when she said she had a discussion with him and pleaded(that's my headache particularly) with him to work things out!

While I am happy that they're now at peace, I was a bit disappointed that she resorted to pleading. Is this a case of stooping to conquer or plain foolishness???
Hope it's not too early in the year for this kind of talk oh LOL


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!