Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Post

I just dislike it when people say "I am strong" to communicate that they feel unwell. It really irks me....

I meant to wax my eyebrows today oh.... maybe tomorrow sha. Cant wait for the hot wax to be spread across my forehead lol i don dey kolo oh

i wanted to blog since and since but my friend's son was kidnapped it didnt seem appropriate to blog during such a period. Was too sad to function properly that time sef...

We thank God he was returned home safely last saturday....

I'm copying my friend Ibiliv's style of writing today ;) oh

I miss LG too wonder where she is sef, last i remember she was in Abj. Abi?

Person don dey old oh small small i don dey near 40.... i'll be 31 in a few months time.

If only i could just get my thoughts together and blog "properly"

My Commander and Controller are fine...

i was at my doctor's last week imagine my shock when he brought out his biro. Not only was it bic.... half had broken so the plastic that holds the ink was bare. Havent seen such a sight since secondary school... infact primary school.

Then his phone rang and believe it or not his ring tone is the Barbie theme song. You know the "i'm a barbie girl. in a barbie world" etc etc

Well maybe he doesnt know it's barbie theme song

Havent been able to take any random pics my Iphone was stolen

Been quite sad since

Especially when i think of the cost of replacement.

Ok what else is there to say...

I miss having sex

quite odd for a married woman i must admit

But you see that's how life is.... you cant explain many things!!!!

i better go now.

Maybe i'll be able to put up a more co-ordinated post in the near future

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