Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Random meme

Dont know why my nails are in such a nasty state... short and cuticles sticking out everywhere ***covers face in embarassment***. i wonder how ladies manage to constantly look together/on point ALL THE TIME. From head to toe. My state of chaos has somewhat increased since i married and had children in quick succession....

But then i have seen some mums of toddlers look on point!

I saw this lady the other day at the hospital in Lagos wearing snow boots abi isnt that what these things are called?
Product Details

I suspect she was just coming in from alaska...... mcheew

On another random note, i still dont have a seat in the office. I cant wait for the three months to elapse and see the kind of seating it takes 3 whole months to provide *rolls eyes*

Yesterday was my 4th year wedding anniversary... i wish i could say its been bliss all through.... Hopefully with time it'll get better.

The boys are doing fine.  We are at the Q&A stage with my dear Ayobami and the questions are indeed endless... why did you go to work?, why did you drive like that?, who is that man/woman? Ah ah.... To make matters worse smallie is at the copy copy stage, so he repeats the very question i have just answered and i just have to answer. It's a wonder i still have any flesh on with all the talking i do on a daily basis :D

Which kain yeye post be this sef?

I ran into my teacher from primary 4 the other day.... Amazingly she recognised me and still remembered my name!!! she also remembered a few other people from my class. Such good memories she struck up in me i tell you. I particularly remember one boy Ahmed being asked a question and he responded " no idea" . At the time,Junior challenge(i think that was the name) a game show was being aired on NTA and that as what contestants would say when they didnt know the answer to the question being asked. LOL she almost whacked his head....
i also remembered helping one boy Bisi to do his sums(or maybe it was comprehension sef, who knows) and he gave me money.... I remember refusing!!!! Now i wish i had collected the money LOL

Good old memories people...

Anyway y'all wanted a post so there you have it!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Instead of reading everyone else's UPDATED blog.... shouldn't i be updating mine :D

I don mature for this jungle!!!!

I don mature for this jungle!  Surely I am still a work in progress but I’ve certainly moved way past where I was.  Demola’s bells ...