Monday, 9 July 2012

Answer the question…..

LOL Na wa…

 I have mentioned before that I live in a "yard" and some guy just recently moved in. I won't ordinarily have paid him any attention except that I find this absolutely amazing….

 Nothing wrong abi? Please help me work out how he would open the burglar proof bar(s) when he's inside his apartment!!!

So I was in the bank the other day and I happened to peep at a feedback form someone had filled and left on the counter…I found it funny… See the form below

If you cant see it clearly…

The 1st question says "what is your opinion of the bank?"
Response "it's a good bank and it's faster"

Next question is "how can we serve you better?"
Response "just that for you to be MORE faster"
Don't know why I found it so funny….
Today is a good day nice and cool(coldish actually) weather even though I spent close to three hours getting to work!!! This 3rd mainland repairs will cause something I tell you!!

Going for a meeting….Lerra

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