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Random paparazzo 2

Maybe we can make this paparazzo business a regular feature on this blog... :D
I find some terms in my new place of work strange…. My boss is called a CONTROLLER Well since I am MANAGER surely that is the only way to show the world that he is my boss Enjoy these random paparazzoooosssss my fellow bloggers

That's my neighbour at his gate....

Yep he will never RELEGATE!!!
That's No 2 browsing :D
Yes oh MOTORS are not allowed after 11pm and "latecomers" will be persecuted!!Have a good week people

So i was tagged.....

and so here goes....

Thanks P.E.T for the award i feel honoured!!!!:D

7 things about myself...

1. I am still in love with my ex boyfriend.... ***sighs****
2. I really,really,really hate to see used match sticks on the floor
3. I am an aspiring Lagos big girl lol
4. I somewhat have OCD... i can arrange my wardrobe over and over(even when it's not scattered)!!!!! same thing with washing my hands :D
5. I can eat rice morning, afternoon and night, seven days a week. Happily at that....6. My boys are my pride and my joy (obviously lol) 7. I'll have to come back to this!!!!

Award 15 other bloggers.Hmmmmmm i present this award to the 1st 15 commenters that stop by except they've already been tagged

Cheers people!!!!

So fluffy got a job…

I was quite happy to start work after sitting at home for a whole year just being a mum…
I miss my boys all day though 
Being a housewife really isn’t easy…
The high point of most days is in the evening when you start thinking of what to make for daddy’s dinner and then the process of making Daddy’s dinner.
One day I will compile my housewife tales lol and blog about them
So Lagos has somewhat changed!!!
Not like I was in purdah the past year but somehow I didn’t really get to waka much… with two small kids!!! Staying at home most times seemed the better option.
My former work environment had a casual dress style, so it really really made me complacent about my looks generally.
I’d have clothes in my wardrobe but I’ll just keep wearing jeans and one plain top or the other…
This time round (from what I see here) the style is formal/semi-formal. I mean to really step my game up oh… They made me manager… even though the salary aint exactly “managerial” lol ….
So I got myself a new haircut and c…