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Living In Lagos Can Be So....

Horrendous and traumatic!!!!!!!

Woke up late and decided not to rush off because i anticipated traffic on all the roads.

So i left home when i "guessed" that traffic would have eased off however i still drove in traffic for over one hour and a half.

The roads were flooded, pot holes everywhere!!!

In fact i don't think anyone in this office got here early today, na so so traffic we all dey complain....

I'm about to write a petition to the Lagos State government. They just have to do something about this mess on all the roads


What a mess truly....

Today i just didn't feel like work

So i lied to everyone that i had to see a doctor and i came in at about 1pm.

Stopped by to talk with my ex instead.

My work of course suffered and i really felt bad so i decided to stay extra hours and correct my wrong.

May the Almighty God forgive me for this bad thing i did today.

I'm truly tired of this work, but on searching my self i realise that i have barely put in any extra effort into the job and thus i shouldn't expect it to fufill me so much

I also stumbled on the scripture that asks us to "do things/ work diligently/ make our service as unto God instead of unto man" and i commit to doing that henceforth.

I will be here before resumption time as much as is within my power except on days when traffic is truly beyond me!!!

And actually work diligently, instead of chit chatting and browsing silly sites...

I need to put a lot of things in order.

I have realised that i have spent a great part of me and my time trying to please others/make them happy and much to a large …

I talked with my ex last nite/today....

And if only....

I could turn back the hands of time

I would not have always hung around him like i had no other life asides with him

I would also not have got into so many "fights" just because i wanted to spend the night with him

Looking back now, i should have allowed him BEG me and done so only on rare occasions.

My bad,i thought it was good opportunity for us to bond.;(

Apparently he was never quite tripped by it.

I also would never have come clean about my real financial status(then). I thought we could walk that path together

I cringe every time he mentions "how i am unable to manage my monies"

All because i came clean and told him about my "investments that went down the drain"

I thought i was also doing the right thing every time i quarrelled with my folks just to be with him.

I didn't think he'd encourage me because it's not a nice thing to do i know.

But i definitely didn't think i'd ever hear him use these things against me.

I mean i …

While i was busy....

A close friend of mine has had a bit of financial troubles recently and i was busy casting stones at her (albeit i my mind) and feeling like i was better than her because my money(and even other) woes didn't seem so "prominent" or "visible" to the world.

Only when i took a step back and brought my nose down from my high horse did i realise that my financial challenges were many too and i really am not on top of my game as per money matters n stuff.

The difference between us, may be the fact that i am aware of some of my excesses that cause me these strains and i am on the path to recovery. By tracking my spending(s) and cutting down on frivolities until i'm back at my financial apex(or at least i'm quite close to it) I believe i'm well on my journey to "squeezing water out of this rock" called money.

I know it's not easy but my contemporaries are doing "big things" with their monies and i will not be left off this band wagon!!!


I don dey old oh!!!

After spending like 5 blissful days at home thanks to the NLC strike(which affected all Nigerians except the government)

I resume(d) back at work today....

Not quite happy to be here actually, wish i could continue to stay in bed and still get paid..

So now here I am sitting here, drinking cranberry tea ;) and blogging

Anyway it was quite a happy weekend for me

My birthday was yesterday and my best friend/sister's birthday was on Saturday.

There was quite a bit of celebration as we "partied" throughout the entire weekend.

We made so much food and noise and on Saturday even though Nepa didn't give us electricity and there was no fuel in the gen, we had some friends over and had a happy time, taking pictures, eating and making plenty of noise.

The night took a different turn though when my ex decided to give me and my friend his perceived view of my shortcomings.

Tried not to get angry, and took it all in, believing that he was sharing these in good faith and supposedly for my…

Just Xeroxing.....

60 Questions

1.What time did you get up this morning?5.00 am. Needed to catch the staff bus to work.

2. Diamonds or pearls?Diamonds please...

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?Ocean's 13. Really Nice

4. What is your favorite TV show? Can this question be answered in plural because i have many- Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Friends etc

5. What did you have for breakfast?Agege Bread and Sardines with butter aka blue band margarine

6. What is your middle name?Victoria Elizabeth

7. What is your favorite cuisine/meal?All types of rice- white, jollof, fried, chinese etc with peppery stew and big meat/chicken/fish ;)

8. What foods do you dislike?Beans

9. Your favorite Potato chip?Maybe Pringles

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?Akon's Convict and T-Pain's new stuff are making me high right now

11. What kind of car do you drive? Honda Civic

12. Favorite sandwich?None really. I'll go with anything

13. What characteristics do you despise? Lo…

Gorgeous New look

To purge myself of yesterday's misdeed....

I went and got a real different and snazzy hair do..

My nails also got a make over, got them a nice French Manicure

I feel great and quite refreshed today...

