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Genesis is here!!!!!!!!!

So my "package" arrived three weeks early!!!

Still quite exhausted and trying to settle into the whole meme of being a "baby mama" and stuff ;)

I think he's cute;)...

He eats ALL the time!!!!!!

Keeps me up for most of the night, i'm suffering sleep deprivation as i type:)

Neeways i'm most grateful to God that he arrived in one piece!!!!

BRT and other matters!!!!

So baby didn't move the whole of Monday evening and the better part of Tuesday, in panic i rushed to the hospital...

Arrived there and the "bugger" made a small move :D

Still decided to see doctor anyway and he ran some test where i was strapped with some bands and some machine was reading and printing the " ogbeni"(individual's) heart beat. I dozed off almost immediately i was "tied up"

It was when the nurse came at the end of the session that i woke up meanwhile i was supposed to have been pressing some .... thing whenever the baby moved oh. But alas yours truly was fast asleep!!! LOL

Anyway pikin is fine and happily(i hope) awaiting his eviction.

Even me sef don tire, i no see cloth wear again. i'm wearing such a large T-shirt today i feel like a sack

Got my first BRT ride that day as well.

Went to eat rice at Ghana high and instead of entering taxi to my house i decided to sample the famous BRT buses!!!

Twasn't bad at all, i got the last windo…

What a day!!!

It started off pretty normal

I woke up at 5am and was at my desk my 5.50am thereabouts. I dressed up at some point in between the times :D

I listened to a message CD at my desk till i fell asleep on my chair and almost broke my neck. Woke up(again) startled.... Thank God i wasn't drooling, only the cleaner was around ;)

The day was slow, it really really dragged....

Got some shocking news my oga patapata had resigned.... Rumors have it that he was actually forced to resign. No one's job is safe apparently.

Like another 10 of my colleagues had resigned both within my unit and outside...

Kai na wa oh and your truly is stuck here till after maternity leave!!!!!!!!

God will help me in this my search for job sha.

Meanwhile i discovered yesterday that the handset i just bought from a colleague's husband is so so over priced .

As in i bought at N34,000 and street value is N20,000!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai i feel so bad.

I called him and told him my husband has bought me one without realisi…