Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Master toilet

Don't know what my landlord was thinking but this is what our master toilet looks like

The bath area is behind the WC

So you have to "jump" across to take a shower ...

and God help you if you are pregnant

Emergency people

I think i'm pregs once again

I mean my poor son can't even walk yet!!!!!!!!!

I threw up earlier today which is most unusual, my tummy's been hurting too like the first time i got pregs!!!!!!!!!!

Chai what the frig am i gonna do!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 12 June 2009

"no rice" day 5

Well not technically "no rice" day 5 sha
i managed to only get to Day 4 L

I do feel less bulky sha

and i must say even though my weight hasn't dropped (according to the scales) i have lost weight :D
This is like a mind over matter thing biko
My colleague just yabbed me sef that all i seem to eat is rice...
But really what else can one really eat around here????????
i cannot kuku bring eba to work. abi?
This weekend i'm gonna detoxify myself with honey and efirin(do not know the English name but it's called scented leaf i believe)
Maybe i'll just drink it tonight sef...
with bitter leaf juice :D ... chai the things we do to stay healthy
my baby has catarrh
I was "forced" to suck it from his nose!!!!!
The joys of being a mum abi? i hear there's some instrument for doing that but seeing as i don't have this apparatus i had to improvise or do as my mum did....
Looking forward to this weekend like anything...
Spending the whole time at an aunt's. I'll be pampered for a change ;)
Kai what a long week this has been!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

No rice... Day 2

span style="color:#00cccc;">So it's day 2 and i've managed to say no to eating rice.

i woke up feeling lighter and in fact squeezed into an old top of mine but alas i strolled into the office and everyone went agog and kept calling me FAT!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL they should not worry very soon they'll eat their words...

I ate moin moin today it was quite nice and even though i've been thinking of food all day i've managed not to throw anything into my mouth...

I think i like my doctor...;)

i saw him earlier today and was just grinning from ear to ear. Infact my greetings were stuttered.

what in blazes is wrong with me... LOL

May Mr not catch me!!!!!

Today's been mostly dry... nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

The car dealer called though, he says i might be getting a black car.

Woulda preferred another colour though, but hey it'll just have to do ;)

Monday, 8 June 2009

No rice .... Day 1

It's the first day of my "no rice" week...
So far so good
I feel all the fat coming off already ;)
Though i gobbled up loads of rice last night, just to sustain myself sha ;)
Kai the weight must go after all this suffering oh.
i think in my former life i musta been a rice weevil because that's my staple diet!!!!!!!!
Rice, rice and more rice:)
and in addition to losing weight i wanna discover the other Nigerian or even foreign foods that exist...
I need suggestions/ ideas people ;)
I tried today oh, i went to Ghana high and i didn't buy rice. I actually bought beans and dodo
though the beans tasted yucky sha but i ate it all the same.
Hope i won't lose all the weight and husband will nack me another belle immediately oh
anyway no comments...
The young man Ayobami is finally moving in his walker now, though only backwards but he's sha moving sha..
Before he'd sit in it and just cry and cry... LOL
My week has started off quite nicely
I did some "home improvement" over the weekend. I even bought a cactus plant for my balcony.
what i really wanted was a puppy but my landlord won't allow... so the cactus is my pet for now ;0
My only prayer is that it won't die before next weekend when i'll have time to water to it...LOL
I'm off to finish off my beans and dodo....

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Randoms(as usual LOL)

Don't know what's wrong with this yeye blogger i've been trying to no avail to post a post since all these days and it's been misbehaving...

Hope this one goes through sef..

Smallie started crawling oh, i almost burst into tears when he did.

Husband of course ruined the moment by shouting that can't i see the boy heading for wire that i'm standing there doing/saying "he's crawling, he's crawling"

Oh well....

men and their ***issues***

Is it just me or how come i'm suddenly more tolerant and loving towards my hussie?

Just happens that at this time he has just deposited for my motor :D

Women are materialistic huh?

or maybe it's just wives??????? LOL

I find that since there has been talk about this car i have of my own volition decided to step up my wifely skills just to make Mr continously happy *** ahem***


Anyway life has been good, we got a new boss.

He's a fine young Arab!!! Dresses sharp but English? no comments my good people.

I'm trying to revamp my home...

Barely did up the place since i married and had the baby etc etc

I need ideas please!!!!

For one, i have been sifting through my wedding presents and trying to get rid of junk in my kitchen. Is it compulsory to have matching mugs and plates?

Next week in a bid to lose some more weight( i dropped off the bandwagon people, now i'm serious about it LOL)

anyway in a bid to shed this now famous weight, next week i'm not going to eat any RICE!!!!!!!!!! or drink any COKE!!!!!!!

So help me GOD~!!!!!!!


I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!