Just that i've spent the whole day reading blogs and not working...

what a way to start the week :)

Wish i could get back into bed, i'm so damn lazy ;)

My birthday is next weekend and i'm looking forward to it like anything, feel so old now...

Still working on changing my approach to life...

Tis raining at the moment, feels like it's washing away all of my dirty misdeeds!!!!

Hmmmmm, What a warm feeling

I did something shameful today....

For some stupid reason perhaps i was possessed or temporarily insane

I gave myself to someone i'm not dating

Bad thing is I didn't even enjoy it....

I feel like a worm right now

How could i have condesended so low???????

I need to see a therapist asap....

Can you just imagine this nonsense people

I got these pictures below today and i've been bringing fire out of my nose and ears since!!!

It's just so embarassing and quite annoying the state of so many things run by government in this country...

Just imagine this kind of sight being captured on cameraand the punks will be stopping people to ask for "fire extinguisher"

God help them if they come near me anytime soon to ask for any stupid documents or worse still "fire extinguisher"

Loud hiss....


Today started off a bit "normal"

Normal in the sense that i woke up late as usual...

Stayed up late watching desperate housewives and arranging room and of course the after effects were quite expected. Traffic was quite "unusually" heavy and i was stuck in it for hours... Living in Lagos can be quite trying really!!!

These days i try to get to work early, it's just so difficult because the work conditions are not getting better and it's a real challenge making it through the day

I'm thankful for the job but seriously things could be better for me.

However in the spirit of being positive i say to myself as always "This job is a stepping stone to greater things. My situation will change very soon and i will find a job that best suits me and pays very well and i'll be happy to come to work daily" "Things can only get better for me, i choose to be unfazed by my immediate surroundings"

I got in and my Oga tried to grate on my last nerves, b…

I need to know!!!!!!!!!

My birthday is in two weeks and i'm trying to figure out these stuff:

What is most important to me?

What are my values?

What really motivates me?

What am I known for?

What do i want to be remembered for?

I feel it will help me on this my path to self discovery...

I feel like my life is about to be transformed

I wonder who/what I am about to metamorphose into;)

I feel like i've kept a lot of my treasures locked up on the inside for too long...

I've spent a greater part of my "adulthood" still being a child....

Things are definetely going to have to change around here....

Wash your "Golds"

This morning as always i observed the streets of Lagos and it's many "absurdities" on my way to work.

Firstly, I woke up from my wonderful and happy dream where i was able to buy petrol in my car and in like five jerry cans( there's a fuel scarcity in Lagos at the moment) and i had been quite traumatised by this (apparently) especially since the fuel tank in my car showed red yesterday evening on my way from work (lol)....

Anyway i spent the better half of my commute(i like that word sounds so European) i guess hustle is more "lagos like" ;) . Ok so, hustle reading my book and looking at inscriptions on buses!!!

Today i didn't see any extra ordinary ones, and was quite disappointed! However my moment came when i saw a sign across a stall, saying "IDERA JEWELERRIES" now i didn't mind that as i am used to the fact that around here people call jewellery- jewelleries... the part that totally cracked me up was " WASH YOUR GOLDS" lol...


Seeing that i'm distracted today.....

Since i entered this office today not one work have i done ;)

All I've done is read blogs and generally just day dream!!!

So i decided to make the best of the rest of the day by blogging again(lol)

Such productive work abi?

Anyway as suddenly as it started my "office romance" is waning off and i don't even know why!!!

I'm kinda sad because i was actually getting fond of d bugger...

Last nite i gave it a final attempt, by calling him and asking exactly what we were doing(cos i was/am tired of stealing kisses with him)

He really had nothing to say and obviously he's just "enjoying" himself. So right now, i need to lose this attraction i have developed for him and it's just painful(sort of anyway)

I'm just tired of getting it wrong with guys, it's just so depressing!!!

Anyway i'm off to my fun and activity packed weekend...

These man matters are really overwhelming!!!

And so another disaster happens!!!!!

I've wondered over the years why i am so so disaster prone...

Truly i need to find a/the reason why.

I mean how do you explain breaking the heel of your shoe on an escalator with your hot new toaster right in front of you? or buying coffee from macdonald's and suffering your poor tongue from the scalding bitter drink, all the while not realising you're supposed to put in sugar and milk yourself????????? Or nearly breaking your ear and head by walking into a window in the full view of your old classmate and her hussie because u're were busy chattering away?????????

Stories for another day

Today's disaster was quite a classic....

I have been invited to a 60th birthday party tonight and being the socialite that I am, i wanted to be decked up to the teeth... so i decided to launch one new hot white skirt i bought aeons ago and never wore....

I left my house feeling "very fine" this morning though i got into my usual frenzy of where is my slippers?, where is my one…