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My 1st blog challenge

So for the first time i'm participating in a blog challenge i have just stumbled on.....

Fingers crossed ;)


Feel free to join in people! The more the merrier!!!

N.B- i'm hoping for a new and improved fluffy after this challenge!

Cry cry matters

Today was one of those days….
I haven’t had one where the issues piled on so much and released themselves via water in a while.
So I was on my way to work when a team member called, I knew something was wrongeven though he said the boss just wanted to know where I was.
Then the second team member called. Good fellow the 2nd guy is…
He told me what had happened.
Story is we have a really difficult customer/account which I unfortunately am saddled with managing. The lady is really brash in her behaviour and more appalling is the deference ‘everyone’ here makes to her because the account is somewhat valuable.
One or two of the randoms she’s extended to me include :
Droppingcalls on me
Talking in a condescending manner
Keeping me waiting (read: STANDING) while in her office to pick up/deliver documents.
Once or twice I have reacted, like I once called her back and asked her never to drop a call on me and I also once asked her to stop chattering at my expense and give me the documents I was …

Life and living..... again

So a few Saturdays back i attended my first PTA meeting.

*claps and drum rolls* LOL Don't mind me. Though geninuely i was glad and felt very blessed that God honored me enough to make me amongst "those" that can attend PTA meetings. It's important to be grateful for every thing no matter how seemingly trivial it may be.

So sha i attended the meeting, i was infact the 1st to arrive. Nigerians will sha always be late *rolls eyes*. The meeting went well, good contributions from parents and some level of pleasantness in the air and so on. However there was this one parent who made me wanna walk across to her and shake her body plus tell her to stop being silly.

The yeye woman got up and started going on and on about loving the school etc. Then she said she encouraged the school to employ people who geninuely loved children(no probs with that on one hand but did she think any school sets out to employ people who dont love kids?) . The point that got me irritated was th…

Life and living

Long time no see bloggie
I should learn to blog on my BB it’ll be faster and easier to update and so on(I’m sure I’ve said this before LOL)
I’ve been ok, trudging along actually but I’m absolutely grateful for life and good health
Ayobami is currently next to me yelling/jumping up shouting “I want cartoons” my Mr TLash is hitting me with the remote control and saying sorry to his crying older brother. Maybe I should just ask him to face the wall and have some peace and quiet?
Its been an interesting past 2 days for me. Ive had three consecutive run ins with the law. The 1st was at CMS, I was so lost in thought, everyone else had stopped for the red light and yours truly kept driving on. Some official in cream and brown uniform appeared waving his arms up and down. I sha stopped and said in my best fone “oh sorry sir I didn’t realise bla bla bla”. Story the man jumped into the car and started threatening me with a N45,000 fine. I didn’t even know what arm of Fashola’s govt he was working f…