Friday, 13 March 2015

Culture vs Common Sense

I realized today that the office assistant in my organisation has still not buried his mother.

She passed away after an illness in June 2014. Their culture I understand states that there must be some ceremonies (i.e. party,as far as i am concerned) as part of the funeral rites. So, to give some time for her children/other family members to raise funds the funeral was scheduled for December 2014.

It didn’t make any sense to me. I felt and still feel they should have buried the woman and have the party or parties or funeral rites whenever they can. But I don’t think any of them quite explored that option.

Unfortunately tragedy struck as they were headed for his mum’s burial in December. His sister unexpectedly  passed away. All the funds raised immediately had to be diverted to transporting her remains home and towards her own funeral.

I remembered this whole thing yesterday and it occurred to me his mum is still in the morgue. Didn't any of their family members just see that in the light of this tragedy both should have been buried and they can have the funeral rites for the mother whenever they’re able to?

Again this family isn't  high up on the income  ladder! 

From my interactions with the gentleman it seems they feel constrained by extended family members and the dictates of their culture. But surely their common sense should count for something now? Abi?

Monday, 23 February 2015

These Monday meetings sef !

Sometimes i feel like i work in a government agency kai....

When i first joined this organisation, i watched with amusement as one particular HOD would call for meetings with his team daily to discuss the most random subjects. Eventually the fellow was sacked because it was discovered his output wasn't that much after all. While i'm not gloating i have always felt it was a waste of time to have physical gatherings on every official subject.

I mean this guy once called a meeting with his staff to discuss the fact that he had asked one of his team members to review a document i was working on. I didn't have the luxury of time for his extensive and unnecessarily long/bogus review of the document and sent it off to the customer who was expecting it. It was a generic document i just had to edit it and make minor changes. As such he called a meeting to discuss that.....

Imagine the sheer waste of time that could have been better used, even if just viewing Bella Naija LOL

Anyway since the fellow left the meetings have kinda reduced or rather sometimes take a less formal outlook. My MD would set up a committee to decide whether or not to buy laptops for staff. We would have several discussions just on a random subject which can be resolved via mail in my opinion....

Today like most Mondays we are in management meeting which could span the whole day!!!!! I get tired honestly.

The part that wears me out is when my boss starts asking one committee or the other to address certain issues this is a Management team of less than 15. Half the said committees constitute the same human beings who are in this Management team oh.

Now we want to make a decision and someone here is asking a committee to meet and revert with thier findings. Of course that delays the decision by another few days...

I wonder if anyone else is enjoying these meetings in thier own office?!

A friend of mine who also has many meetings like this at least gets doughnuts with the coffee and/or tea being served


Friday, 13 February 2015


I didn't realise i had stayed away for so long...

Life and it's many ups and downs...

The year has been a myriad of many events so far. I finally started on the "starting over" meme.  I've stopped worrying over why some of my friends have moved on for eg. Even i have now moved on :D

I have also got the house re-painted. Didn't quite get the colours i had initially hoped to do, but the place is sha painted and its much nicer to the eyes. It's such a relief, cant believe i allowed my living conditions to deteriorate so badly... This weekend i'd start up on accessories and just generally making it neater.

Some pictures should be available soon *winks*

I'm also beginning to consider following better routines/schedules/structures for the children. I have left living life properly for too long. Better late than never i suppose.

Some sad news popped up earlier this week, a dear friend of mine was widowed. Quite shocking and unexpected. Poor girl has had quite her fair share of tragedy in this life. God have mercy on us. I guess these are some of the issues that come with being adults. Her toddler is quite oblivious to what's going on and it makes me even more sorry for her.

Didn't sleep well, this nepa people are really taking the piss..... africa is a hot place abeg!

Just rambling.....

Have a lovely weekend everyone ;)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Starting over ;)

A new year always provides an avenue to start over on many fronts!! So help me Lord

I think i generally need to be more organised. For one my car needs to stop being a dump site :D

And i wanna just generally do a few things differently. I will post on these adjustments/enhancements as i go along ;)


Moi ;)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2014: The highs and the lows!

