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New Post

If only i could blog immediately i get inspired for a new post.... then i wont have to be cracking my head on what to write about.... *sighs*

The support staff in my office are driving me nuts. I wish my oga wasn't such a cheap skate at least one would be able to employ semi-professionals for these odd jobs mcheeeewww The nitwits can make one's hair stand.

These days i feel a bit lonely. Mid last year one or two of the friends i valued deeply had started to behave in really odd ways. It made me cut back a bit on relating with them and vice versa. I have searched my conscience and i'm clear that i havent done wrong.. it's just a drifting apart. Doesn't make the loneliness easier anyway....
The boys are fine. Still as mischievous :D  Looked at no 1 this morning and was surprised at how much he and indeed No 2 have grown up! if only they would stop sleeping in my bed *sighs* 
Today wasn't so exciting at work. Not much happened... just work work and more work

So mu…

New Age meme!!!!!!

I turn 35 in a few weeks and i'm suddenly filled with trepidation at the thought *sighs*