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Toxic Friends!!!!

How really do we rid ourselves of friends and friendships that have recurring negative energy??????

Toxins, constant issues that half the time make no sense.

You've tried to stay away but no..... it all just keeps coming back

All the constant drama does get boring and it is quite draining you know....



This article really struck me, the coloured bits really really struck me ;)

Be Aware of Your Patterns

If you're like most people, you've probably noticed some(certain) patterns in your life.


By "patterns," I mean situations that seem to show up over and over again; the cast of characters may change a bit, but the end results remain the same. In and of themselves, such patterns aren't necessarily good or bad. They can be the source of boundless joy or tremendous frustration, economic abundance or financial struggle.

In fact, it's quite likely that you have both positive and negative patterns in your life right now.

For instance, maybe you've worked for numerous bosses who have been very critical of you. No matter what company you're with, the same result occurs. This is a pattern.If you honestly analyze your life, you will see that you have created (and continue to create!) many patterns-- some that serve you and others that hinder your progress.

At the…

It's time to attend to myself!!

Over the past few months(years actually) i've neglected "myself" and busied myself tending to others(who haven't quite appreciated it i must add) instead and so now i'm taking a step back to work on "me" and improve "moi" and have a generally enhanced well being. I've just realised that after serving God, that's one of "D koko's(essence) of being in this life.

I'll be detailing the steps i'm taking and measuring how well i'm doing on this thingiiiii!!!!

Someone forwarded this to me and i found some of the tips useful, i've marked the ones i can and will do in yellow and put some of my thoughts in green!!!


An Angel says, "Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice."

1. Pray

2. Go to bed on time.

3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushe…

Before Sunday.....

It had been a long week last week,

All i wanted to do this weekend was watch movies and catch up on sleep!!!!!

It started off well and kinda normal.

I bought petrol so that nothing would hamper my plans, there was food all over the house so i won't get bored. I had a book to read and magazines to catch up on.

Nothing could go wrong, my plan was fool proof.

Nepa was at it (as expected) on Friday morning before i left for work and thanks to the generator i didn't quite notice it.

On Friday , i got home quite early, all just so that i could catch up on my sleep.

and then it happened

Nepa had struck and i attempted to put on the generator.

I heard a loud bang and took off...

To cut the long story short

Generator no gree work,

The whole weekend Nepa didn't flicker for more than ten minutes.

I was so so depressed.

Surprisingly i was calm through out, normally i'd have started to throw tantrums but this time i took it all in my stride.

This country especially Lagos is tough to live in true.

On Sunday....

My Pastor said that we should

1. Realise

Where we are coming from

Our past mistakes

Where we should be

Where we are headed

Who we are


2. Repent

Of all our past sins

Of our past ways


Of all bad things


4. Restitute

Make ammends for our past sins(where we are able to do so)

Desist from doing bad bad things ;)

Live right

Pray harder

Work harder

So that our life can be good and we can go to heaven;)

I commit to doing all these today, so help me Lord

N.B- This is a short summary of all that was said.

So Far So Good....

This month has been quite "dry"

So far nothing "note worthy" has happened

Everything just seems to be so stagnant and nothing exciting is happening to me!!

Keeping my fingers crossed to see what the rest of the month will unfold for me;)
Just like in the movies.....

The friendship started off quite ordinarily

He was easy to talk to.....

I was in a real jam, he sorted me and provided a shoulder to lean on during that period

We hung out as often as we could

Those were such happy times

Many many months and maybe even years after in a sudden "aha" moment he gave me a kiss

We took it further and ended up making fire under the covers, i killed the fire and chased him off as soon as i realised it was " he" on top of me

I didn't realise he was really fond of me

I thought what i wanted or rather was looking for will appear in a finer and bigger package!!!!

Some little girl appeared on the scene

I teased him mercilessly about it

He suddenly disappeared and i got more absorbed with my life

Last night I saw him, he's in the country on a short vacation

With the little girl in tow......

I was with him till pretty late

We kissed

It was quite passionate

Just like in the movies

And then i realised he had become what i was l…

Imagine this.....


All sorts!!!!!!!!!!!

My ex sent me a text last nite saying I had put him in trouble...

Nothing nasty, more like a mischievous text in fact.

I called back but he was already asleep, so this morning I call him and he says " oh some chick he's seeing found out we had shagged after breaking up(Okafor's law was in effect here)!!

And i thought big deal,i'm not going to go on a guilt trip cause of that!!

This morning, he sends another text saying to please buzz him when i'm free.

I do so and he gives me a mini-shocker.

He says the little girl wants to talk to me. Now i'm like what's that about?????

So out of curiousity i collect her number( i don't want her having my no and all that paparazzi) and give her a ring from my office line/phone.

She picks and i say "so i heard you wanna speak to me" Then she says she just wants to apologise for coming between me and my ex... she's so sorry, she don't want me bearing her grudge and stuff. That she didn't know he was inv…

Last night....

I couldn't sleep

It was cold

I remembered the passion we shared

Morning, Afternoon and Night

Your touch always felt the same

At those times

Nothing else mattered

Just your gentle voice(twas at that time anyway)

And the sound of my name on your lips and yours on mine

I loved scratching your arms at those times

The tingly feelings you always made me feel

All gone now....

I really missed you last nite!!!!!

You know who you are