What a year....

It seems just like yesterday where we were wishing each other a happy new year!

I'm particularly thankful to God, not once this year was my freezer or my kitchen empty of food.

I also didn't spend any night in hospital on account of ill health, my boys or their dad too :)

God was indeed merciful, for the areas i lacked or didn't meet my goals or expectations there is plenty more to be grateful for once i just look to the other side!

I seize this opportunity to again appreciate the Almighty God, thank you Lord.

One of the many achievements of mine this year is that i have now learnt how to separate emotions from common sense. It took me many long years but i am now on that path and i tell you it's certainly a rewarding path to be on! Prior to now i would use my emotions to make many decisions especially in the area of friendships. I would delve in head first as long as it was to the benefit of my friend. After being bitten in the face severally i have now finally learnt to be wise.

One or two friendships have of course now been lost* due to this. Naturally ..... LOL

One friendship fizzled away, cant even fathom why anymore(i tried to work out the reason for a long time) but i guess as Yoruba people say 20 children cannot play together for 20 years!! Some will move onto other things!

This year(in the last quarter) i also learnt to pay more attention to self. In the area of external aesthetics i haven't always paid attention to myself and having kids just made it worse*.  Before i check my clothes, or my needs i spend the little i have on the boys! Typical abi? In the last quarter i resolved to correct this, and slowly and steadily i am making progress, nothing remarkable but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step abi?

Maybe i should do part 2 of this post its getting quite long LOL

So what you you learnt or improved on or otherwise in 2014? Please do share!!!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Old age???????

Yesterday I went to see a friend who had recently lost her dad in tragic circumstances. As I walked into the house, I met her mum finishing off a meal complete with an apple and a bottle of coke. Nothing unusual one might add, but my first thought was how can this woman who has just lost her beloved hubby eat like this? While watching BBA for that matter!!!. After a few moments I wondered why I had such thoughts, I mean is she supposed to starve herself because her hubby had passed away? Then I realised that these are the kind of thoughts that one has after being rubbed off from interactions with archaic cultures and traditions. What really has become of me? LOL Is this old age?
In other news yours truly took a road walk yesterday. I probably walked 5km at the least. I’m still feeling the pain in my legs. I hope I can keep this up, I really dislike the way I pant even after shedding some of the kg. And I’m certainly not keen on buying any bigger dress sizes. I suspect clothes manufacturers intentionally make all the fine fine ladies clothes in small sizes :D
 The year is winding down so quickly. I’m trying to plan for 2015 early enough. Not sure I did a good job with my plans and projections for this year… One achievement is that I finally seem* to have a grasp on minimal quarrelling with my spouse. Mind over matter really works :D!!! To all the new wives, don’t sweat the small stuff with your man, there’s no point and there are more important things to sweat ;)

Let me concentrate on this meeting I’m sitting in.


UPDATE: Meeting never gree finish oh, this is 3 hours on.... God help me this week

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

No title.....

I should take more pictures one of the ways to record precious moments is through pictures,that was a random thought.
I've stayed away from here for too long life and its many distractions. *sighs*
Didn't get the house done up as planned, my younger brother had to travel abroad for school, I sacrificed my cash as support for him, irony of life is that a few years down the line he may or may not remember this gesture *sighs again*
One of the thoughts that has plagued me recently is dealing with a cheating partner especially in Africa where our culture is so accepting of it when the offender is a male. A beloved friend and sister is in this situation and has tried fighting her man, fighting the lady/mistress/girlfriend, pleading with her man to stop and so on. All these have been to no avail, and it has left me pondering really what does one do with a philandering man? Sometimes leaving the union is not immediately feasible especially where there are children or there's no economic power to do so..... I have also been faced with this scenario and find myself seemingly hapless!!!!!
On the other hand my diet and eating habits modifications are kinda taking effect, I'd like to exercise at home but just find it kinda boring.... I am now 88kg from the initial 94kg where I started off from.
Things at work have taken an interesting turn apparently everyone is sleeping with everyone and I was the only one oblivious to this fact LOL na wa