Thursday, 27 November 2008

These parenting matters

Things have definetely taken a different shape from when our parents were nursing you know

Just the other day my friend and I were wondering who will bathe our grandchildren considering that we barely know how to bathe our own infants right now LOL

i was forced to start bathing Ayobami when he was like 2 weeks old and i'm sure he was unclean for like 2 days till i got the hang of it and even remembered i had one oyinbo contraption called a baby bather to make things easier!!!!

The advent of baby bathers has just made it worse... i imagine myself telling my daughter in law where to buy the things and reading the manuals to them LOL

As against my dear mum and mum-in-law who are around to religously wash their grandchildren and do it with such skill, plus massage and all!!!!

Then there's this singing to babies meme

I just don't see myself getting the hang of it

My mum has formed all sorts of songs in the past month but my head just goes blank when i try it and instead i blow fone to my son and tell him "Mummy's here" when he's crying.. :D

Even his father has some village songs to sing to him when he's yelling LOL

As for public breast feeding that's such a huge no no

Even though a number of my hussie's friends have "caught" me bra down, feeding and i just thought scuttling off with boobs hanging out would make the situation more dastardly so i sat my butt there quietly LOL

Of course those are the times Ayobami would clutch to me like he hasn't eaten for 2 days and refuse to end his meal :)

Kai thank God for breast pump oh because i just no fit comot that thing for church or party biko

Na wa, God help me be a good mama sha!!!

I cannot understand...

... Naija TV

Seeing as i have been confined to my residence following the birth of my young Mr...

I must say i have been immensely tortured by TV.

I mean i cannot understand how people who don't have DSTV cope!!!

Even the DSTV has become so so freaking boring but that is story for another day and when you call their call centre they have the impudence to tell you " Thank you for choosing Multi Choice" like you actually have a "choice" around here.MSCHEWWWW

The DSTV is connected to just the living room and for some reason which even i cannot yet fathom I prefer to sit in my room all day long so i am stuck with watching Naija TV if i must watch any tv!!!

Ok maybe because there's a bed i can lie on there that's why i'm always in my room :D...

I flip through all the channels and believe me ALL OF THEM show nothing but repeat broadcasts of musical shows especially Naija music videos.

Day in Day out oh!!!

Morning, noon and night sef ...

MITV occasionally punctuates with Project fame and silverbird the occasional OLD series which provides a welcome relief

I can't understand it i tell you.

The videos themselves are tortoreous(hope that spelling's correct :D). all sorts of rubbish. One of the nonsense that totally drives me mad is "fire by skuki" those punks should be arrested biko!!!

I even resorted to my usually "amusing" Nollywood films but believe me they've gone from bad to worse. They're totally unbearable now...

Please how do housewives around here entertain themselves??????

Just needed to rant biko

Monday, 17 November 2008

Inlaw matters :D

I've had my hands quite full with adjusting to caring for the baby all day and night plus lack of sleep, only 2 days back i decided to follow advise as seen on the internet and sleep when the individual is asleep. It's the best decision i coulda made for myself i tell you.

The first few days were quite ok, i had loads of people around and it was really exciting and all. unfortunately we had to return to the hospital because he had some jaundice, it was a scary period i tell you. The hospital didn't let me stay and at night i'd lie awake and be near tears wondering how he's faring and so all ended well thankfully we were discharged on the day of his naming ceremony. we had a small reception at home which was fun.

Though i ended up in trouble with my mum and her friends because i refused to wear iro and buba LMAO. I couldn't be bothered jare, not like i was sitting amongst guests or anything I was in my room with my crew so hey ;)

My mum in-law was around for a few days and boy did i receive a few amusing shocks ;0
First there was the issue of massage your tummy with hot water and stuff. i didn't mind it really though i couldn't understand what the fuss was the she said to also massage my "you know what" i thought she meant was a sith bath and i explained that i had no tears etc and didn't need one. But she said i'd be farting from my vajayjay so i obliged her.

She said to put a hot towel between my legs

So i did so...

Next thing she grabbed the towel and started to massage my vajayjay by herself.....

You shoulda seen the shock on my face!!!

Even my mama no fit put hand for my kini

it wasn't funny at all i tell you

The pain/discomfort was one thing but the embarassment no in fact mortification was another!!!!!!!

I couldn't just believe my eyes honestly

The next day i was ready for her

After she bathed the baby, she faced me and went on about the "benefits" of this massage (as usual). i got out of the bath and sat for the massage, she finished that and said "oya" of course i held on tight to the towel and refused to let go LOL i wasn't going to have her stick her fingers in my vajayjay ever again biko LMAO

She said "oh let me help you do it" of course i nicely told her i'll do it myself

Loud hiss

How can she be wanting to stick her hand in my kini

what errant nonsense

Thankfully there were no other MAJOR dramas before she left, asides stuff like put thread on the baby's head when he hiccups, like that can actually stop the hiccups LOL...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

His arrival...

That morning i was dressed early for my ante natal appointment

Mr gave me a ride, we hung out for a bit in his office and he dropped me off at the hospital

it was a normal ante natal day!!!

A friend of mine was also at the hospital that day and we kept each other company till the doctors arrived. She was there to have her baby that day and i wished her the best and went in to see the doctor.

He said he wanted to examine my pelvis, most disconcerting process i tell you LOL he actually stuck his fingers INSIDE me!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway in between my yells i heard him say " madam you're in labour, you're already 3cm dilated"

So i'm like what next!!!!!!!!

My hospital bag is barely packed, baby's room n clothes etc ain't fully ready. i'm barely ready as it is!!!

Neeways i sat the whole day in the hospital reading a novel and pitying the lady next to me who was in labour. she was groaning and i really felt strong to myself considering i was making no noise at all!!!!!!! had i known what awaited me...hmmm

By the time the doctor broke my water kai the pain had started, it's a combination of menstrual cramps and back ache... Indescribable actually

After what seemed like hours to me, (but husband said it was just minutes), we were in the labour room and men that stuff is real hard labour!!!

my back wanted to break and i felt like having a real hot shit.... i just kept screaming "i wanna pupu oh" LOL

Finally we did all the "push push" and baby slipped out. i was really fortunate no tears n stuff n from what my hussie said labour was only felt like hours to me...

And alas we had a beautiful baby boy :D

I got a few hours sleep this afternoon hence my ability to sit on the internet, and then I had so much to blog about but it's all flown outta my head!!!

Nepa has now struck, i better get into bed and start fanning this gentleman :D


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!