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Random ish....

i resumed back at work today...

I'm so NOT excited to be here!!!

Wish i could go back to my lazing around all day and then running helter skelter at 6pm to make dinner for "you know who"
Gosh, I am so NOT an organised woman LOL

It was 20 days of bliss, just living the life doing absolutely NOTHING ;)

So .....

I went off and got married!!!!!!

Still quite excited about the whole deal.

It's not quite the bed of roses we all dream up in our heads, but not that bad either

I live just a stone's throw from my home... ooops sorry former home so i don't feel totally yanked off my "regular" life.

I miss my doggie to pieces though :( I couldn't take him along, Mr. isn't a big fan of dogs, besides our landlord says NO PETS- chickens, goats, dogs etc, but he can have political meetings in the compound like 5 times in one week, including Sunday mornings!!!! Loud hiss. (Ask me if na me get the house oh?)

My room's still the usual mess and husband is threaten…


.....missed you plenty plenty

So much to tell you!!!

I'll tell you as much as i can tonight before i return computer(na borrow i borrow am)

No worry before 2008 me sef go buy laptop and internet keep for house ;)

If you see as i position myself,just so oga will not wakeup and ask me what i am doing LOL

Anyway i really missed you...

lemme go and sniff what i've missed since all these days