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Random meme

Dont know why my nails are in such a nasty state... short and cuticles sticking out everywhere ***covers face in embarassment***. i wonder how ladies manage to constantly look together/on point ALL THE TIME. From head to toe. My state of chaos has somewhat increased since i married and had children in quick succession....

But then i have seen some mums of toddlers look on point!

I saw this lady the other day at the hospital in Lagos wearing snow boots abi isnt that what these things are called?

I suspect she was just coming in from alaska...... mcheew

On another random note, i still dont have a seat in the office. I cant wait for the three months to elapse and see the kind of seating it takes 3 whole months to provide *rolls eyes*

Yesterday was my 4th year wedding anniversary... i wish i could say its been bliss all through.... Hopefully with time it'll get better.

The boys are doing fine.  We are at the Q&A stage with my dear Ayobami and the questions are indeed endless...…


Instead of reading everyone else's UPDATED blog.... shouldn't i be updating mine :D