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27 days of Thankfulness

So i've been tagged by Afrolicious and i'm racking my brain on how to express my appreciation to the Almighty in words!!!!

Usually i just cry ;)

Anyway here goes.....

I'm thankful to be alive today, it's a real priviledge not everyone in the world gets it daily!!!

I'm thankful for my family, we quarrel all the time ;) But i won't trade them for silver or gold

I'm thankful for my two bestest friends in the whole wide world !!! i've met many people but you two just rock my world. i don't know what i'd do without you both.

I'm thankful for God's mercies, it's the only way i still have a job, clothes on my back, small change in the bank and my car!!! Plus my many other assets;)

I'm thankful for where i've come from and where I am now, it's been a tough road to walk but he saw me through it all

I'm just thankful for the many second chance(s) i've received to start over and set things kinda right.....

I'm thankful for good …

The battle of the bulge

Just realised i haven't blogged in almost a month.....

Work has been quite crazy

My new boss is a "workaholic/perfectionist"

I have nearly died from all the pressures ;)

Anyway i digress

Over the past month(s) i have tried to lose weight especially around my mid riff aka tummy

It's quite big you see. So much so that i've had people actually ask me if i'm pregnant.

I've tried sit ups with a tummy trimmer and i jog(more like run) for half an hour on Saturdays.

However for some odd reason the arrow on the scale is still pointing upwards or refusing to move from it's current position of 78kg.

I am at a loss as to what to do really....

Some time back i gave one fellow a ride. He's not my friend or anything, heck i don't even know his name.I was just being neigbourly because i had seen his face around the estate.

The silly punk had just after sitting for 3 minutes in the car had the impudence to tell me"shey u know u're getting fat?" to shut …