Friday, 13 March 2015

Culture vs Common Sense

I realized today that the office assistant in my organisation has still not buried his mother.

She passed away after an illness in June 2014. Their culture I understand states that there must be some ceremonies (i.e. party,as far as i am concerned) as part of the funeral rites. So, to give some time for her children/other family members to raise funds the funeral was scheduled for December 2014.

It didn’t make any sense to me. I felt and still feel they should have buried the woman and have the party or parties or funeral rites whenever they can. But I don’t think any of them quite explored that option.

Unfortunately tragedy struck as they were headed for his mum’s burial in December. His sister unexpectedly  passed away. All the funds raised immediately had to be diverted to transporting her remains home and towards her own funeral.

I remembered this whole thing yesterday and it occurred to me his mum is still in the morgue. Didn't any of their family members just see that in the light of this tragedy both should have been buried and they can have the funeral rites for the mother whenever they’re able to?

Again this family isn't  high up on the income  ladder! 

From my interactions with the gentleman it seems they feel constrained by extended family members and the dictates of their culture. But surely their common sense should count for something now? Abi?


chrisyinks said...

Of course! You raise a very valid point and superior perspective in my point of view. Oftentimes I tire with our propensity to spend money on non-value adding activities. The guy should just go bury the mother and do the capital intensive party later if need be.

The extended family members know that if she is buried, there is little likelihood of them feasting, hence their insistence of 'culture'. I believe he's yet to know the full capabilities as son.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...
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Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Blessings ....
They should have buried them both together, the daughter is gone and is buried before the mother who has been dead since 2014! My God its almost a year!

I don't claim to know everything, nor do i presume to tell anyone how to feel but Lord have mercy, put the woman's body to rest, how much money it takes to keep her in the morgue, they could have used that money to bury her.

Unknown said...
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olalapapua said...
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Unknown said...

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