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Sugar tins#

Dear people, this individual still didn't get any sugar oh *sighs* we are thus hopeful that this holiday will provide an opportunity for many tins# I just stopped by to wish everyone a merry Christmas !May 2014 bring us loads and loads of goodies in Jesus name. My resolution list don long  pass one full scap sheet oh.God will kuku hep* His people. We are planning a short road trip tomorrow, operation spend the holidays doing something creatively fun plus cheap too lol. So olumo rock here we come ;)Ciao  people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog this year, please visit in the new year. We promise to blog more frequently *winks* 

Ray of hope

I've just been in an unexpected turn of events moved to a new job role. No increase in salary per se, but it's a senior role and i'm certainly looking forward to it. At least management will be compelled now to buy me a laptop!!! Today i saw a show of bigmanism..... not in a rude or arrogant way though! in fact i was rather impressed. what happened was some lady ran into a randomly parked car and as is typical there was the usual brouhaha with onlookers 'assessing' the situation and being the judge and jury all at the same time. Anyway some big man drove up. Happened to be the boss of the 'hitter'. calmly told the 'hitted' that he was sorry, handed him his card and said please let's have an estimate of the cost and we'll take it from there.... i was tripped. that's the simple logic that many people done follow in these scenarios. People prefer to shout and be abusive and many times leave the matter unresolved!!!!!! Nigeria and it's…