Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bits n bob

What a week last week was!
No baddies thankfully.
It was plagued with some really bad grammatical issues though. I tend to agree with the DG of NYSC who says most graduates can't read or write. I mean my colleague asked me to read the "mail tray below" . Can't blame anyone though the conditions for learning in many places are extremely bad. I also stumbled on some pictures of police in training college. *sighs* they really can't behave any better than they do if one considers the crappy training they receive. Saturday I spent cleaning,cleaning and still cleaning! I still didn't get my outstanding chores completed though, at a point I abandoned the project and went to lie down, i am still lying down. Brokeness too isn't helping my cause *sighs*
Ok that was two weeks ago! Thankfully all is still well here it's a bit slow drama wise *winks*
My boss has assured me I will be getting a a seat soon, fingers crossed people LOL
I emptied my wardrobe and de-cluttered my kitchen store, it's part of my resolutions to move closer to becoming a diva! The weight loss is coming on fine too, 5kg off so far. Since November 2012!!!!!! Slow and steady is winning this race oh

No gist per se lemme run off

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fluffycutething -solicitors and barristers

I just finished doing lawyer on the bus. A accident occurred between a lady's car and man's car. I had been watching and feeling bad because I knew that if she didn't get back up soon she would ended up being cheated because she is a woman One yeye man on the bus now said it's the woman's fault and that the men were just being soft/nice I was so irritated I started yelling you're just talking like that because its a woman involved The men were at fault can't you see their car was on the line and not on a proper lane. I was livid Didn't even realize I was yelling so much then I saw everyone was staring and so i quickly turned to "face my front" Now I'm embarrassed and feel like getting off at the next bus stop LOL

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Loving to excesses?

These are just some of my random thoughts on a matter of love I recently stumbled on!

So mrs X is your regular joe! Dated her mr for a couple of years before settling with him and so on. Happy at least to an extent. Only snag is that mr isn't doing too well financially. So she's more or less breadwinner! Not an unusual story abi?

They decide to relocate for greener pastures and mr's finances pick up though she's still doing the heavy lifting. Then maybe because he has some "change" to spare he begins to womanize.mrs X is very worried, she is frantic infact. She's never seen her mr this way before. They start to quarrel over his late nights and odd phone calls.

One night it gets really bad and he hits her and hurts her in the process.she wants to leave him. I say well you can't leave  if  you aren't empowered ie you'll have to rent a place, n care for yourself at least until things are sorted. So be patient maybe things will even eventually be sorted.

Imagine my shock when she said she had a discussion with him and pleaded(that's my headache particularly) with him to work things out!

While I am happy that they're now at peace, I was a bit disappointed that she resorted to pleading. Is this a case of stooping to conquer or plain foolishness???
Hope it's not too early in the year for this kind of talk oh LOL

I don mature for this jungle!!!!

I don mature for this jungle!  Surely I am still a work in progress but I’ve certainly moved way past where I was.  Demola’s bells ...