Thursday, 10 April 2014

Personal or not???????

I'm quite an amiable fellow. Mostly agreeable to people and a ,firm believer in and of good friendships.

As expected I've gotten burnt a couple of times and while i do try, i cannot authoritatively say I've been 100% to all my friends. Surely i too have some shortcomings. 

However i do find myself wondering at some occurrences that seem to repeat themselves around me all in the name of this friendship. 

I hope this my intro is apt sef. 

A really good pal of mine has a habit of never mentioning her trips to me. I find it absurd. Especially when we could have been chatting up to an hour before the said trip(s). It makes me wonder, do people really prefer such information to be private? Are my expectations unreasonable? 

My sister's husband did it a couple of times and my dear sister said "oh well, they prefer their family issues private". The 1st time it happened they came to ask my mum to baby sit because my sister was away, next thing hubby too carries bag that he 'suddenly' has to go to SA. And i'm like why all the secrecy?. They even had the nerve to tell my mum that he only just got a visa, like he got the thing in the morning and wanted to travel that same night.... mcheeewwww. His second trip he called to say goodbye from the airport. Another trip he didn't even mention but returned with T-shirts for family members. 

My brother says he's allowed to do that, he is after all not a direct relative in the true sense of it. 

Back to my friend. 

She was relocating to another town and she only just told me after it had been done. I felt bad. Months after when i took her up on it, she said all the circumstances surrounding the move were embarrassing and it was a difficult time for her so she didn't/couldn't share. i disagreed. At the time i knew she wanted to take a trip and was even involved in sourcing funds!!!! then she got some cash moved and didn't even have the decency to bring it up! i thought she was coming for a holiday and didn't realize it was a relocation!!!!

Again it has happened. She was out of town for a bit, and we were in touch throughout. Even up until yesterday evening. Imagine my shock when a mutual friend just rang me to say oh did i know she was back in town this morning?

Called another random friend of mine, who said i'd buzz you later, i'm boarding a plane to the UK. Even though i felt quite slighted i still haven't discussed it till date. 

I'm quite annoyed and wondering what all the secrecy in this type of info is. Am i being too nosy here?

Monday, 24 March 2014

"And co"

On Sunday in  church, one man strolled in wearing a white shirt and black trousers. Normally he'd be dressed in ankara sewn into buba and sokoto, his wife would also wear some ankara and even if not the same fabric design it'll be same colours or at least similar( you get the drift). So when he strolled in on Sunday, i wondered what his wife would wear!!! 

She came in a few minutes after wearing a suit! Since then, I've been wondering how exactly do 'and co' couples work it out? Does one person say- dear we are wearing 'our' brown fabric today? or does one person pick out the clothes and that's it? do they have like a meeting where clothes for the week are picked out? 

How exactly does it work? what if one person genuinely doesn't like it? Will he/she say so? and risk the other person getting/feeling hurt? 

It also brings to mind couples that eat thier meals from the same plates (as often as they can)..... 

i'm not against any of these displays of affection/love oh i'm just wondering how it's done. 

Are there any couples here who practise these? or other/near in nature/similar stuff? 

Do share your stories!!!!

For some reason i think Ibiluv would be guilty of one or more of these stuff ;)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A few days ago my son asked me why boys and girls say 'hey' when they're dancing..... I couldn't stop laughing especially seeing as i am guilty of the same offence
This morning he wanted to know why women have to wear breast hangers(don't ask me LOL) on thier breasts and i promptly told him it's because we need somewhere to 'hang' our boobies :D Abi?

I'm having my lunch right now.... garri and moin moin! Care for some? Lunch was nice.... hmmmmmm 

Not sure i can get any more work done today sha, not after this amount of food is sitting in my tummy  *sighs*

My brain has paused.... will be back ;)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Traumasssssss for the week ;)

So my colleague went to the mosque this morning and came back in bathroom slippers! Some random aboki(we assume) had made away with his shoes!  They were somewhat new..... I had quite a laugh at him, but felt somewhat pained that people i.e thieves have no iota of respect for the house of worship/prayer anymore! Such brazenness mcheeeewwww 
The poor gentleman had to spend money buying shoes which he definetely didn't plan before!!!

On the other hand, yours truly had a great big fall on Tuesday...... in the office. Open office for that matter *sighs* 

I was headed to the loo, and all i remember is not looking to where i was headed, maybe i was plucking random gist with my ears sef who knows, and i tripped over one carton that had been in the walkway!. Me and my massive buttocks landed with a thud on the floor.  my butt was in the air, *think muslim style praying* i was just silently praying that the trossis wont rip from all the trauma! if that happened i would have resigned immediately...... I'm still in some pain, my arms and knees somewhat hurt!!!! 

The colleague of mine who placed the boxes in the way, was "forced" to buy me shawarma as compensation..... 

Mchhhheeeeewwww i bought cranberry juice instead it wont do to add to this yokozuna size! 

People who decide to live healthy lifestyle, you know exercise and healthy meals, how do they manage sef? I just see rice and oily stew and get into a frenzy of "i must just eat that" 

Week's been good asides all this trauma, how's everyone else doing.......

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Can anyone please tell me why i'm just watching Shuga????? Biko the thing odi egwu :D

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fire..... fire...

Of course it was the night i decided to go for vigil in church that i arrived there and gates  were locked.

Monthly vigil had apparently been cancelled mcheeeewwww

One of my resolutions was to attend these vigils more and you can imagine all my excitement last night when i got home in good time to be able to attend.

I even dragged the kids half naked and asleep into the car, figuring i'd dress them when we get there. i sha didnt want to suddenly realise it was late and i couldnt drive that late at night etc etc. In fact at a point i started nodding off and contemplated a short nap but i called the devil a liar and got dressed instead.....


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

This work wanna kill a people oh!

No be small thing....

I have been soooo swamped. Setting up a new department and trying to chart a new course isn't an easy feat at all.

I've barely been able to catch my breath all month, plus this 100 days fasting....

God is our strength oh- my co 100 days people ;)

On the up side i'm enjoying coming to work for a change... The role is something i've always wanted to do and i'm quite glad for the opportunity. The down side is all the politicking that comes* with the role. I work directly with the MD and everyone is more or less throwing themselves at me with all sorts of offers, juice, groundnuts, let me carry your bag etc etc . It is well. The MD himself is full of contradictions and apparently likes to knock people's heads together, God will give me wisdom. It surprises me though that even high up on the career ladder people still have/show/exhibit lack of integrity and good morals.

How's everyone else doing?

My son called me big and fat the other day!!! LOL i was surprised he actually can define these things he's just 5. I have commenced exercise albeit infrequently at the moment.

Just sneaked* in here to drop a few lines

will be back ;)