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See me see trouble in this abuja oh

That's how i sat quietly in my hotel room today, sober and thinking of where and how to find money oh...

when hunger started to wire me, so i call room service and ask what's available for lunch...

She reels off all sorts and i just simply say please can i have white rice and egusi with goat meat?

Then she says "ah that would be vegetable rice and egusi" i say nope just "white rice and egusi".

she insists that the white rice would just be garnished with a few vegetables and i'd like it so i say ok then.

next she says how about the starter? we have goat pepper soup and cream of mushroom or onion(can't remember right now) soup.

At this juncture me i ask how much is lunch? and she says N1800 one thousand eight hundred naira only

so i say ok bring the pepper soup then, i can afford N1800 abi?

Then the lady again says i will GIVE you a small bottle of water, and fruit slices as well as ice cream, which flavour do you want? as well.

Yours truly now....

Says ah …

Thank God the week's ended

It's been such a dreary week....

..... never been so happy to see a Friday.

So many issues since monday

Car matters
Issues at work
Sibling issues
Too many bits and pieces hanging loose

Off to Abuja on Sunday for a week


But at least i'd not be in this stress hole for a while

Quite relieved i tell you....

Have a sweet weekend **muah**