Thursday, 26 November 2015


That moment when you step on the scale and your weight has skyrocketed to
...............drum rolls................... 100 KG *sighs*

Been barely able to sleep since this happened!!!!!!!

God help me

Friday, 30 October 2015

Water meme

For the past day and a half I've had 4 litres of water approximately.....

I'm really getting serious* with this healthy lifestyle meme...

Na God go help somebody, na so so piss since morning.

I wonder if that's a good sign? The pissing i mean, does i mean the fat is being flushed off?????? Because if na so then i can up the warrer to 5 litres daily sef LOL

It's been such a slow paced day. For some reason i can't recall many of the tasks i have to complete. Should have written them down abi? i kuku wrote them down just don't know if that's the full list and i also don't feel motivated to do the ones on the list sef


Make i go piss...

Anama bia :)

*that was Igbo/Ibo by the way :D

Thursday, 15 October 2015


I'm having some peppermint tea at the moment, hence the title LOL

My son asked me a few days back why i speak in a different tone when i'm addressing a group of people like in church or something. I asked him how exactly and he said like an American.... I had quite a good laugh...  he also added that why don't i speak like that at home? :D  Yeye boy.

Anyway he's still better than that yeye boy on you tube that picked a pack of sanitary towels while shopping with his mum at a supermarket. His words " Don't you use this for your butt"? then he added "sometimes"... you should have seen his face LOL

I'm amazed that the year has almost come to an end! As we almost always say, where did the days fly by to? Thankful i haven't been hospitalized even once not even the children or hubby!!!! We shouldn't take these things for granted. Not many people have it this smooth, despite how nice an exterior we may put up so many challenges exist around us!

Living in Lagos alone sef na work!!!!!!!

Weight nor gree go down oh. I've resorted to one or two meals  daily now! I'm hoping to reduce it to one meal eventually until the weight drops.... At a point i was almost getting resigned to being plump :D until i started to hear BP, chest and back pain etc etc i borrowed myself some sense! LOL

As for work, my boss is still driving my up the wall.... this year sha God will save me from all this brouhaha

Watched a movie on youtube the other day and a comment from someone who had also watched left me touched and reminded me of the greatness of the Almighty God.

The main actress in the movie had a dream that all her children will die, she prayed extensively and despite her prayers still experienced great tribulations and difficulty.

The commenter said that when we have dreams or revelations and pray to ward off the challenges, it  will not always prevent us from having the foretold difficult times, it's just to sometimes prepare us and give us strength to bear them! I was moved. Our God is great, even people who serve Him diligently may experience challenges but He will give grace and strength to pass through it all!!!!!!!!

To anyone going through a challenge, i say to you this day the Almighty God will not leave or forsake you.... You will have a breakthrough in Jesus name


I'm outta here

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Quag tins again!!!!!!!!!!

Living in this country has many ups, the down sides too are just as much or perhaps even more!

Two Mondays ago, i woke up early, energetic and charged to face the world with a new vigour....

At 5.30 am i got into traffic and was lost in my thoughts! Next thing some fellow was flashing a torch into my car, i tried to veer off which was impossible as there were cars everywhere and the fellow or fellows(don't even know anymore) smashed my back passenger window and moved my laptop. He also asked for my bag which i handed to him without resistance! I still wish i had a gun on me to fire him straight in the chest....

It wasn't even 5.35 am and i had been dispossessed of many of my valuables except my life that is,.... i am most grateful. I hear not everyone is luckily to take off with their lives.

To God be the glory....

Been traumatized and literally unable to drive since then...

Some how I've also lost vigor and energy to face life and living as it were....

I wish the few psychologists we had in Lagos weren't so expensive, i do need therapy.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quagmire tins#

Yesterday i got caught up in a quagmire....

Heard that word on radio traffic and it's refused to leave my head....

By some stroke of fortune i decided to pass ikorodu road yesterday. Haven't done so in aeons!

It was/is a choice i deeply regret. Was in traffic from about 6.30am and arrived work on the island at 11.30am...

Still shuddering as i type this.

My mind has been on man and woman tins*** all day, wish  i could go back home right now *sighs*

Wetin i dey type sef? LOL

*yawns* I wonder what became of Toke and her man? Does anyone know? Pray do tell ;)

Brain freeze.... will be back ;)

Thursday, 17 September 2015


His new song, "Pray for me" is just sensational. It's playing on repeat on my PC today. Been so for the past  hour :D 

First heard it while driving to work and literally went into a trance! I should have married the fellow jare. His voice and that face.....


Good day today. My boss isn't in town so i have some relative peace. The man literally traumatizes me. The other day he was whining about a staff not responding to him on time. Next thing he says he can be the fellow's grandpa that he was already having wet dreams at age 14, which means he was fertile and so biologically he could father the fellow. 

*sighs* Ask me again why i still work here?


Thursday, 9 July 2015

Sweating it out for your beloved.....

My post is inspired by the fact that i had to sweat over a pot of amala for my beloved on Sunday


I have begun to ponder on whether a man's assertiveness on his Africanism* is directly or indirectly related to his socio-economic power or otherwise.

I will explain further!

Sometimes i see glamorous pictures of  weddings with pretty brides and equally handsome grooms on and the likes.Many of these weddings are also of people i like to describe as rich some noveau rich(whatever that means lol)... Anyway sometimes when i see how pepperless* these brides look i sometimes wonder and ask myself if their husbands expect them to turn amala or semo or wheat or pound yam for them.

After all it is widely believed and said that African men including their  Nigerian counterparts  like their spouses to sweat it out in the kitchen for them!

I was chatting with a rich* male friend of mine and somewhere in the gist, he mentioned having a cook. He didn't seem to mind that someone else was making his meals. whereas on forums like facebook and nairaland you hear the men* going on and on about how their wives must make and serve their meals and the women too go on and on about how no maid(cook) can cook or serve their husbands etc etc .... Could this be because they cannot currently afford a cook?

I find wealthier men generally more tolerant of modern ways of living in marriage e.g some can fix their meals themselves, perhaps care*(change diapers, feed with bottles etc ) for their little ones should the need arise and there is no domestic help around to do it than their counterparts with not as much economic power....

And now i'm wondering is it the level of wealth of a Nigerian/African man that makes them more accepting of all the modern ways of doing stuff?

Or is it not???????

Some food for thought!