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My boss hates me!!!!!

That must be the ONLY reason he would assign me a task that involves preparing a document, a powerpoint presentation and printing several manuals at closing time!!!!

I'm just so so raving upset right now....

Hissing so loudly, all to no avail here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to think i've been lounging for most of the afternoon

Why in blazes??????????

Do people respond/answer " I'm fine" when you say hello to them???????????

It keeps occuring and it just drives me nuts, this afternoon again

I said "hello" to a colleague and she responded 'I'm fine'


Sitting here as nervous as a bat!!!

Ok so there's this guy,

We were in the same university even though we were not friends

Then fate made us serve(NYSC) in the same town and his house was around the corner from mine

We started talking at the tail end of the year and became "friends"

He kinda indicated interest, in that one night, that he came to see me and it got so late he had to crash in my room and of course attempted to shag me(Naturally)

We didn't do it anyway, and even when I had to crash at his, nothing happene.

Many years later, we met up again and have started talking

He has invited me out a couple of times and says we can always end up at his place if it's too late for me to go home and so that we can catch up on our lives i presume.(He works pretty late most times)

He makes many jokes about marrying me

He's cute and has a steady job. I'm suspect he could make a good boyfriend/partner and maybe even husband!!!

Last week, i was in a training near his house and i asked if i could stay at his …

You cannot force a horse to drink.....

I'm just here to rant this morning.

I've got a friend, we're pretty close.

Over the last year and a half, she's been through immense pressures and challenges in every area of her life

I have been as supportive as i could especially because i was also challenged in some of those of those areas. I looked at my situation and dusted myself, made ammends were necessary and i'm better(definetely) than i was then.

Now because, i "love" my friend, i have provided steady support via a listening ear, actions where necessary and physical presence over and above the fact that i had to neglect family and friends sometimes during this period.....

Despite the fact that she has several annoying habits that i do not like, i have tolerated her excesses all the while gently correcting and giving her tips to get out of the challenges.

Recently, i realised that half my "advice" was not being heeded to and i seemed to be pouring water into a basket. Moreso, i was "tak…