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Dear 9ja foodie….

Just in case you haven't notice I am not speaking to you….

Yep im vexing for you!!!

Why you may ask?

My people please help me judge this matter…

Jejely was I browsing 9ja foodie's website when I saw this link Oven Baked Scotch Egg | 9jafoodie | Modern African Cuisine

That's how I decided to try the thing oh….. after much trauma- translate unsuccessful attempt I ended up with "Squashed eggs" see for yourself

I was visibly traumatised LOL

To make matters worse I sent the picture to my friend who put it up with my name boldly written and tagged it Scotch eggs on her BB dp....

Then she sent me feedback from her contacts one person said the eggs were stubborn and another said she could see the scotch in the eggs LMAO

Not sure I will be "scotching" anything in the near future LMAO

N.B- 9ja foodie, you've figured out what to send me as peace offering or rather appeasement sacrifice haven't you? ;)

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Randoms once again


What a day! One of our major accounts that we lost due to some silly errors just called us back, God really does give second chances to ALL!!! I'm happy it has certainly made me smile today.
I have been wondering all day why people in Lagos are still greeting each other Happy Easter, Se Easter has come and gone? Abi?
For the past few days I have had to take public buses and even in the few hours my experiences have been enough to blog about :D. This morning,for some reason, when the driver who was also doubling as conductor said I hadn't paid the correct fare I cleared my throat and in my best fone I said "I beg your pardon" **covers face in shame** then I remembered where I was…… silly me! The bus I entered this afternoon had a DVD for our viewing pleasure. He was playing a Pasuma type CD though I was traumatised not only by the music but because the driver kept wanting to watch as well. Thankfully a few mins after the thing stopped showing and the driver s…
i was going to blog about my inlaws today but its my husband's birthday so i decided otherwise....

I wish i could blog down all my thoughts immediately they come to me, it'll save me trying to remember what it was i wanted to blog about LOL

I wonder why we Yoruba people  say 'come and join me' when eating??!!! I've somehow started doing it too even though i don't understand why and don't really want whoever to join me in my meal anyway...

The boys are fine, driving me nuts as usual :D. Now they demand for songs as soon as we get in the car and because they don't know the titles the way they describe it is absolutely ridiculous... Like Ayobami would say 'mummy play "aha" for me and i know he means MI's "beef" or something like that... or he says play "hohohohoho" and it's the no 6 song on MI's CD LOL

In a bid to really shed weight  i am currently sipping some green tea.... i am not enjoying the process but th…