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Travails of a Lagos 'ride hitcher'

This morning i remembered some experiences i had in the days i didnt have a car and had to hitch rides... People dey take person eye see sha.

one lady used to give me a  ride and park at her office while i walk to mine which was just a stonethrow away. I didnt mind at all.

However on this day we got to Falomo bridge or so and suddenly there was rainfall!!!! it was really sudden and in a matter of minutes people were wading through water up to their knees...

we arrived VI and the lady parked at her usual spot. I didnt want to be forward but i wondered how i will get to my office in the downpour na only one umbrella dey and of course she's the priority! she said if she took me to my office less than 2mins away someone else would take her parking spot. so i said maybe i should stay in the car till the rain stops and then lock up and she says 'her keys nko?'

my people i had no choice na so i enter the rain that day oh!!!!!!

I got into my office absolutely drenched..... twa…