Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Breather part 2

so far so good with this staying at home meme. I've spent a lot of the time musing about the past though and I am filled with many regrets at the wasted time and lost opportunities because I just have not been settled enough to enjoy or even live life as if were.
been so so consumed by my challenges at work and at home. Sad part is the effect some of these issues seem to have impacted on my boys. God helping me I am slowly and indeed steadily giving my life a shape once again. The house is being restored.... Finally I must add! Didn't realise the heap of junk I had accumulated and was hanging onto. Spoilt appliances that I could have repaired or discarded. Chai its sad when one is in a marriage but not married!

This late Mrs Shonde matter though not a new type of scenario these days has left me pondering at what point exactly does love turn to hate so much so that there will be physical engagement until the other party gets hurt. I initially assumed that it was a fight gone wrong.as per they were arguing and a few slaps occured and she rushed him but fell and broke her skull. Then I stumbled or rather joined a forum where many victims of domestic violence are sharing their experiences. A couple of them have said their spouses actually indicated that they so hated them I.e the wives they wanted to kill them. One said her hubby asked the children to visit a neighbour and he doused her with fuel then lit a cigarette. Another said the hubby keeps aiming for her face with a cutlass. All sorts of horrendous experiences out there. I just don't understand how a relationship would degenerate to that level!

my marriage hasn't been smooth so I'm.not coming from a judgemental angle. I keep saying perhaps if we had known each other for a longer period I wont have married him as we are most incompatible. But some of these people have dated and known their spouses for years before marriage. One's husband even said he would kill her and dump on a gutter then tell family members he just couldn't find her! That's just wicked no evil. To your purported lover?

God help  we women in D.V matters oh!



I don’t want to forget  I’m thankful to God for life  On the 19 of sept 2020  I had  a stroke!!