Friday, 6 June 2008


I'm gonna be somebody's mama...

Reality is actually setting in

Got some little bulge now

Everyone's asking questions

I'm sleepy most afternoons and i pee every five minutes

Got a dark line across my tummy

My colleague asked me to give her water today, no problem in that yeah?

Just that she wanted it in an empty skittles container!

She's +++++++

Is that gonna happen to me too?

Am i gonna want to keep my feet in a dustbin all day long?????

The smell of food is mostly unappealing to me...

Sometimes i feel so much is expected of me

Like i'm supposed to be different

I still feel the same, though my tops don't quite fit anymore.




N.B- That was supposed to be some poetic/philosophical ending by the way!!!!!!! LOL

Na Nikky tag me oh!!!

Ok so in a bit to calm down from my very "traumatic" ;) week, i'm doing this tag thing....

Better late than never eh :)

Thought up my six quirks like two nights back but right now i can only think up like two, anyway we'll see how this goes

Y'all know the rules or rather how the game goes....

1. I've never cried because someone died before. I'll be sad and all oh but the tears just don't come out.

2. I can eat rice, morning, afternoon and night.... White rice and stew sha oh

3. I'm a germaphobe. I will wash my hands over and over again. I don't like guys shaking my hands because i feel they never wash hands after peeing and grappling their "you know whats"

4. I cannot iron to save my own life sef. I just cannot get it right. Even if i spend an hour on one item i can assure you it will still come out rumpled LOL

5. Brain has now frozen....

Been trying to put this up for over a month, i better just quietly post it today, before i find myself completing the tag in December 2009 LOL


My friend just wrote a poem...

It reminded me of the only poem i've ever received in my entire life...

Kept the yellow paper for ages after...

It touched me each time i read it,

Looking back now,

Puppy love is absolutely idiotic LOL

Heck i even still know the wordings even after 12 years!!!!!!!!!!

"Every day of the week

Your face i persistently seek

Throughout the night

Nothing goes through my mind but your sight

These few words i find hard to say

But i thought to let you know today

That i think of you

Much more than you can imagine is true"

Wonder where the big head is sef...

Probably using the same lyrics on some.....

Loud hiss

Monday, 2 June 2008

Got robbed.....

..... by my "washerman" LOL

So i got a new wash boy after my original washman threatened to quit on me. Refer to My washman

Anyway, this new wash boy doubles as a "Man Friday" for the whole house and does loads of odd jobs and stuffs...

And he has washed my clothes steadily for like 3 months now.

Next thing i notice my TM is missing and i just assume my sister has "stolen" it or something. My two favourite pairs of jeans also get missing!!!!

I harass the whole house all to no avail.

Only for me to call this my man friday to do some odd job for me and there are my jeans hanging on his butt!!!!

I pretended they weren't mine but noticed he was fidgeting when i said "oh by the way i can't find my jeans.have you seen them?"

Anyway the bugger walked right into my hands yesterday wearing the shirt!!! I almost slapped him, you shoulda seen what my poor shirt had become....

Loud hiss

Gave him a long lecture and told him to go and bring the shirtl. I will rather give my dog to play with than have him ever wear it again

Thief thief boy...

Imagine you can't even trust your own "staff" again

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