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My Genesis...

... will be arriving in 10 weeks ;)

I'm so excited!!!!!

It feels so far and yet so near

Not quite prepared or rather i keep feeling there's still loads to be put in place

Hope this anxiety will not drive me nuts sha


... is going to be my "new" beginning

My very own little me

Or should i say "our" very own little "us"

I'm curious as to the looks, hair, colour, size etc :D

Gosh i just can't wait!!!

Wish i could verbally express how i feel on my inside truly....

Are you clean???????

How often do you:

take a shower -once a day, sometimes two!!!
brush your teeth -Once a day, except when my mouth feels stinky at night
floss -never
wash your toilet -Once a week
wash your tub/shower -same as above
dust your furniture -when i pass by it and it looks dusty :D
Windex the windows -never
let your dirty dishes sit in the sink/on the counter for more than 1 day? - 36 hours is usually my limit LOL
Use a washer or hand wash your dishes?we don't have option of "washer" in Naija oh so it's always my hands
wear the same jeans over and over? hmmmmm quite often, so that it doesn't fade from constant washing LMAO
wear the same bra over and over?i usually try to change them after two days!!!
wash your car?only when my pants start getting dirty from dragging dust on the floor of the motor and when i can't open the door because dust has caked on the handles and i can't bear to touch it i.e when even I cannot bear the filth anymore!!!
clean the interior of the car?wh…

This is the thing oh!!!

You remember that thing i said people now use to bath their pikins in the abroad????????
This is iti never see this kain thing before.

Still trying to imagine how my mother's face will become contorted (Afro that means squeezed or kinda like a frown LOL :D ) when i give her to bath her grandchild LOL

As for my mum-in-law and the granny-in-law who will be coming to visit the baby and probably bathe him/her as well, that will be a good story to tell (i pray) LOL

Even my poor husband is being quite macho about it and pretending it's not a "big deal" so i don't call him a bush man from village LOL

However i still intend to buy those local bath sets, you know those green and blue ones sold all over Lagos that have bucket, soap case, potty and bath. i think some even have foam to wash the child? abi?

Just in case....

And to save even myself from disgrace of not knowing how to use "BABY BATHER" ROFL LMAO

Really running out of titles for this thing....

So i arrived work bright and early today

Well not actually early, but early considering that i was first to arrive on my floor

...... note that this was at about 8am and we resume work at 8.30am

But then can i blame them, half if not all of my colleagues were stuck in traffic.

I left home with my coat wearing driver at 6am.

The bugger came later than i told him too with his silly pair of glasses that he has taken to wearing these days- morning, afternoon and night.

At least he spared me the trauma of seeing that coat again today.

Two Danfo drivers helped me abuse him and the glasses this morning...

I was very happy!!!! LOL

I've been very energetic today...

So much hyperness in me today

Guess i'm just thankful not to be chained to a bed like i was last week.

Drugs and jabs just ain't my thing. I was popping like 10 tabs or more daily. Maybe it was better than having my poor wrists mutilated by those drips they give people.

A friend of mine wonders why the liquid can't be po…


No title for this post jare...

I'm still quite traumatised from sitting in traffic since 10minutes past six am that i left my house!!! Thankfully i wasn't driving but meeehhn even the sitting wasn't fun. I mean not even my driver's "coat" amused me like it did last week.

Don't know why the bugger wears a coat(actually it's a jacket as in suit jacket :D ) anyway, then he wears some silly body/muscle top and layers it with a chain. Does he think he's LL cool J or what?

Forgot to add that he wears white shoes as well LOL

This weekend was quite good. Managed to have my hubby indoors for most of it, save a brief trip to Ibadan so i had to sleep at my mum's. Which was ok, except that i had to watch my dog( yeah i left him at hers) eat paper!!!!!

I gave him suya and rice which he gulped up and next thing i saw he was chewing all the newspapers...

Still quite traumatised by that i tell you LOL

Hoping this week would be interesting and stress free. No h…