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Na wa

Been wondering how my smallie is supposed to add any weight at all considering that his mummy has drank/slurped/licked/eaten (Vera see what you've caused now) most of his Cerelac...

Kai the thing sweet oh!!!

I've spent most of today nursing a running stomach....

Must be my punishment for stealing out of my baby's grub LOL

He gave me another scare over the weekend

Saw some blood like stains in his diaper....

Rushed to doctor who calmly told me the boy just needs to drink more water.

Apparently his urine had become so concentrated it had crystalizz/ssed. Hence the stains in his "pampers" LOL

I have bought ribena to help US BOTH on this "increase fluid intake" challenge.

my weight seems to have come off a bit, i managed to squeeze into an old dress of mine for a wedding on Saturday. Fine my boobs were all still squeezed and all but alas, i was in the dress!!!!

What a day, i look quite hawt in my new white skirt today ;0

This is plus all the nodding off i've been …

Peek- a -boo



:D That's Ayobami, playing peek- a boo- on his Daddy's back!!!!!!

Do not plan bad bad things for your spouse!!!

My hussie upset me like 2 days back.....

He shouted at me. LOL

Throughout yesterday i refused to speak to him even though he made a miniscule effort at apologising...

(Don't know why men can't just say they are sorry!!!)

Anyway i thought of the perfect revenge and decided that...

I will make yam pottage for dinner

Knowing fully well that he DISLIKES yam

Especially when it is served for dinner(he believes it should only be eaten(worst case scenario) at/for breakfast.

I stopped off after work, to buy ugwu just for garnishing the pottage and to pretend i was making a special meal for him ;)

I got home quite exhausted, parked and carried baba kekere upstairs plus like four bags and our laundry etc etc only to realise the keys weren't in my bag.

Came back downstairs and searched the car frantically for another like half hour, still no key.

Finally was forced to call husband(whom i had refused to speak to all day) to see if he was on his way home etc etc

Meanwhile i sat in the ca…

I'm in a real dilema!!!!!

Saw my vet, sorry my dog's vet :D the other day, and he told me my doggie looks bereaved...

I mean of all the words in the dictionary "bereaved" loun loun LOL

Anyway it then dawned on me that perhaps i really cannot keep the doggie anymore!!!

Story is that the doggie was given to me by my ex for christmas a few years back..

Alas i did not marry that ex(story of my life abi? ;) and the dilema is

1. My hussie does not really really like pets i.e dogs

2. We live in a house with other tenants who may or may not appreciate living with an animal

3. Were i to even insist on moving the doggie in, i would have to accomodate him on the balcony which just won't do

4. Our landlord has stated expressly and categorically that he does not like pets!!!!

5. My mum and other occupants of her house are not really really able to show the dog as much affection as i showed it, thus he is being neglected :(

6. I have a baby now and thus less free time

Not like i don't like sorry love the dogg…


... wanting to blog about so MANY things

But i just can't seem to find the words right now.

For a start i've resumed work and right now i'm really wishing i could resign and be a housewife!!!

Mehn i'm sleepy, and missing my long long hours in bed with my smallie so much!!!

Everyone's commnenting on my weight!! Trust people to rub in your sore points!!!

Na dem know jare :D

Lemme try and settle in be back soon :-*