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Market tins#

*sighs* I wrote my list for the market a few hours ago and i've been filled with trepidation at the thought of going. All that talk talk just drives me nuts. 'how mush* is tomatoes my customer?' last last abeg? ah haba but i bought last week and it was XYZ.... then the trader will rattle on and on about there being no tomatoes in Bauchi and thus the hike.... Then to buy the yams nko? talk less of meat.... those ones are just a dramatic lot, with them lifting the meat with both hands like its a cow and them going on and on and on.....n It's easier to shop at asda or tesco jare. don't know why the cant set up in Nigeria sef and be cheap too LOL Let me go abeg the earlier i start the haggling the berra!!!! Person go still reach house and scrape saki plus pluck ewedu *bigger sighs*

This goodheartedness sef!!!!!!

so yesterday I was fulfilling my one good deed for the day when I offered someone a ride. I knew her from way back she was my senior in secondary school. Ordinarily i'd have driven off and pretended* not to see her but our eyes met and I felt obligated. She got in and said, I cant remember you though your face looks familiar. I said you were my senior in secondary school and we met when you moved into this neighbourhood years back and even showed me your house at the time. she said oooohhhh.... Not sure she still remembered me. she then said 'hey all my mates have bought cars and i'm keeping all my money in the stock exchange' so I smiled and responded with nothing. Then she next asked the usual where do you work etc to which I responded vaguely and next thing she says is do you earn a lot? is your salary 1million naira? I kuku said yes but the way she exclaimed I quickly retorted saying not every month oh I meant per annum. at this point I wished s…