Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Not sure what to title this one!!!

So Easter was fun...

I spent the whole time in Abuja which was quite refreshing, i had missed my girlfriend whom i spent the time with. And Abuja just has a way of making you feel like you're in another country. I mean not once did i sit in traffic and i entered cabs for N200!!!!! in Lag you spend almost twice that amount to get to the end of your own street, no matter how short.

Went to quite a few nice spots though the social scene there is not as busy as it is in Lag for some strange reason!! I mean the bowling alley was practically empty(as far as i'm concerned) on Saturday nite. But in all i had a good time

Anyway, me i'm seriously thinking of relocating to that Abuja right now!!!! Tis so peaceful there...

Tried not to think of my ex which was quite difficult(honestly) but at least i survived not calling him except when he called. And i realised further that truly we had reached the end of the road!!!

Right now i'm trying to sort my money matters, determine my "latte factor" and generally refocus on my spending priorities. I've realised that planning money and spending really really helps sha and there'd be less gbese at the end of the month!!!

I'm also trying to work on my weight and all "my now famous emotional trauma" has helped me shed quite a bit of flesh. Bought plenty veggies and fruits and for 2 days straight i've been eating quite "healthy". Ate so much salad last night that i started to feel like a goat:) but hey this morning, my jeans are hanging from my butt. so it was worth it after all????????

It's all good sha. This 2007 is the year of my (positive) change!!!! (Amen)

Meanwhile my doggie has become so unruly i do not know what to do again!!! Heard some odd noise 2 nights back and ran out thinking an infiltrator was trying to get into the house or something, and there was the "monkey" ON TOP of his cage trying to upturn the dustbin... that had been placed on top of his cage so he wouldn't go into it!!!! I was quite perplexed to say the least. Couldn't even figure out how he got to the TOP OF HIS CAGE anyway!!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

This break up no easy oh!!!

The past few hours, days and weeks haven't been easy.

I haven't been single in many years and i'm just finding it so hard to adjust because i had weaved my self around this brother!!!

Tis so painful that after all these years i'm just seeing a different side of someone whom i loved and maybe even still have feelings for!!!

Tis also deeply saddening all the nasty things that he had said and even done to facilitate this break up...

I mean we were going to get married, even despite all the obstacles, i was going to actually go through with it.

It's just painful that we now relate as strangers!!!

Is this how love sometimes turns out????????

I probably sound like a broken record with my constant attempts at piecing things back together but hey the gal is quite lonely these days!!

Wish it were so easy "to dust myself up and try again" like Aaliyah(abi na who sing that song again? :)

I will try sha and i'm never going to let a man do this to me again. Once i can get past this phase that is!

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

So tis a new month....

And i have decided that i will be more hardworking at work... I will put in maximum efforts. Whether or whether not it is recognised now. I will still put in my best, after all " Ise ni oogun Ise"

In fact I'm going to write that poem and stick on my table;)

I will also exercise some more, i went jogging on Saturday and even though the doggie ran off and i had to chase him for a bit (which was annoying), i will not be discouraged as the overall results will mean that i will shed some small weight and look more beaurriful.

This month i will also take it easy on myself especially since i have realised that not having a bobo is not the end of the world and there are many other things i can do to add value to my life asides "man following"

I have also decided that after my "lunatic" behaviour of this last weekend, i will NEVER make a fool of myself (consiously) because of a man ever again.

I will spend plenty of time pampering myself and looking more beautiful. I will "do" my nails weekly and i will fix a beautiful weave on my hair for the month.

I will spend more time praying and worshipping my saviour.

I now know that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" i can therefore achieve some of my goals... Fear and discouragement will not slow me down anymore!!!

I will update this list as time goes on

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