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This post....

..... is dedicated

to my friend

who came all the way from "America (that's what she thinks Abuja/Benue state is actually;) " to my house in Lagos just to pound yam for my introduction(family meet and greet) which was last Saturday....

My American friend is so Amercianized she has been quite traumatised by all the traffic in Lagos, as well as dust and according to her "filth" on the streets of Lagos LOL

Anyway sweetie pie i love you so so much and you are my bestest friend in Africa;)

This is what my Americana friend looks like:

My friend is the girl in the picture ;)

Yesterday again....

.... i ran into him

It had been so so long

Almost didn't recognise him

He looked well, added some flesh to his skinny ass

I met him at some wedding

he was the best man and i fell in "love" almost immediately

Slept in his arms that night , we didn't get down or anything we just gisted till we fell asleep

The friendship continued

I went to see him in abuja, it was a fun week

Almost got ruined though

He discovered i had a boyfriend....

My plan was to leave said boyfriend for him

Some chick came to see him when i to spend the night with friends and left her skirt so i'd know she'd been there ;) LOL

Got back and he tells me about said chick but says they ain't dating because she's

..... too perfect

Anyway he moves back to Lagos and we continue seeing each other

we gisted for hours on the phone, looking back now i did most of the calling

I didn't mind really, i had abundant airtime :)

we took weekend trips out of Lagos often

Twas so much fun...

Attended his siste…


... i suffered

and i suffered some more

we forgot to load our Prepaid card for Nepa and as such everyone else had light

All day and all night for that matter

while we sat in absolute darkness

Mum said generator noise was too much for her so we sat in the gloom and envied all our neighbours watching Africa magic and the likes

barely slept all night, twas so so hawt...

I'm half asleep as it is!!!

God help me today...