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Bits and bobs ..... Part 2

So I've managed to take 30minutes walks like thrice per week for 2 weeks running now! Yay!!! I feel lighter and my body doesn't hurt as much as when I first started it. Next area to make further progress on is in my room, wardrobe has been de-cluttered but the rest of the house is still n bad shape *sighs* I don't even have an excuse. Meanwhile is it ok to put a tiny cactus plant in the toilet?on the WC or In a corner? Would colored pebbles be better? Though that's at the risk of my boys flushing the stones down the toilet LOL there's already a small a basket of pot pourri on the wc by the way. I think it's because I'm watching clean house that I'm having these thoughts today :D That was a few days ago,I'm continuing from where I paused..... I just left one very nice office gosh fine fine boys all over the place *sighs lustily* lol People do the strangest things! I took a cabucabu the other day from Ikeja to Alausa,it cost N70. I asked the driv…